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The Fairtrade Mark. Fairtrade around the globe. 1m individuals and specialists in 540 Small Producer Organizations and 206 Hired Labor Organizations around the worldOver 7m individuals straightforwardly profit by
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Fairtrade Define Fairtrade around the globe Some effects of unreasonable/reasonable exchange Fairtrade in the UK Fairtrade in Wigan Borough Fairtrade in Wigan Council Fairtrade and the Cultural Exchange Group

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The Fairtrade Mark

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Fairtrade around the globe 1m individuals and specialists in 540 Small Producer Organizations and 206 Hired Labor Organizations around the globe Over 7m individuals straightforwardly advantage from £1.6bn yearly worldwide spend on Fairtrade confirmed items Total Fairtrade "Premium" advantage (2007): 32 million Euros half re-put resources into Fairtrade organizations 26% put resources into wellbeing, training or environment 24% put resources into neighborhood group extends Wide land circulation of makers: 58 creating nations One olive maker from Palestinian Occupied Territories Coffee is the no. 1 item (400,000 ranchers), then tea, cocoa, cotton

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Fairtrade around the globe

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Some effects of uncalled for exchange Domination of business sectors by trans-national organizations because of unreasonable exchange rules Drive to cut costs supersedes ecological, social and wellbeing concerns Poor market access for free makers > neglect to take care of creation costs Many agriculturists constrained off land > into urban areas (regularly ghettos) > urbanization/stuffing Some agriculturists change to medication developing to bolster themselves > wrongdoing/brutality Communities lose control of their own lives and environment > destabilization Overuse of compound pesticides harms human wellbeing and more extensive environment 20% of male banana laborers in Costa Rica are clean Twice normal rates of leukemia and birth surrenders in ladies banana packers "Sweatshop", $-a-day working conditions normal, including for youngsters Dissent or exchange union movement frequently fiercely smothered (killings in Columbia)  Low quality, shoddy merchandise

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Some effects of Fairtrade Fair costs, enduring wages > professional stability and control of claim lives and groups Decent working conditions and enhanced wellbeing and security Participation in life/mischance protection plans and individual speculation credits Participation in popularity based structures > social soundness Greater regard for and among individuals, including ladies and kids Less damage to environment and dynamic interest in natural upgrades Investment in social upgrades (boreholes, schools, wellbeing facilities, streets) Stewardship, as opposed to deserting, of land Less utilization of chemicals Fewer medications developed Less potential destabilization and strife  High quality partner delivered products

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Fairtrade in the UK Estimated UK retail offers of Fairtrade ensured items were £23m in 1999, £800m in 2009 70% of populace perceive the Fairtrade Mark and 64% connection the Mark to a superior arrangement for makers in the creating scene The Fairtrade Foundation licenses utilization of the Fairtrade Mark on items in the UK, as per universal measures set by the Fairtrade Labeling Organization (FLO) Key Fairtrade Foundation mindfulness raising projects: Fairtrade Fortnight (every year); Fairtrade Towns; Fairtrade Schools www.fairtrade.org.uk The Greater Manchester Fairtrade Group offers Fairtrade data from the 10 regions - Bolton leads and has a flourishing Fairtrade crusade

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Fairtrade in Wigan Borough Wigan Co-agent Members\' Fairtrade Group Wigan Fairtrade Directory Wigan Fairtrade site Fairtrade Fortnight occasions Tastings, talks… Promotion of "Fairtrade Schools" "Fairtrade Town" reviewing and detailing part www.wiganfairtrade.org.uk

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Fairtrade in Wigan Council Resolution Nominated bolster officer for neighborhood aggregate Corporate Procurement Strategy Council gatherings, workplaces and containers Internal advancement/mindfulness raising Departmental Fairtrade reviews Reporting back to nearby Fairtrade assemble www.wigan.gov.uk/Services/Environment/SustainableDevelopment/FairtradeinWigan.htm

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Can the Cultural Exchange Group assist the Wigan Fairtrade Group to accomplish its points? To advance the concept of Fairtrade inside the Borough To bring issues to light of the Fairtrade Mark and give direction on purchasing Fairtrade merchandise locally To accomplish and keep up Fairtrade Town status for the Borough

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Can the Fairtrade plan help the Cultural Exchange Group to accomplish its points? The Cultural Exchange Group will :- consider key method for connecting with the BME people group recognize method for defeating existing obstructions to engagement highlight indigenous culture as much as minority societies raise social mindfulness levels of open administrations have a harmony amongst technique and conveyance building up a schedule of national, territorial and nearby occasions that we could support and connection into distinguish holes in arrangement recognize abnormal state and important focuses to bolster the Cultural Exchange Group\'s aspirations distinguish and offered for subsidizing to bolster the above points be connected to critical neighborhood vital organizations and report advance against concurred focuses on a yearly premise bolster the accomplishments connected to the CAA and LAA prepare The Cultural Exchange Group will be responsible to the accompanying :- Cultural Partnership Building Stronger Communities Partnership SHAPE Board Hate Crime Group Refugee and Migrant Workers Forum Homeless and Vulnerable Team BME umbrella gathering

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Consider… Buying (or notwithstanding observing) Fairtrade items joins you specifically to makers from a wide range of societies Experiencing normally known (or contrasting diverse) nourishments, blooms, apparel, beautifying agents, toys, and so forth can advance multifaceted comprehension Food specifically can be one of the absolute best routes "in" to comprehension a given nation/culture Sharing sustenance and drink is a deep rooted method for uniting individuals Understanding Fairtrade issues can bring issues to light about more extensive worldwide issues Fairtrade commends sense of pride, confidence and freedom Borough\'s own makers/agriculturists/apportioning holders/planters? Connections to Healthy Eating motivation ?

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