Extraordinary School Recompenses (OSA).

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Educational programs administration, arranging and association; Class showing and learning. ... Class Teaching and Learning. The Adjudication Panel found that the recompense winning schools ...
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´╗┐Extraordinary School Awards (OSA) Domain 2 Teaching and Learning

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Outstanding School Awards De-instructions for the School Sector Domain 2 Content Presenter 1.Introduction Mrs Sylvia Cheung 2.Curriculum Mrs Sylvia Cheung 3.Class showing & learning Mrs Judy Chua Mr Yeung Veng Meng 4.Assessment Mr Koo Chao Ming 5.Other Observations Dr Chong Lap Chun Mrs Grace Yung 6.Strengths and Areas for Further Development Professor John Lee 7.Question and Answer Session

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Introduction 25 grade descriptors: Curriculum administration, arranging and association; Class educating and learning. Educational modules Class Teaching and Learning Assessment

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An extraordinary school: (a) a educational programs that is all around organized and adjusted, with coherence and cross-subject co-appointment; (b) a compelling educational modules observing and audit framework under which all educators are included in creating reasonable execution objectives and related focuses in instructing and learning;

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(c) showing that is powerful in building up understudies\' information, higher request considering, (for example, basic considering), inventiveness, self-learning aptitudes and positive learning dispositions; (d) a component which empowers the sharing of good showing rehearses among instructors and gives expeditious and strong criticism on their execution;

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(e) clear arrangement and backing for educators to set steady and feasible desires for understudies, cook for individual contrasts, and make a liberal and open learning climate; and (f) evaluation strategy and framework that cook for the diverse needs and capacities of understudies and give input adequately to understudies, guardians and educators for development of instructing.

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Curriculum Generally, numerous designated schools had put a considerable measure of endeavors into educational programs arranging and usage, especially in taking forward new educational programs change activities, some of the time in organization with outside specialists from tertiary establishments.

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An extraordinary school for the mellow review rationally debilitated kids had an engaged mission of furnishing understudies with the essential aptitudes and capacities in order to set them up for future business and autonomous living. Important subject educators created educational modules objectives in arrangement with the school mission and practices.

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In an elementary school, a "3P" approach (Purpose, Process and Product) was embraced to give a general system to educational programs administration and execution.

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Another elementary school offered an assortment of projects and activities, e.g. ecological instruction, cross-curricular exercises, talented training programs, inventive showing exercises, IT instruction, and so on to give adjusted and ceaseless chances to understudies\' inside and out advancement.

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A kindergarten attempted new ideas and acquainted new components with its educational modules. Rather than utilizing reading material, the kindergarten composed its own showing materials and built up its own school-based educational programs. Class-based course readings utilizing educators and understudies as "performers" in the books were utilized.

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Schools tended to give careful consideration to the conveyance of scholastic information than to the inside and out advancement of understudies. More consideration ought to be paid to setting educational modules objectives that are all around characterized and explained.

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The Adjudication Panel found that educators for the most part bolstered new change activities and were willing to try different things with new thoughts and techniques. Be that as it may, they appear to experience issues in putting the educational modules thoughts into full practice with adequate spotlight on the scholarly and expert angles.

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The Adjudication Panel prescribes that, in doing educational modules advancements, school administration ought to include instructors in the formative stage, acclimate them with the activities and addition their backing at the beginning.

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Class Teaching and Learning The Adjudication Panel found that the recompense winning schools had put a considerable measure of endeavors into building up understudies\' information, higher request considering, inventiveness, and self-learning aptitudes.

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For instance, a grade school utilized a double methodology ("strolling by two legs" approach) which put level with accentuation on building up understudies\' fundamental abilities and center capabilities through customary strategies on one hand, and building up their higher request thinking aptitudes through creative showing approach like venture work on the other.

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Another grade school offered programs on numerous intelligences for all understudies and medicinal classes for the low achievers. In another grade school, an intelligent methodology was embraced for educating, with IT being a basic part of the educational programs.

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Students figured out how to apply their IT learning to doing their class work and assembling data through the Internet. Inventive IT anticipates supported by the Quality Education Fund were executed. Outside specialists were welcome to lead workshops on inventive instructing for instructors.

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The Adjudication Panel watched that in numerous named schools, educators teamed up in creating showing procedures for lessons. This methodology has the upside of pooling thoughts together through joint effort. Numerous instructors utilized undertaking work to urge understudies to hunt down data themselves and be all the more effectively occupied with learning.

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The Adjudication Panel noticed a typical dependence on course books. More adjustments or changes would be required for schools to deal with understudies who exceeded expectations or the individuals who required additional assistance. Insufficient accentuation on cross-subject co-appointment in educating and learning.

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Teachers for the most part worked industriously, made sufficient readiness for lesson and did their showing arrangement with devotion and eagerness. Notwithstanding, understudies were seen to assume a fairly aloof part in class, though they were relied upon to be effectively occupied with the learning procedure.

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Many assigned schools had started to build up a society of learning and sharing. Shared lesson arranging, bunch educating and peer lesson perception had occurred. Such practices enhanced correspondence among educators and encouraged the sharing of aptitudes and thoughts. In a few schools, experienced instructors went about as tutor and gave direction to new educators.

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In numerous designated schools, lesson perception was for the most part led by the school head. The classroom atmosphere was by and large precise and amicable. Understudies were very much carried on. A portion of the classes were noteworthy, with energetic air and dynamic understudy learning saw by the adjudicators.

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Some schools frequently distributed abstracts of model work of understudies as a way to support understudies and upgrade peer learning. Understudies in a few schools went about as "little educators" to help their classmates, in this way adding to a strong companion learning environment.

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In one grade school, understudies were allowed to participate in learning exercises amid break. They could utilize the focal library or multi-media learning focus. In one kindergarten, understudies were permitted forty-five minutes of extra time to investigate and have any influence of the kindergarten each morning before the begin of lessons.

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The Adjudication Panel noticed that a portion of the school change ventures were more adapted to the overhauling of existing equipment than to improving instructing and learning adequacy. Urged guardians to get required in understudies\' work at home and took an interest in school\'s exercises.

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Assessment Schools by and large had a settled evaluation system for giving criticism on understudies\' execution to guardians and understudies. Such component empowered target reporting of understudies\' execution and behavior.

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now and again, especially for kindergartens and grade schools, both instructors and guardians would give appraisal of the execution of understudies, particularly in non-scholarly angles, on the same archive, e.g. understudy handbook

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The Adjudication Panel watched that a few instructors tended to concentrate on surveying understudies\' learning results as opposed to assessing the adequacy of their educating.

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Evidence demonstrated that measures for development were now and again proposed amid the gatherings. In instances of poor execution, educators would by and large take fitting activities, for example, guiding the understudies and meeting with their folks. A few instructors even stepped up with regards to contact all guardians ahead of schedule in the school term, requesting their co-operation and backing for the advantage of their kids\' learning.

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In a unique school, desires of understudies\' execution were passed on to guardians and understudies through the "Information Pac" plan. A few schools had made endeavors to enhance the configuration of the report cards Another grade school utilized a developmental appraisal report in light of that of the Target-Oriented Curriculum

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A kindergarten changed the arrangement of its understudy evaluation report to give more nitty gritty and far reaching data on understudy\'s execution in various perspectives

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The evaluations completed in many schools were adapted towards positioning understudies by execution, while evaluation ought to be theoretically regarded as an indispensable piece of instructing and learning and a method for diagnosing learning issues, giving criticism on the learning procedure to educators and understudies, and advancing further learning.

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Other Observations Strengths and Areas for Further Development Curriculum Strengths Efforts were exhibited by school

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