Feasible Glasgow.

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Feasible Glasgow Richard Bellingham Program Executive for Economical Glasgow richard.bellingham@strath.ac.uk www.sustainableglasgow.org.uk A city on the move from substantial industry - with critical development in business and monetary areas
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Feasible Glasgow

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Richard Bellingham Program Director for Sustainable Glasgow richard.bellingham@strath.ac.uk

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A city on the move from substantial industry - with huge development in business and monetary segments 52% of most denied zones in Scotland are in Glasgow half of homes gave by the social lodging area 30% of homes in fuel destitution Significant open venture 2014 Commonwealth Games will make speculation and high worldwide perceivability

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Sustainability must adjust distinctive arrangement goals

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The Policy Context EU focuses for the UK is to accomplish no less than 15% renewable vitality by 2020 UK focus to lessen carbon discharges by 80% by 2050 Scottish government 42% decrease in carbon emanations by 2020 80% diminishment in carbon outflows by 2050 annihilating fuel neediness by 2016 focused on half renewable power by 2020 adding to a renewable warmth procedure focused on monetary development Glasgow 20% diminishment by 2020 (EU Covenant of Mayors)

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The Role of Cities are real centralizations of individuals and assets Currently over a large portion of the world’s populace 75% of the world’s vitality 80% of world nursery gas emanations

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Issues confronted by urban areas Cities don\'t trust it is their business to arrange vitality or carbon Lack of aptitudes and information Lack of political willing to take “difficult” activities Lack of access to point by point vitality information Lack of forces to urge change Barriers brought on by business and administrative structures

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Vision Working in organization to: Make Glasgow one of Europe’s most economical urban communities inside of 10 years Technically and monetarily deliverable Improve ways of life and open doors for Glasgow’s individuals and organizations Make Glasgow a pioneer in maintainable urban living

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Strategy Development Integrate, Plan, and Develop Relationships Implement Projects and activities The Sustainable Glasgow Process Revise Strategy

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Strategy Development Map vitality interest and carbon discharges Understand the city’s assets and foundation Identify key partners and venture tasks Identify real carbon decrease opportunities Analyze specialized and money related reasonability Join opportunities and undertakings together so they bolster one another.:

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Current aggregate carbon emanations Around 4 million tons for every annum

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Key Findings Glasgow can diminish its carbon discharges by more than 30% inside of 10 years £1.5 billion in venture

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A New Approach

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A New Approach

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A New Approach

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Low carbon opportunities Reducing inefficient or superfluous vitality utilization Improving the proficiency of vitality frameworks Reducing utilization of high carbon fills Exploiting neighborhood renewable vitality assets Reusing the city’s waste for low carbon vitality Promote practical transport alternatives

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Estimated Carbon Reductions Combined Heat and Power/District Heating 9% Biomass 2% Biogas and Waste to Energy systems 6% Other renewable vitality systems 3% Sustainable Transport systems 3% Phasing out high carbon energizes 3% Smart Grids, vitality administration and vitality productivity 6%

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Combined Map of Opportunities

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Integrated Low Carbon Energy Systems

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More than innovation Engage the eagerness and ability of Glasgow’s individuals, groups, and organizations Create a steady open arrangement environment Change mentalities and practices

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Delivering Sustainable Glasgow Coherent Strategy Leadership, backing and heading Partnership Resources, mastery and financing Business models and venture Supportive open strategy Communications Consultation Involving Communities Monitoring advancement 24

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Key Findings Understand your city first Energy use, base, future improvement, social issues, key partners Political backing is essential Delivering noteworthy all inclusive carbon discharge decreases obliges real change Integrated methodology - Reduces dangers – increments fruitful results

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Deliver unmistakable advantages Sustainable Glasgow can: Create 10 years of venture Deliver employments Attract new organizations Help tackle fuel destitution Reduce carbon emanations Create new income streams Make Glasgow a cleaner city Help create groups Make Glasgow a pioneer in manageable urban living Help change Glasgow’s picture on a world stage

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Working in association

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Clear potential to extend the Sustainable Glasgow model to different urban communities Strong enthusiasm for working with EU programs and organizations with different urban communities richard.bellingham@strat

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