Far reaching Institutional Business Continuity Plan .

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Thorough Institutional Business Congruity Arrangement. McHenry District School Spring 2007. Linda Brogan Tom Carle Sally Pursue Larry Dack. John Gundelach Harriet Johnson Tami Krohn John Linehan. Colleagues. Supports Dr. Walter J. Packard Dr. Ronald Partner. Presentation.
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Complete Institutional Business Continuity Plan McHenry County College Spring 2007

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Linda Brogan Tom Carle Sally Chase Larry Dack John Gundelach Harriet Johnson Tami Krohn John Linehan Team Members Sponsors Dr. Walter J. Packard Dr. Ronald Ally

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McHenry County Department of Health Grant Requirements Create a pandemic influenza arrange. Duplicates of the arrangement will be sent to MCDH and McHenry County Emergency Services and Disaster Agency Plan and host a town lobby meeting Distribute training materials Complete a monetary and account report by June 15, 2007 $5000 might be utilized for the accompanying: arranging specialist repayment; arranging meeting costs; town corridor meeting advancements; visual computerization as well as duplicate written work of instructive materials; printing. After the necessities of the give are met remaining assets might be spent on individual defensive gear

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Data Collection

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McHenry County College Who are we? How are we supported? A couple of socioeconomics What we right now have set up Policies, systems, contracts, rules Essential Operations

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McHenry County College Who are we? How are we supported?

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McHenry County College

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McHenry County College Who are we? A couple of socioeconomics MCC Students

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MCC Students: Age Groups

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McHenry County College Who are we? A couple of socioeconomics MCC Employees

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MCC Employees: Age Groups

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McHenry County College What we at present have set up Policies, methods, contracts, rules

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McHenry County College What we at present have set up Policies Chronic transferable ailment approaches Employees Students Withdrawal/discount strategy Sick leave strategies and debilitated leave pool

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McHenry County College What we at present have set up Procedures Emergency impermanent shutting systems Cold climate upkeep techniques Power blackout upkeep methodology General upkeep techniques

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McHenry County College What we as of now have set up Contracts Union contracts

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McHenry County College What we as of now have set up Guidelines Financial guide rules for scholastic advance

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McHenry County College Essential Operations: Facility Is Open Relationship graph with interdependencies

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3-3 Employees Centric Ops 4-2 Students Centric Ops 3-3 Communications Centric Ops 1-5 Finance & Business Office Ops 5-1 Facility Centric Ops 5-1 Safety & Security Centric Ops 0-6 IT Dependent Ops McHenry County College

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The Pandemic Influenza Planning Committee

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Coordinator: President Back up Coordinator: VP for Administrative Services/Treasurer VP for Learning and Student Support Services AVP Buildings and Grounds AVP Human Resources AVP Informational Technology Dean Health Care Programs AVP of Finance Executive Assistant to President Assistant to President/Board Liaison AVP Learning and Student Support Services Director Campus Safety/Security President, Faculty Union President, Staff Council Resources: Director of Marketing/PR Health Promotions Specialist Legal Council

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Faculty Business Continuity Plan

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Faculty – Business Continuity Plan Department: _____________ Department Chair: _____________ Course: _____________ Section (s ):_______ Name: __________________ Home Phone: _____________ Home email: _____________ Location of important keys, mixes passwords: What other MCC personnel are met all requirements to show this course? Names: Who other than current MCC personnel are fit the bill to show this course: Names & contact data: Please list accessible option techniques for conveying the course content if understudy or educator can\'t go to for 6 two months: Could understudies effectively total this course on the off chance that they were not able go to class for 6 two months? Tentative arrangements for option conveyance obviously material: Plan: Resources required: Projected fulfillment date: Person in charge of looking after arrangement:

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Department Business Continuity Plan

