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Exploitable Results - Outline - capacity material (CNA) producing (CNA) vertical abuse curator (IBM) explanation, monitoring,negotiation (TN&FIT) inquiry specialists and director (Modena) flat misuse area Displayed at the second year audit
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Exploitable Results - Overview - capacity material (CNA) fabricating (CNA) vertical abuse custodian (IBM) annotation, monitoring,negotiation (TN&FIT) inquiry specialists & chief (Modena) flat misuse segment

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Presented at the second year survey Presentation of the present draft of the Business Plan Company Product/Result Market & Competition SWOT Analysis Exploitation methodology Timetable Future activities (third year) Monitored amid most recent 9 month, minor changes Updated inside of the most recent 9 month Worked on most recent 9 month

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What have been guaranteed? Future Actions (third year) Quantification of advertising & deals exercises (for every vertical & level misuse action) Establish a quality based evaluating model Provide deals power with demonstrators and advertising material Identify USP‘s of results and train deals power (month 2: Business Model) Further take a shot at abuses is arranged amid 2004/2005: D7.6 TIP (month 36) D7.7 Showcase of SEWASIE models (month 36) D7.9 Final monetary & hierarchical appraisal (month 30) Refinement of offers arrangements for last SEWASIE TIP (for every accomplice) Estimate # of licenses/period Estimation of income Estimation of ressources required ( )

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Vertical Exploitation Vertical applications Horizontal arrangements

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Market needs: Analysis of SEWASIE‘s potential clients Method: study Tool: survey Respondents: predominantly organizations of the two included segments (target test: 100) Topics: data necessities and utilization of Web innovations Timetable: 15 th June – end of December 2004 for points of interest see deliverable D7.9

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Results (54 reactions) 80% firms as of now have a Web webpage most utilized Internet applications: email and corporate saving money (almost ordinary utilization) 45% are considering an increment in their Internet speculations 83% see the Internet as an approach to enhance supplier-client relations financial and administrative issues are the most imperative obstruction to the Internet\'s utilization ( half ) unwavering quality ( 65% ) and fulfillment ( 37% ) are the most basic attributes of the data recovered from the Internet

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Results (54 reactions) > 38% spend over 5 hours for every week to look for data on the Internet (yet some (= 9.3% ) spend over 20 hours for every week) Internet is fundamentally utilized for investigating data about customers ( 43% ) assembling procedures and advances (54% ) results of contenders ( 26% ) Very peripheral is considered data on monetary patterns, legitimate issues, data Using the Internet to research data is seen as an approach to spare time ( 61% ) and to gather more extensive data ( 42% ) Firms require more easy to use ( 35% ) and prompt ( 42% ) web crawlers

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Results (54 reactions) so as to enhance their hunt on the Internet, firms are willing to burn through cash for: online data administrations ( 52% ), yet strictly when a sufficient free-trial period new devices for Web seek ( 52% ), however just on conditions that have been tried by different firms a membership to a Web entrance ( 35% ), yet just if there are numerous different individuals Trade Associations can be of assistance to advance a sectorial Web entryway ( 33% ) to give specialized courses on Internet use ( 22% )

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Exploitation accomplices of CNA is a holding with the accompanying auxiliaries: CNA Associazione (exchange union of around 14.000 skilled workers) Most individuals from CNA Associazione are SMEs CNA Servizi (make regulatory administrations to CNA Associated) Interpreta (understanding of laws) Etc. CNA has tight cooperation with the accompanying organizations: Expomodena Democenter Consobiomed

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CNA: Results to be abused Results that will be misused by CNA Ontology-Based Negotiation Support System Integration of the complete SEWASIE stage pursuit of data Ontology Builder to fabricate a segment cosmology CNA will utilize the SEWASIE results to Provide administrations to SMEs Improve look on Internet Improve arrangement among accomplices, suppliers and clients Reduce seek exertion/expense of every interior office performing hunt exercises Improve the inside Knowledge base The thought to abuse the SEWASIE stage in Italy : CNA will introduce and run the SEWASIE stage (and will be accountable for keeping up it and tweaking it for its partners). Partners can get to the Service gave by CNA (in ASP methodology) and they will pay a yearly charge for this sort of administration CNA will pay licenses to the last\'s proprietors SEWASIE stage (for the starting establishment and for taking after overhauls and tuning). Costs to be characterized.

