F EDERAL L AND Administrators' A QRV WORK G ROUP (Banner): Developing A Steady PROCESS.

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DOI- - assigned to the Assistant Secretary for Fish and Wildlife and Parks ... Institutionalize the techniques and methodology for leading AQRV examinations ...
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PURPOSE FLAG is an interagency workgroup whose goal is to accomplish more prominent consistency in the techniques Federal Land Managers (FLMs) use in distinguishing and assessing air quality related qualities (AQRVs).

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Federal Land Manager (FLM): as for any grounds in the United States, the Secretary of the Department with power over such terrains DOI- - appointed to the Assistant Secretary for Fish and Wildlife and Parks DOA- - designated to the Forest Service and redelegated to the Regional Forester or individual Forest Supervisor

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AQRV An asset, as distinguished by the FLM for one or more Federal ranges, that might be unfavorably influenced by an adjustment in air quality. The asset may incorporate perceivability or a particular grand, social, physical, organic, environmental, or recreational asset recognized by the FLM for a specific zone.

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MANDATORY CLASS I AREAS INCLUDE: National Parks > 6,000 sections of land Nat\'l Wilderness Areas > 5,000 sections of land International Parks - in presence on August 7, 1977.

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FLAG ORGANIZATION Leadership Committee (Air Quality Chiefs from FWS, NPS, and USFS) Coordinating Committee (delegates from FWS, NPS, and USFS) Project Manager Subgroups

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SUBGROUPS ARE ADDRESSING: Visibility Terrestrial impacts of ozone Aquatic and earthly impacts of wet and dry testimony Process and strategy issues

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TASKS Define delicate AQRVs Identify the basic toxin loads (or levels), when conceivable, and the criteria that characterize antagonistic effects Standardize the techniques and strategies for directing AQRV examinations Recommend checking instruments and conventions

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PHASED APPROACH Phase I tending to issues that can be determined without the gathering of new information Phase II will address more intricate issues; may require extra information accumulation

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TIMELINE November 1999 - Draft Phase I report accessible for open survey December 15, 1999 - Public meeting in Denver to talk about the draft FLAG report November-December 1999 - 60 day open audit June 2000 - Final report circulated To be resolved - Initiate take a shot at Phase II

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FLAG QUESTIONS?? Venture Manager: John Bunyak–(303) 969-2818 Ozone: Bob Musselman – (970) 498-1239 Deposition: Ellen Porter – (303) 969-2617 Visibility: Mark Scruggs – (303) 969-2077 Policy: Bruce Bayle – (404) 347-3872 website page: http://www.aqd.nps.gov/ard/flagfree

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