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Department Business Continuity Plan Date: Department : Operations Manual Location: Supervisor : Home Phone #: ______________ Location of keys, mixes, passwords: Person expecting obligations in Supervisor\'s nonappearance: Home Phone #:________________________ Cross prepared: Employees: _____________________________ Back Up: ____________________ Cross prepared: ______ _____________________________ Back Up: ____________________ Cross prepared: ______ _____________________________ Back Up: ____________________ Cross prepared: ______ _____________________________ Back Up: ____________________ Cross prepared: ______

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Department Business Continuity Plan/cont\'d Prioritize Services Please condense the administrations gave by the division. The initial two classifications are viewed as fundamental administrations. Those exercises that must stay continuous. By and large, these would incorporate exercises required 24 hours a day. Those exercises that can be upset briefly or may be intermittent in nature, yet should be re-built up inside a couple days. Those exercises that can be upset briefly (two or three days to seven days) yet should be re-set up at some point before the pandemic wave is more than (6 two months). Those exercises that can be conceded for the length of a pandemic (over two months).

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Department Business Continuity Plan/cont\'d Alternative conveyance of administrations: A generous number of our understudies and workers (30 – 40 %) are sick. MCC is open and keeping on giving administrations while limiting individual contact: 2. We shut down for 6 two months to keep the spread of illness: 3. We are reviving in the wake of being shut down for 6 two months: 4. Individual in charge of looking after arrangement:

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Guidelines for Continuity Plan Updates and Revisions All arrangements are dated. All arrangements are approved by the division boss, office seat. All arrangements are refreshed inside seven days of faculty changes. One duplicate of the Department Business Continuity Plan is kept in division\'s operation\'s manual or with the office boss another duplicate is in the end-all strategy kept in the President\'s office. All office work force know where the arrangement is kept. One duplicate of the Faculty Business Continuity Plan is kept with the Executive Dean, another is kept with the Department Chair, and another with the ground breaking strategy in the President\'s office. All arrangements are investigated and refreshed every year by November 1 of every year and dated. On the off chance that no amendments are fundamental every single existing arrangement will be dated at the season of the yearly audit. Office seats, division directors or designees will be in charge of keeping up an arrangement that is never over 1 year old and safeguarding that a momentum plan is on document with the office and with the President\'s office.

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Accessing the Forms The structures will be posted on Inside MCC. The board of trustees will work with John Linehan and Kathy Plinske to choose where the structures will be put away. Conceivable choices are being assessed for possibility including making a place on the Common Drive and setting up security for various zones inside the organizer so that lone people in a specific office could get to their specific office\'s arrangement.

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Sample Department Business Continuity Plan Security (see present)

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Future Considerations Encourage inoculations Guidelines for keeping the spread of flu Back up arrangements on the off chance that providers of basic administrations or supplies can\'t respect responsibilities. Survey crisis correspondence techniques.

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Data for accessible debilitated days for MCC worker bunches present as of Feb. 8, 2007

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HR Policies for Crisis Situations Memorandums of Understanding? Debilitated days Bereavement

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Tabletop EXERCISE : A declared or unannounced execution of the business coherence arrange (BCP) proposed to actualize existing arrangements as well as highlight the requirement for extra arrangement improvement. The activity may include conjuring the BCP methods. It will probably include the reproduction of a crisis or emergency in which members pretend so as to survey what issues may emerge, before a genuine conjuring.

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Sample Tabletop Exercise Trigger – Significant spread of pandemic influenza in McHenry County inciting MCDH to close all schools and universities. Circumstance What is known Anticipated activities Questions

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Vendors Strohl Systems http://www.strohlsystems.com/800-634-2016 IBM http://www.ibm.com/us/914-499-1900 SUNGARD http://www.sungard.com 800-468-7483

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Cost From $1,500 - $25,000 Depends on the bundle you pick Depends on the measure of hazard your business can endure.

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Continuity Planning for the Future Under the course of the President, frame a board of trustees to address different situations requiring coherence arranging: People – pandemic influenza plan will mean most fiascos that may influence worker and understudies however not physical plant Places – adjust the pandemic arrangement to address fundamentally the devastation of the building (tornado, terminate, surge) Things – adjust the pandemic arrangement to basically address the decimation of foundation ( IT organize)

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