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Fastnet Route. Nat Ives - RORC May 5 2009. Motivation. Point of the course The part of the guide seaward Pre-race prep On the race track Routine and log Contender following Climate and technique overhauls Execution observing. Course to Sail System Contender following
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Fastnet Navigation Nat Ives - RORC May 5 2009

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AGENDA Aim of the course The guide\'s part seaward Pre-race prep On the race track Routine and log Competitor following Weather and technique redesigns Performance observing

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Course to Sail Strategy Competitor following Sailing Instructions Notice of Race Rules Protests Instruments Performance information Start and nav programming Weather Tides or streams Class regs Safety regs VHF comms Crew Weights Sail hybrids Sail hours Hazards Shipping (lights) Role of the seaward pilot

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Pre-Regatta Prep - Admin Notice of Race Governing Rules – esp. Climate sources & IRPCS Program Race Course Registration SI’s Reporting Time Limits Penalties – esp OCS (two-turns punishment permitted, half place for OCS) VHF and SSB channels YC offices Start and End – Where are you berthing?

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RORC Comms Regulations 5(d) VHF AND RADIO COMMUNICATIONS (SEE ALSO 6(b)) Sailing Instructions may demand yachts to send position reports amid a race. There is no restriction on correspondence from a yacht gave the yacht does not get data (other than that openly accessible to all) which may help her in the race – see RRS41 - (outside help). A yacht may get data about serious climate without encroaching RRS41 (outside help).

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Pre-Regatta Prep – the Race Track Waypoint records for course, risks, and lights Weather Forecasts sources - GRIB Files Live Data Historical Data - climatology Topography Roadmap ? Tides or Currents Reference ports Sources of information e.g. SHOM Charts Check up and coming Know images Create a day by day timetable in view of the above, run preparatory courses to highlight key purposes of race range

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Waypoints – other than evident headlands Start and Finish lines Shambles (E&W) Eddystone Runnel Stone Longships Wolf Rock Seven Stones (light and rock) Scilly Isles peripheral rocks Bishops Rock Weather stations (Channel Light Vessel and Air Strips and so on)

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Climatology – e.g.Culdrose versus Scilly

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GRIB Files Electronic compacted information document with estimated or real information on a framework Important to know Source – look at models Forecast time and distribute time for the most part in UTC Resolution (1 deg, 0.5 deg, or howdy res) Data stature – ordinarily 10m How the information is computed and showed – be careful introduction Sources (free 1 deg and 0.5 deg GFS/AVN information) – check spaghetti plots (free 1 deg information) Higher res information is typically paid for e.g. Theyr , PRO-GRIB and so forth – if paid for then NOT out in the open area so illicit for RORC races after begin Scat investigation GRIBS Global GRIB information can overestimate early and late in the day, does not represent geology and ocean breeze Check reference tallness for information – typically 10m UKMO and MeteoFrance don\'t do free GRIB so utilize graphical yield as reference

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Bermuda Race Daily Schedule UTC 0630 3 Day Basic + Sat Analysis 0700 Posns 0830 Avn Model 1100 Gulf stream Sat Pic 1200 Daily SSB Broadcast 1230 3 Day Basic + Sat Analysis 1430 AVN Model 1500 Posns + Quikscat 1830 3 Day Basic + Sat Analysis 2030 AVN Model 2300 Posns + Gulf Stream Satellite Pic 0030 3 Day Basic + Sat Analysis 0230 AVN Model + Quik Scat

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Live Data Sources Use to overhaul figure and track highlights UKMO University of Wyoming - WaveNet float information Satellite symbolism – useful for fronts MCA VHF show – Frank’s Weather pages – YOU!! What\'s more, a your instruments - gauge

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Instruments, GPS, Radar, Comms Calibration (profundity and so forth) & Operation (MOB Procedure, target following, outlines, dawn and so forth) Spares Polars and Sails Nav polars Sail Crossovers Nav hardware Compass & Binoculars NavNotes & Log Checklists Charts Almanac & Tidal Stream Atlas Pre Race prep – the pontoon.

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0 TWA 6 3 90 Boatspeed TWS=5kts TWS TWS=10kts TWS=15kts 180 The Polar Curve Mathematical model of execution, Boatspeed versus TWA, TWS Designer’s device, altered with ‘real’ cruising information Varies as per neighborhood conditions and circumstance Consider knocks in bend

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VMC To WP Polars Tie them in with Sail Crossover diagram Think about VMC alternatives. Check real execution against polars constantly. VMC vigorously influenced via ocean state Is TWS at masthead what is GRIB ref stature? Is polar for masthead tallness?

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Optimum Route Planning Theoretical course that is quickest to the completion based upon Weather conjecture (GRIB) Polars Current (GRIB or Database Cautions Only on a par with your inputs Try to judge the course\'s affectability by running with slower polar or shorter gauge Can be driven similarly by a day ago of figure as much as first (where as estimate is more solid for at an early stage) Use gut feel to gauge course first

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Optimum Route Planning 3 2 1 A B

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Tidal Route – Farr 80 Swan 45 Ker 32

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Navico PowerPoint layout Tidal Route – Ker 32 TWD, TWS (base 230, 10kts)

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Navico PowerPoint format Sources of Tidal Data

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Navico PowerPoint format Sources of Tidal Data Winning Tides – Solent UKHO and SHOM information for Channel and Irish Sea Wiley Nautical Almanac

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During the race If you can be out of watch framework then you can set your own schedule. Join with strategist/captain at key times to choose course to control. Pass on course to control with setting – e.g. Ocean state and so forth, likely changes in conditions and sail changes. When you should be called Re-pursue directing every figure and upgrade utilizing watched conditions and satellite symbolism Track contenders on the web, outwardly or with radar (note course at sunset). Utilize this to help with figure through suggested winds. Track execution of vessel against forecasts and conform route polar in like manner or on the off chance that you free a sail. .:tslides

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