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Current issues in MKT. Plan Case study MKT Theories Exam . Contextual investigation. Account examStructure the exam Example of RESONASOKEN . Key take out: Resona. Information: Market size : 2400 Mio baht Info:First time
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Extensive exam audit BM635 : current issues in MKT Comprehensive exam

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Current issues in MKT Agenda Case think about MKT Theories Exam

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Case concentrate Narrative exam Structure the exam Example of RESONA SOKEN

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Key take out: Resona Info: Market estimate : 2400 Mio baht Info:First time " Men" showcase Info:Gross piece of the pie up to 16% Info:Men preparing market grew 9% Info:Resona is a Global brand Info:Nevia advertise pioneer with 35% share Issues: Brand situating : Resona/Exe data: "Stick" is key concentration section Insight : Men have twice sweating more than ladies Info:Resona Men propelled in different nations Info: Key message: item productivity เพื่อการปกป้อง Info: Resona is a mutibrand in worldwide position Segment: 30% Smell is the primary creteria for brand choice: ( Ax ) Segment: 20%Protection is the second creteria ( Resona ) Segment: 40% Whitening is driven by NEVIA. Knowledge: customer just half utilizing antiperspirant

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Key issues: Resona Execution:Resona present item in First time " Men" advertise Brand: Consumer recognition: Resona is brand for ladies. Mark: Difference of Brand situating : Resona/Exe Segmentation: How to develop "Stick" fragment , how enormous is this portion Marketing message: item productivity เพื่อการปกป้อง Insight: customer just half utilizing antiperspirant How to develop the classification

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Marketing techniques Branding/Product ( ATL correspondence) Packaging/shade of bundling Black/Gray shading Advertising/correspondence ( showcasing message ) Benefit of item " twice assurance for men as it were".. Men media Fragrant Men Fragrant Consumer encounter ( BTL correspondence ) Where are men ?? Item inspecting ( half utilizing antiperspirant ) Where is whatever is left of purchaser never attempt the item Event advertising: Other speculations !!

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Case think about Apply showcasing hypothesis Theory Example of RESONA SOKEN

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Key take out: Aconetic Shop in shop: " The Inpiration life " at Siam paragon Aim: Perception : Local brand to way of life brand Info: Pressure from value rivalry: china/Local brand Info: key player : Soken/Family in this section Info: Service focus 2 branches at Rama II, Bangna Strategy : Experiences of item to shoppers Corporate shop: Boutique Digital at Panthip ngamwongwan Channel strife : ???????? Shop in shop: uplife mark picture of Aconetic ? Channel information: 300 merchants just 100 working Partner characterization: Exclusive/gold individuals Marketing program: CRM, buyer advancement ie premium Marketing activity : Emotional promoting Move to low to mid to… Mid to high portion Pricing: 10-15% lower evaluating Focus esteem estimating > marking valuing

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Key issues: Aconetic Brand: Consumer observation : Local brand to way of life brand Execution: Is shop in shop is sufficient to inspire mark picture Concept: Experiential/Emotional advertising : how Aconetic applies. Channel :How to develop channel accomplice from 100 to 300 merchants Segment : Mid to high portion Pricing: 10-15% lower evaluating is this help mark picture Positioning

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Marketing methodologies Channel : shop in shop/boutique Experiential showcasing Uplift Brand picture Innovation: Technology ..no 1 in… … Pricing methodology. Decrease valuing crevice with contender The best possible Advertising/Communication is effective Promotion: can ruins mark picture on the off chance that it is too overwhelming on evaluating

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Other related showcasing 4Ps , 5Cs

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Key take out : 0 calories 30000 Mio LY xxx 0 calories : 400 Mio 2 % commitment Growth : 30 % rate/year Strategy: new support is a key driven PEPSI: Latte/Twist/Blue/Ice Consumer drift: Health Fact: customers change to other drink Target assemble: men : ladies : 60:40 Product advantage : insufficient item advantage Men discernment: refreshments for ladies !! Customer discernment taste: No delectable PEPSI: COKE First dispatch COKE: dispatch : COKE DIET ( taste not acknowledged PEPSI is market pioneer

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Marketing issues: COKE ZERO Brand separation: COKE/PEPSI Brand portfolio : Diet/Zero COKE/COKE ZERO ( 98:2) - (70:30 ) Brand observation: Men/How to acknowledge 0 calories: Favor Product taste !! Purchaser acknowledgment Protect piece of the overall industry Differentiate PEPSI MAXX from ZERO Gain piece of the overall industry Grow 0% classification Brand correspondence Strong message : item advantage 4Ps PRODUCT POSITIONING BRANDING CONSUMER

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