February 20, 2007 .

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1. Republic Enterprise Solutions CenterMeadowville Technology Park Chesterfield County, Virginia. . 2. New Facilities/Data Centers
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Organization IT Resources Communications Exchange Meeting February 20, 2007 Facilities and Disaster Recovery Solutions

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Commonwealth Enterprise Solutions Center Meadowville Technology Park Chesterfield County, Virginia

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New Facilities/Data Centers & Disaster Recovery Solutions Commonwealth Enterprise Solutions Center (CESC) Meadowville Technology Park, Chesterfield County, Va. Southwest Enterprise Solutions Center (SWESC) Russell Regional Business/Technology Park, Russell County, Va. Future Disaster Recovery Solutions for the Commonwealth

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CESC Facility – accessible June 2007 Target size of facility 192,000 S.F. Server farm (TIER III) 50,000 S.F. CMOC, NOC, SOC, Technology Lab 7,000 S.F. Office Area 80,000 S.F. Regular Areas 30,000 S.F. Multi-reason room (three divided zones/seats 260) Training room (two apportioned zones/seats 40) Video Teleconference/TV Production room/seats 24

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CESC Benefits to Commonwealth of Virginia, Customer Agencies and VITA High accessibility by means of development of Tier III Data Center; N+1 foundation High basic frameworks accessibility/perceivability from new brought together administration instruments Customer dashboard Peregrine issue administration HP Openview workload observing and administration Lower costs/high efficiencies through union Centralized Management Operations Center Consolidated operations Network checking and administration (NOC) Security Management and Monitoring (SOC)

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CESC Benefits cont. Home for new Commonwealth wide arrangements Consolidated state wide system Consolidated informing Consolidated security framework Home for office basic frameworks High accessibility/bring down hazard Cost proficient Management Customer perceivability of workload More financially savvy for fiasco recuperation Planning and testing

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Southwest Enterprise Solutions Center Russell Regional Business Technology Park Russell County, Virginia

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SWESC Facility Supports Economic Development of Southwest Region New Facility 300 + New Technology Jobs Cornerstone for Technology Growth in Southwest Region

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SWESC Facility – accessible Oct. 2007 Size of facility 101,000 S.F. Server farm (TIER II+) 20,000 S.F. Catastrophe Recovery Center for Commonwealth Failover Messaging System Office area 48,000 S.F. Essential Help Desk/Call Center Backup Consolidated Management Operations Center Common Areas 10,000 S.F. VTC Training Room (seats 24) Executive Conference Room

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SWESC Disaster Recovery Solutions SWESC VITA Infrastructure Support Messaging failover at SWESC for proceeded with administration Back-up CMOC/NOC/SOC set up for proceeded with operations Primary help work area at SWESC for proceeded with administration For all clients at present handling at RPB & on SunGard Contract: Disaster Recovery at SWESC Hardware/Software/Network set up at SWESC for quick recuperation Data Replication and recuperation inside 24 hours (versus ebb and flow 72 hrs) Test at client accommodation (not bolted into SunGard)

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SWESC Disaster Recovery Solution Overview

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Key SWESC Benefits Reduced Disaster Recovery time utilizing DASD & tape stockpiling replication SunGard (72 hour recuperation) versus SWESC (< 24 hour recuperation) Capability to plan an individual organization DR test whenever, no time limitations SWESC on a similar Commonwealth arrange as CESC generation gear Allows capacity of failover of individual servers & applications For new Customers - Quick startup of a Disaster Recovery ability Existing system, gear, offices, staff and arrangements and contract Accommodates Mainframes, UNIX & Wintel servers As gear is introduced in the CESC amid the move, RPB hardware will be moved to the SWESC and introduced into setups that are perfect with and physically reinforcement the CESC generation condition CESC hardware introduced to bolster new client needs will be reproduced in SWESC Preconfigured equipment & organize gear overhauled to bolster CESC changes

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Future Capabilities Infrastructure will bolster full range of Back-up and DR Solutions Hot, Warm, Cold and Quick Ship Options Available from - Automatic Failover to nearby framework reestablish accessible Backup DASD & Tape stockpiling, replication and administration administrations Remote TAPE creation, vaulting and capacity administrations Operation from exchange areas – SWESC or other Commonwealth areas Environment set up for new clients (not on SunGard Contract) — Requires Funding for: Disaster Recovery Requirements Analysis Solution improvement, execution and testing Performance of intermittent test

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Future Service Offerings Review run of the mill regular DR and Back-up Requirements Develop standard offerings and procedure for DR administrations Disaster Recovery Requirements Analysis Solution advancement, usage and testing Performance of occasional test Expect refinement and meaning of offerings throughout the following 9 months

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