Extending Understudy Accomplishment: The Key Part of Training Business Organizations.

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Growing Student Achievement: The Key Role of Education-Business Partnerships ... Requires vital organizations with postsecondary programs. Extending Achievement ...
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Extending Student Achievement: The Key Role of Education-Business Partnerships Kyra Kester Special Assistant for Industry Partnerships Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction State of Washington

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Expanding Achievement In Washington, this is our task: "to furnish understudies with the chance to end up mindful natives, to add to their own particular financial prosperity and to that of their families and groups, and to appreciate profitable and fulfilling lives" RCW 28A.150.210 Basic Education Act - Goal.

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Expanding Achievement Moving from this :

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Expanding Achievement To this: Solid supposing abilities Foundation content information Basic individual aptitudes Technology proficiency

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Expanding Achievement Education Reform requests high aptitudes Motivation = Performance

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Think You Can Motivation = Performance Work Hard Get Smart

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Expanding Achievement Helping understudies " Think They Can " implies demonstrating to them best practices to: Discover where they need to go Learn what abilities they will require Find where and how to get those abilities And it implies giving chances to take in those aptitudes

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Expanding Achievement Update Technical Education Exploration Preparation Requires: critical organizations with industry

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Expanding Achievement Increase relevant and work-based open doors Requires vital associations with industry

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Expanding Achievement Smooth moves Requires pivotal associations with postsecondary programs

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What does it take to make every one of these organizations? Pictures that help us decipher each other\'s dialects, societies – even our objectives.

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ACADEMIC FOUNDATION/INTENSIVE IT CAREER EXPLORATION IT Fluency: Career Exploration and IT Skills for Work IT Literacy: Career Awareness and IT Skills for Learning IT PATHWAY MODEL C A R E R D E V E L O P M E N T/L I F E L O N G L E A R N I N G IT DEGREE PROGRAMS AND/OR CERTIFICATIONS Examples: Computer/Information Systems Analyst, Computer/Information Scientist, Software or Hardware Engineer, Programmer EMPLOYMENT CAREER CLUSTER CONCENTRATIONS/PATHWAYS Network Systems Network Design & Administration Information Support & Services Database Dev & Admin Enterprise Systems Integration Technical Support Technical Writer Programming & Software Development Programming/Software Engineering Interactive Media Digital Media Web Development & Administration Grades K-20 Work Based Experience CLUSTER FOUNDATION Ethics and Legal Responsibilities Employability and Career Development Technical Skills Academic Foundations Communications Problem Solving and Critical Thinking Information Technology Applications Systems Safety, Health and Environmental Leadership and Teamwork  2001, EDC

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Expanding Achievement Successful Strategies for Building an Effective IT Pathway

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Expanding Achievement Critical Partners Shared Vision Incentives Shared Activities Funding Continuity

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Expanding Achievement County-Wide Advisory Panels: 18 Member Panel: 11 Industry; 7 Ex-officio Industry Driven Educators as "Dynamic Listeners" One Panel Serving Multiple Purposes

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Expanding Achievement Value of County-Wide Collaboration to Industry Partners : Industry pioneers participate in exchange with training pioneers (levels must match) Both grow long haul perspective of instruction framework Changes support both training and workforce objectives

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Expanding Achievement County IT Labor Market Analysis: Created "depiction" of IT industry in region Established gauge to quantify progress/achievement Offered six proposals for future district center

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Expanding Achievement Benefits of Articulation: High school to school move Dual credit Community school to baccalaureate move Dual enlistment

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Expanding Achievement Common Articulation Standards: Each understanding must meet or surpass the capabilities educated at the school/college Agreements checked on every year by all accomplices Agreements overhauled as rising innovations are distinguished

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Expanding Achievement Incentives In Washington, to fit the bill for supplemental state financing, auxiliary projects must: Articulate with post-optional projects; Lead to industry confirmations (at auxiliary or postsecondary level) Be based upon industry ability measures

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Expanding Achievement Incentives: Local School Boards: By secondary school graduation, all understudies more likely than not: Completed scholarly establishments Done some IT vocation investigation Mastered a bunch establishment Had the chance to start one of the IT profession group fixations

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Expanding Achievement IT Foundation Courses: Digital Communication Tools (Replaces Keyboarding in 2004) Office User Specialist (360 Hour Sequence) Fundamentals of Information Technology Computer Repair http://www.k12.wa.us/careerteched/it/exploreIT.asp

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Expanding Achievement Tools for Aligning Math, Science, and Technology into an IT Pathway: http://www.k12.wa.us/careerteched/it/archives/EPlanningGuide.pdf http://www.k12.wa.us/careerteched/it/itresources.asp http://www.edc.org/ewit/

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Expanding Achievement State and Federal Support and Involvement: H1B Grants NSF Grants WIA Funding State Worker Retraining Dollars State High Demand Grants State Technology Grants

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Expanding Achievement For duplicates of materials and presentation, go to : http://www.pc3connect.org/itskills/

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Expanding Achievement For an understudy, it could be a key to what\'s to come.

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