Extraordinary Nerd Speak Standoff.

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Extraordinary Nerd Speak Standoff What's a modem?
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Extraordinary Geek Speak Showdown

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What’s a modem? A modem mo dulates and dem odulates data between your PC , which is computerized and lives up to expectations with information that’s in concrete, countable lumps (like ice 3D shapes), and the telephone lines , which are simple and work with data that’s endless, streaming, uncountable (like water). A modem transforms advanced data from your PC into simple information so it can go via telephone lines; the modem on the flip side transforms the simple information over into computerized information so the other PC can comprehend it.

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What are 2 sorts of rapid associations? satellite link T1 and T3 lines DSL ISDN and varieties of those

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How does transfer speed (velocity) influence the time it takes pictures to stack on you\'re PC? The quicker the modem or rapid association, the more data your PC can transform at one time and the speedier it will stack content, design and mixed media.

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Acceptable download times It depends. A modem client may sit tight 20 minutes for motion picture feature trailer yet not over 10 seconds for corporate contact information. Another vital thought is mechanical restrictions of your gathering of people . Fortune 500 CEOs will presumably have quicker access times than secondary teachers utilizing shared associations and old modems.

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What 2 offenders can make download times long? PC infections Heavy movement (after 9/11) Too numerous pictures Images too huge Bloated page code —huge, ineffectively coded tables and structures can moderate download times

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What’s an ISP? Network access Provider If you’re not an individual from an online administration like AOL, you can get an immediate association through an ISP, which has a PC joined with the Internet 24 hours a day , ordinarily with a rapid association. Pay a charge .

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What’s the world’s biggest business online administration? AOL , established in 1992. What number of free plates do you have?!?

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What’s a server? Server = a PC joined with the Internet that sends (or “serves”) documents to different PCs that demand them 24 hours a day Can any PC be a server? Yes, however most associations have a squeezed up PC devoted to serving Web locales. When we complete the Cronkite zine, we’ll post it to the Cronkite server .

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What’s a program? program = programming that empowers you to see Web pages What are samples of programs? Netscape, IE, Safari, Firefox

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What’s the distinction between a Web webpage and a landing page? Site = accumulation of related pages landing page = fundamental page (typically first page) that serves as a chapter by chapter guide

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What does URL mean? URL = Uniform Resource Locator Internet location used to find locales on the Internet, much like your road location finds where you live

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Do you require “www” in a Web address? Nope; it’s only a tradition that stands for World Wide Web. A few destinations won’t load, then again, unless you write in www. Different destinations, for example, Cronkite zine ( http://cronkitezine.asu.edu ), won’t work on the off chance that you incorporate “www.”

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What’s an area name? space name = exceptional name given to an Internet location, including sort of website, for example, .edu (instruction), .gov (government), .organization (association) or .com (business) http://www. chicagotribune .com name of og. business site Parts of the location are isolated by dabs .

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What’s the location after the space name called? Way advises the program where to discover the page http://www.asu.edu/cronkite/journalism.html http = hypertext exchange convention asu.edu = space name cronkite/journalism.html = way First slice advises program to peer inside asu.edu organizer for an envelope or record called cronkite. Second slice advises program to peer inside cronkite envelope for a record called journalism.html.

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What does HTML stand for? Hypertext Markup Language What does HTML permit you to do? Straightforward, all inclusive code permits you to make complex pages of content and pictures that can be seen on the Web, paying little respect to the sort of PC or program

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What are megabytes? One million bytes of information stockpiling “ M ega” implies “ m illion” (Remember the “ m ” in both!)

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What are gigabytes? One billion bytes of information stockpiling “Giga” implies “billion”

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What are the 2 designs for sparing computerized representation ? GIF = G raphics I nterchange F ormat Remember the “ G ” for G raphics Best for drawings, toons and stuff with constrained hues JPEG = J oint P hotographic E xperts G roup Pronounced “JAY-peg” Remember the “ P ” for P hotographic Best for photographs and stuff with heaps of hues Also known as JPG You don’t need to recall what GIF and JPEG stand for, exactly what they’re best utilized for

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What are 2 regular configurations for computerized sound ? WAV = Waveform Audio File Format MP3 You don’t need to recall what WAV remains for, exactly what it’s utilized for (advanced sound)

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What are 2 great organizations for computerized feature ? .mov = Quicktime MPEG4 = Motion Picture Experts Group You don’t need to recall what MPEG remains for, exactly what it’s utilized for (advanced feature)

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Why do you utilize the 6-digit hex number ? To make a particular shading

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What does cross-stage mean? A programming language, programming application or bit of equipment that chips away at more than one stage, for example, Linux, Unix, Microsoft Windows or Macintosh

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Which HTML area contains the substance showed in the program? <body> = unmistakable substance on website page <head> = brains

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What’s the distinction between section & soften up HTML? Section = space between the lines <p>Blah blah </p> Break = no space between the lines <br>Blah blah </br>

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What’s the HTML code for the biggest heading? <h1>

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What’s the HTML code for an even run the show? <hr>

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What’s the HTML code for focusing something? <p adjust = “center”> <p adjust = “left”> <p adjust = “right”>

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Is this right? If not, how might you alter it? <h1> Big Boy <i> tomato </h1> </i>

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The End

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What’s the contrast in the middle of outside and inside connections? Outer (remote) connections unite your Web page to Web pages outside your webpage. You have to incorporate the complete URL, for example, http://www.asu.edu. Inner connections join with different pages inside the same Web webpage.

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What’s a stay? A stay for the most part hops the client elsewhere in the same Web page ,, for example, Jump to top at the base of a long page. A grapple can likewise hop the client to a particular spot on another Web page .

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What do tables empower you to do? Adjust things in segments and columns. In the event that you don’t need the outskirt to indicate around you\'re table, what ought to the fringe sum be? 0

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What’s the contrast in the middle of supreme and relative table widths? In the event that you pick an outright pixel width ,, for example, 400, your table will remain that correct size regardless of how a guest changes the program\'s span window. In the event that you pick a relative percent , then the table will resize as per the program\'s extent window. You normally set outright values for the width of tables .

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What does http mean? http = hypertext exchange convention , an arrangement of principles that PCs on the World Wide Web utilization to exchange HTML records hypertext = joins that associate you to different pages when you tap on every one of them HTML archives on the Web begin with http in lower case . You don’t need to sort in http://

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What’s a module? module = programming based improvements that do cool things; numerous accompany your program programming • Examples of modules: Shockwave, PDF, RealAudio What do you see on your screen if a module is absent? A broken symbol

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What are bits? Littlest unit of information transmitted on PCs Each bit has an estimation of 0 (off) or 1 (on)

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What are bytes? String of eight bits , the unit of information expected to store one character A byte to make the letter “A” requires the eight digits 01000001

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What’s spilling ? Clients can begin to listen to sound record or watch a feature while it’s downloading RealAudio is most mainstream gushing configuration for sound MIDI (Musical Instrument Digital Interface) can play music in HTML through little synthesizers incorporated with most solid cards

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What does WYSIWYG mean? What you

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