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FDMS Diagram FDMS and SuperFDMS Nancy Soreide and Eugene Burger April 23-24, 2003, Silver Spring, MD FDMS Intended to meet NOAA Research budgetary information administration needs Improvement based upon necessities requested from all NOAA Research working units
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FDMS Overview FDMS and SuperFDMS Nancy Soreide and Eugene Burger April 23-24, 2003, Silver Spring, MD

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FDMS Designed to meet NOAA Research money related information administration needs Development based upon prerequisites requested from all NOAA Research working units Administrative staff inputs spending plan/regulatory data CAMS information imported specifically from CAMS Data Warehouse Management information accessible by means of redid reports or element inquiries Data and reports accessible on-line progressively Supports NOAA business hones Operational since January 2001 Support Web website, framework announcements, User Documentation, Help Desk Updated to oblige CAMS changes and client needs Envisioned as the “core” component of the NOAA Research Science Management Information System

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FDMS Technology Microsoft Access based framework with database for every lab/program office 22 units for passage, administration and recovery of monetary data 2 databases: CAMS and FDMS duty information Users access FDMS through Citrix Security Desktop framework/system physical security and login Isolated on a protected system Accessed through CITRIX Specification of IP locations User account and login System and system security FDMS/Microsoft Access security User check at client and gathering level

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Features for AOs & Managers Supports NOAA business rehearses System upgraded to suit CAMS changes and client needs Budgetary control and oversight through Allowance Advice unit Fiscal control through reports at the Line Item and Project level with work and Other Objects abridged Units altered for AO, Project Manager Reports give normally obliged data Specific inquiries are addressed utilizing the question ability CAMS AO can confirm the information in CAMS Facilitates move to the new bookkeeping environment All CAMS following information, General Ledger record data, and so on is organized to be steady with CAMS

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FDMS – CAMS information circle Entries into CAMS Travel Manager Labor Data Bankcard Data CAMS Data Warehouse CAMS Data Warehouse information downloaded to FDMS CAMS information accessible in FDMS

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FDMS instrumental in distinguishing issues … bringing about remedies to CAMS … and funds for NOAA Research Lead to amendment of CAMS treatment of earlier year descending alterations Identified that a subsystem_code/trans_source of EA//EA wasn’t mirroring the right influenced archive ID - Impacted information for all NOAA LOs Identified that CAMS was not connecting PY fly out accumulations to FY2003 installments, bringing about exaggeration of expenses ($30K for one OAR FMC alone) - rectified through NOAA Budget Office. Recognized expansive number of records missing from CAMS B&E Query application – CAMS office connected restorative patch.

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Features for Administrative staff Data passage is streamlined Screens instinctive and simple to explore Defaults selectable from popup menus, and so forth. Twenty-two utilitarian units Commitment information (Travel, Requisitions, Credit Cards, BPO), Project financing capacities, Labor, CAMS compromise Forms Requisitions and Allowance Advices produced in printed version for signature as data is entered Data inquiries Data sorts, hunt and questions down every module Support On-line documentation Help Desk and email contact structure Web website with status, documentation, help, and so forth. Framework upgraded to oblige CAMS changes and client needs

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FDMS Website http://fdms.oar.noaa.gov Status User Documentation Common Questions Support – Help Desk

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FDMS group … Responsive to client needs “Thanks for the brisk administration, at the end of the day, you all demonstrate you are the best.” “Just needed to tell you how incredible I think the Other Objects viewer is – it has helped enormously with coordinating report numbers – it has so much data – Thank you” “Thank you for the majority of your help today. I took in a lot.” “Thanks to such an extent. This will make the report such a great amount of less demanding to review.” “I truly value you taking the time you did to assist me with trip and give such a definite clarification as to the precise problem.” “It is uncommon to get such incredible client administration and a legitimate explanation behind something happening.”

