Fernando Carrasco, IT Manager, CMPC Paper Division. .

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Fernando Carrasco, IT Manager, CMPC Paper Division.. fernando.carrasco@cmpc.cl. With the coordinated effort of:Luis Yacher, Contac Ingenieros. Fabricating Execution IT Framework for Real Time Supply Chain Excellence in CMPC. CMPC is a main, coordinated and all around expanded maker of mash, paper and other backwoods items in Latin America.As of December 2003:Assets: US$ 4,730 millionNet obligation: US
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Fernando Carrasco, IT Manager, CMPC Paper Division. fernando.carrasco@cmpc.cl With the joint effort of: Luis Yacher, Contac Ingenieros

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Manufacturing Execution IT Framework for Real Time Supply Chain Excellence in CMPC

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CMPC is a main P&P organization, Number one by income in L.A. controlled by an accomplished and monetarily solid Chilean gathering CMPC is a main, coordinated and all around expanded maker of mash, paper and other woodland items in Latin America. As of December 2003: Assets: US$ 4,730 million Net obligation: US$ 530 million Sales : US$ 1,670 million The organization is controlled by the Matte family, one of the main financial gatherings in Chile. One of the biggest organizations in the Chilean Stock Exchange with a market capitalization of US$4.3 billion as of March 2004.

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Peru Chi l e Uruguay Argentina CMPC: a market pioneer in the southern cone of South America Forestry and Wood Products Pulp Tissue Paper, Boxboard and Newsprint Converted Paper Products 615 Th Ha of land 427 Th Ha planted 3 sawmills (900,000 m 3/y) 1 remanufacturing plant (90,000 m 3/y) 3 factories: Laja (pine) Pacifico (pine) Santa Fe (eucalyptus) 2 factories (87,000 tons/y): Puente Alto Talagante Boxboard: Maule, Valdivia Packaging paper: Puente Alto Newsprint: Inforsa P&W paper: Puente Alto Laja 188,000 tons/y and 102 million units for every year Corrugated boxes Paper sacks Office items 94 Th Ha of land 60 Th Ha planted 2 Mills (95,000 tons/y) 75 million units/y Paper packs Protisa process (25,000 tons/y) 95 million units/y Paper packs Ipusa process (16,000 tons/y) 709 Th Ha (487Th planted) 4.0 MM m 3/y 1.2 MM tons/y 223,000 tons/y 710,000 tons/y 188,000 tons/y 272 MM units/y

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Forestry Division Main Subsidiaries: Forestal Mininco CMPC Maderas Facilities: 3 Sawmills 1 Remanufactirung plant 2 Nurseries Products: Pulpwood, blunder, m&b, chops, spaces and others. Add up to Capacity*: 990.000 m3/y Total Assets*: US$ 1,969 million Total Sales**: 14% Strenghts: -ISO 14001 Certifications -Commercial diminishing & prunning -Faster development cycle than northern species -Proximity of the backwoods to offices and ports

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Pulp Division Main Subsidiaries: CMPC Celulosa Facilities: 2 Softwood plants (Laja – Pacífico) 1 Hardwood process (Santa Fe) Products: BSKP, BEKP, UKP & Fluff mash. Add up to Capacity*: 1.165.000 tons/y Total Assets*: US$ 880 million Total Sales**: 30% Strenghts: -Strategic areas -World most minimal cost maker of softwood -First class resources -Sales expansion -ISO Certificated

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Paper Division Subsidiaries: Cartulinas CMPC Inforsa Papeles Cordillera Edipac Sorepa Facilities: 2 Boxboard plants 1 Newsprint process 1 Packaging paper process 1 P&W paper process Products: Boxboard, newsprint, liner medium, sack kraft, and others Total Capacity*: 80,000 tons/y (P & W) 230,000 tons/y (Packaging) 190,000 tons/y (Newsprint) 210,000 tons/y (Boxboard) Total Assets*: US$ 729 million Total Sales**: 23% Paper Sales Breakdown Total = US$ 391 million

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Tissue Division Main Subsidiaries: CMPC Tissue Chile LPP Argentina Protisa Peru Ipusa Uruguay Facilities: 2 Tissue factories - Chile 2 Tissue plants - Argentina 1 Tissue factories - Peru 1 Tissue plants - Uruguay Products: Napkins, bathroom tissue, kitchen towels, diapers and others Total Capacity*: 223.000 tons Total Assets*: US$ 623 million Total Sales**: 22% Strenghts: -Largest tissue organization in LA -Extensive dispersion arrange -Broad market division -Strong brand acknowledgment

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IT intricacy Similar business and operational process however in a few unique designs Heterogeneous process control environment Many locales in various nations Heterogeneous market, i.e: items and request measure.