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CNA-Customer target and interest The new Service CNA is going to adventure can be tended to two various types of organizations: 1) TYPE 1: SMEs expecting to Search information on Internet or expecting to discover accomplices or suppliers . The administration can likewise bolster the arrangement stage with accomplices or suppliers. 2) TYPE 2: Companies that have as center business KIBS exercises (KIBS: learning escalated business administrations), like: legitimate exercises, statistical surveying, business and administration counseling, work enlistment, building exercises, and so forth. The Service can assist such with companiesing to: · Reduce seek exertion/expense of all divisions performing hunt exercises · Improve the inside Knowledge base

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CNA-Potential target/land center Geography: CNA gives administrations to CNA Associazione that is dynamic at three diverse level: Modena region : 14.000 individuals => focus of year 1 Emilia-Romagna local level : 64.000 individuals => focus of year 2 Italian national level : 350.000 => focus of year 3 Pricing arrangement : CNA Modena will offer a free trial time of utilization for the new web index to all its related organizations. After the trial period (e.g. 1 month) the membership expense will be: 50 EURO for every year for organizations of TYPE 1 300 Euro for each year for organizations of TYPE 2 (counting personalisation of metaphysics and consultancy charges).

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CNA-Business Plan A strategy for success for the 3 years taking after the venture conclusion has been readied. For every year estimations of conceivably intrigued organizations of TYPE 1 and TYPE 2 have been explained and the accompanying focuses have been considered: ( case Year 1 ) Associated organizations: 14.000 organizations publicizing through exchange occasions officially sorted out for different exercises: exchange gatherings, CNA bulletin, direct mailings Companies of TYPE 1 inspired by the Service: 25% (3.500 organizations) Companies of TYPE 2 keen on the Service: 350 organizations

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CNA-Business Plan For 1 st year: Revenue: 190.000€ Cost for licenses to be paid: = (to be characterized) Cost for faculty (2 professionals, 2 advertising): 160.000€ Cost specialized hardware: 15.000€ (45.000€ in 3 years) Cost for advancement: 5.000€ Cost for venture subsidizing (to be recouped in 3 years): 72.333€ Total expense year 1: 252.333 Net Income first year: - 62.333 euro (rejected licenses)

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CNA-Business Plan View Costs for licenses not yet considered!!

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CNA Planned exercises for the Exploitation and Dissemination of the undertaking results : Preliminary stage (overview of potential clients, accommodation of solicitation for take up activities and test of the motor) (Q2/05) Local advancement/Marketing (Q3/05) Regional advancement/Marketing (Q2/06) National advancement/Marketing (Q1/06) International advancement/Marketing (Q1/07) Training exercises (Q3/05) Organisation of occasions (Q3/05;Q2/06) This is pushing the wanting to have a creation framework asap

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CNA Preliminary stage (study of potential clients and test of the motor) (Q2/05) Completion of the potential\'s examination clients (and market) and test of the internet searcher by outer organizations to evaluate viability and dependability of the new web index . Accommodation of a solicitation for take up activities to adjust the coordinated framework to achieve an experienced item state .

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CNA Local advancement (Q2/05) : Promotion among its individuals (14.000 organizations) Produce a CD depicting the SEWASIE venture Dissemination to Tuttostampi and Tessilmoda individuals Include pages about the SEWASIE venture in the CNA magazine and scattering on neighborhood exchange papers Cooperation with an essential local Research focus (Democenter) to disperse the undertaking to organizations of the accompanying segments: Mechanic, car, material, carpentry machines, biomedical Promotion by Expo-Modena (consortium helping organizations of Modena to send out and in discovering clients abroad) Contact other critical nearby and national web entrances

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CNA Regional advancement/Marketing (Q2/06) Promotion to other commonplace CNA branches of Emilia-Romagna National advancement/Marketing (Q1/06) Promotion to other common CNA branches in Italy Promotion to the primary Italian relationship of ICT organizations (Federcomin, Assintel and Assinform). Worldwide advancement/Marketing (Q4/06) Expanding exercises to Germany first with help of TN Select further nations in view of experience in this way

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CNA Training exercises (Q3/05;Q2/06) CNA is arranging workshops and instructional classes for its partners Organization of occasions (Q3/05;Q2/06) Organization of an extraordinary occasion to advance the Search motor and the new administration to relates. Utilization of neighborhood media to scatter the new motor to all the nearby organizations. Following one year another occasion will be sorted out to show accomplished results and dissemination after the first year.

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CNA: Timetable

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CNA - Conclusions CNA has recognized some primary ranges of further advancement : · the security and trust-building elements : the SEWASIE model should be particular for the par

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