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FDMS Usage FY02 – Apr 03 Based on Logons Some workplaces have a little number of clients Some staff logon for every exchange Some staff logon for a day that incorporates numerous individual exchanges

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AL AOML ARL CDC CMDL ETL FSL GFDL GLERL SuperFDMS NSSL NURP OE ORTA PO Consolidated Financial Reports accessible through Secure Web pages OE ORTA PO OGP PMEL SEC SGCP SuperFDMS Consolidates Financial Data over all of NOAA Research

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FDMS modules and units FDMS has 22 novel modules Comprising 3 Maintenance units, 7 Commitment units, 4 Report units, 1 Project unit, 2 Funding units, 2 Tool units, 3 Miscellaneous units

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FDMS UNIT STRUCTURE MAINTENANCE UNITS PROJECT FUNDING UNITS PROJECT UNITS Employee Unit: Contains worker related data for utilization in different Units Allowance Advice (OR&F Commitment) Unit: Addresses the development of Congressionally appropriated NOAA reserves into FMCs and between ventures in each FMC Projects: Allows client to set up new OR&F/Overhead and Reimbursable Projects FUNDING Maintenance Unit: Contains FMC-particular data for utilization in different Units Reimbursables (A&R): Tracks the designation of non-NOAA stores for particular undertakings Groups Unit: Allows administrator staff to set up FDMS Unit Groups and select which Units a User can get to COMMITMENT UNITS Requisitions: Creation and following of Requisitions to buy merchandise or administrations not acquired by BPO, Credit Card, and so forth. Various UNITS Blanket Purchase Orders (BPO): Creation and following of Blanket Purchase Orders to buy merchandise and administrations connected with particular activities REPORTING UNITS Other Objects Viewer: Allows client to view CAMS information (other than Labor) Reports Unit: Contains printable reports with information from both individual Units and consolidated information from more than one Unit Other Objects Notes Unit: Used in conjunction with Reports Unit Shop Charges: Entry of shop staff charges for Engineering Services. NOTE: This unit may not be required in all Labs. Division Reports Unit: Contains printable reports with information for a User’s Division from both individual Units and joined information from more than one Unit Quarterly Budget Monitor: Allows clients to track spending for particular Line Items. VAX Charges: Entry of expenses connected with utilization of the focal PC (VAX). This unit may not be required in all Labs. Different Expense: Entry of archives from a source other than the CAMS download or different FDMS Units. Instruments UNITS Historical FIMA Reports: Contains chronicled FIMA information from 1991 to 2002 Labor Overhead Edit Unit: Allows User to modify Overhead Rates and re-compute Employee Labor information Credit Card: Tracks Mastercard spending) Query Tool: Allows User to question FDMS database and CAMS information to make specially appointed reports excluded in Reports Unit. Download viewer: Allows clients to see when new information has been downloaded from CAMS Travel: Tracks worker travel costs

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Allowance Advice Manage assets at FMC level Not conceivable in CAMS, as portions are at LO level Maintains refinement in the middle of changeless and one-time financing Manage subsidizing so that venture assignments don\'t surpass their FMC’s Line Item/PPA designation Readily track venture distribution history

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Commitment information section modules Blanket Purchase Order module Requisition module Shop module Miscellaneous costs unit Can enter inward archives and in addition CAMS records which are not in different FDMS units Can venture everything from work expenses to proposed stipends and/or contracts Can trade information straightforwardly from CAMS downloads into this unit Can make report numbers to save stores for indicated purposes

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Download modules Credit Card information Travel Manager information Note: we download travel orders from CAMS Voucher information is NOT accessible from CAMS by means of Travel Manager Users must alter the travel request information once the vouchers are submitted Problematic, however comes from CAMS not FDMS Coming soon: Travel request information will be downloaded specifically from the CAMS Data Warehouse (yet Voucher information is still not accessible from CAMS).

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Download viewer System clients can rapidly see when new information has been downloaded for their FMC Download history is archived by Employee work (information by worker) Summary work (outlined at task level) Other Objects information (daily) Credit Card records Travel OAR_Down (compensation information by representative) Information incorporates Date of download, applicable PP (e.g. for work documents), and record size (e.g., number of records).

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System support modules Maintenance module Allows overhauling of tables and default values normal to FDMS modules Strategic Plan codes Sponsors (OR&F and reimbursable subsidizing) State/Country codes Type of understanding (MOU, MOA) Vendors Appropriations Custodian (Property) Default qualities (Requisitions) Division codes Lab/Operating Unit association codes Legal Authorities Line Items Object Class codes Procurement classifications (EQUIP, HAZD, SOFT, and so on.) Initially populated as a major aspect of FDMS introductory arrangement Now kept up by every OAR working unit

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System upkeep modules Project module Used to set up new activities Used to close tasks in FDMS to block extra expenses from hitting FDMS does not permit clients to revive ventures if administration needs so direct Projects can be connected to part

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