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Requirements for a RTSC Framework Increase benefits Enabling plants to deliver more cost-adequately and shrewd utilization of plant assets. Enable operations workforce Leverage their skill by giving steady, applicable, on-time and part based data Short Cycle Time The speed at which items travel through a factory additionally manages how quickly exchanges must be prepared to empower the criticism activities to guarantee the operational execution.

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Requirements for a RTSC Framework An incorporated arrangement of capacities and advancements that gives a smooth data way from the request passage down to operational execution. Capacities and advances centered in operational greatness, utilizing the commitment of individuals, resources and assets

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Requirements for a RTSC Framework After an assessment procedure an arrangement of key foundation advances was chosen for the mission basic capacities: SAP R3 Suite, value-based backoffice spine, including financials, materials. PI RtPM and PI-Rlink, coordination of Real Time information, RT data foundation, Operation Excellence applications bolster. Microsoft, reconciliation middleware Honeywell OptiVision, MES: arrange section, arrange booking, Quality and request following.

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Requirements for a RTSC Framework Also, utilize the PI RtPM foundation to bolster progressed expository applications towards operational greatness: Chena , On Line investigation of the mash, show based online assessment lists of the operations SCAN , disconnected & on line propelled measurements for process examination and portrayal

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PM WM FI-CO BW MM HR Messaging BUS BizTalk RLink Product Tracking & Traceability Production Order Execution Order Entry OptiVision Resource Allocation & Status Quality Management RTpM Shop Floor Interface Process Management Performance Analysis Scan Chena Machine Control

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Real Time Order Status (MES)

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RT Raw Material Consumption

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RT Process Indexes, "CHENA" Obtains behavioral examples by neuronal nets, extricating PI information to create lists that outlines and depicts the execution of every phase of the procedure. Furthermore, it has two units of examination of the electrochemical mash conditions entering the paper machine. Gives a quick vision of the condition of the plant. It gives an early ready warming of factors getting away ordinary examples, with the alternative to right it rapidly before a blame creates.

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RT Process Index

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Scan It\'s a Multivariate Analysis Software. Permits the relationship of information put away in PI System, producing behavioral models for information changeability. Information Link/Excel Add In for the disconnected apparatus, PI-ACE for the online models. Can create cross connection models for expansive arrangements of factors. Can create experimental models for factors permitting investigation of the deviations (residuals) from the estimations (display based process supervision).

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A client arranged Off Line Modeling (PI-DataLInk) and a Run Time Online device (PI-ACE) Models can be downloaded to PI-ACE Using PI ACE & MDB standard administration instruments, Input Tag\'s and Output Tag\'s can be characterized for every model. Models keeps running in PI-ACE, perusing information from PI and sending estimations, records, forecasts back to PI Since model outcomes are sent back to PI, all the force of PI can be utilized for showing, detailing, disturbing, and so on. How the SCAN framework functions Pattern\'s Models can be assembled utilizing the recorded information and the SCAN disconnected apparatus, Excel/DataLink include

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PI-MDB (Model Structures) PI Baseline PI-Data Link PI-ACE Scan Structure, schematically Scan Structure

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SCAN extend targets: Generate a Multivariate (disconnected &on line) observational model for porosity Predict its development and empower the administrators to respond before it leaves detail. Support and connect the administrator\'s learning and involvement with (formal) explanatory files . To utilize the changeability models (PCA bunching) as a roundabout estimator of exogenous elements like the crude material properties.

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SCAN, Porosity Control An Online (observational) display running in PI-ACE takes into consideration the forecast of the porosity.

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SCORES for each deliberate variable demonstrates its relative occurrence on the Porosity, Actual and anticipated. Examine Clustering : takes into account item portrayal and after that, deviation examination.

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Conclusions Flexible and extensible model for CMPC\'s mash and paper business Provide a smooth coordination of the continuous data and the value-based one, giving part based windows to the significant data Full business and operational process incorporation

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