Fellow Sangwine ITS: Web Assets and Improvement.

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Fellow Sangwine ITS: Web Assets and Improvement Making PowerPoint slideshows more open Presentation - What I'm here to let you know Why you require available PowerPoint slides. Alternatives for making open slides. Procedures in PowerPoint Making available HTML forms
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Fellow Sangwine ITS: Web Resources and Development Making PowerPoint slideshows more available

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Introduction - What I’m here to let you know Why you require open PowerPoint slides. Alternatives for making available slides. Strategies in PowerPoint Creating open HTML adaptations Other components to consider in ppt. Utilization of HTML rendition inside WebCT If we have time – brisk showing of wizard.

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Why is PowerPoint utilized as a part of the primary spot? Vast permit. Ease. Commonality with system. Simple to utilize.

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Why you require available PowerPoint slide demonstrates A danger relief method - the more open a presentation is the less you open yourself to lawful activity It is stipulated in the Monash style guide. In accordance with Monash social qualities – differences, balance . . .

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Options for making available PowerPoint Use open PowerPoint systems HTML adaptation of presentation HTML is the main configuration dependably available to the different brands of screen perusers available. Best choice: give both!

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Accessible PowerPoint procedures A brisk demonstration… Oh dear… look in the diagram perspective Remember: content in content boxes is not available Very essential data! – Please utilize the participation book and round out the input structure. Yet, - This content is in a textbox – not available

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Points to remember… Avoid including content boxes Ensure that all the content is obvious in the “Outline” view. If not – its not open. On the off chance that content box unavoidable, include concealed slide containing the content box content (Slide Show - > Hide Slide). Use Microsoft default slide designs View them under Format > slide design Graphics are excluded in framework. On the off chance that representation are essential, again need to portray them in concealed slide or interchange content. (we’ll return to alt-message later) To maintain a strategic distance from disarray - keep layout request intelligent

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Creating a HTML rendition – utilize the Wizard Don’t use “Save to HTML” – utilize the Accessible Web Publishing Wizard for Microsoft ® Office www.rehab.uiuc.edu/office/*Please see last slide* Download issues: Requires Microsoft dot.net structure Can download this system at same time Installation: Slow – takes a few minutes Need to give email address

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Using the Wizard Have you entered picture exchange content? (in ppt: dbl snap picture – select web). Select “save as open web page” from record menu Follow the prompts…

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Wizard procedure step 1 Enter your presentation title and creator Select picture sort Decorative Informative Chart Table Repeat for all pictures

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Wizard procedure - notes Consider your content sizes in the slides Make beyond any doubt there is difference between content shading and foundation shading. Entering diagram portrayal can be precarious utilizing the outline just – use unique segment/line data.

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Wizard elements to consider Cannot change over PowerPoint scripts or impacts – you should alter HTML… …but you can utilize the Wizard from Word and Excel. Size will increment in HTML – this presentation is 400kb in ppt … as open HTML about 5mb

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Using HTML rendition with WebCT The documents delivered utilizing the wizard can be foreign made into WebCT Easily imported by educator/architect. Effortlessly visible by understudy More data accessible: www.its.monash.edu.au/web/slideshows/openness powerpoint/htmlwizard-webct.doc Contact: lms-enquires@monash.edu

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Conclusion + Demonstration So - you can present PowerPoint on the web BUT please utilize procedures depicted Provide available HTML variant, most straightforward route is to utilize the wizard. Let’s change over this presentation… Remember – Save as Accessible Web Page… …and in the event that you truly require content boxes incorporate a concealed slide.

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Thankyou Thank you for all going to. Has everybody marked the participation book. If it\'s not too much trouble fill in input structures and leave on front work area or send through inward mail.

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Plugin upgrade 17-7-04 Since composing this presentation there is currently a charge for variant 2 of the plugin. Form one of the plugin is accessible locally here: http:

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