Festivity of Ashura Day.

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Noah’s Pudding (An Ashura Day Tradition). What is Ashura Day?. Celebration of Ashura Day. A day of fasting among the Muslims observed on the 10th day * of the first month of the Islamic calendar, Muharram , and derived from the Jewish Day of Atonement. * Muharram 10 is January 29 this year.
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Noah\'s Pudding (An Ashura Day Tradition) What is Ashura Day? Festivity of Ashura Day A day of fasting among the Muslims saw on the tenth day * of the main month of the Islamic timetable, Muharram , and got from the Jewish Day of Atonement. * Muharram 10 is January 29 this year. Discourse International attempts to advance intercultural and interfaith discourse and to give a domain to understudies and people in general to trade thoughts and data on different societies and convictions. To achieve this objective we have begun a video address arrangement which concentrates on significant religions and manages less known parts of them. We likewise sort out festivals of basic occasions in significant societies and religions, including discourses by agents of every religion. We have been sorting out interfaith exchange exercises which have brought Muslim , Christian and Jewish speakers and adherents together. We trust that every one of these exercises will serve to set up a tranquil world and a development of comprehension , resilience , and adore . What would it be a good idea for us to do on Ashura Day? Prophet MUHAMMAD (p. b. u. h.) has prescribed: Worship Allah as much as you can on Ashura Day. Whoever fasts on this day resemble one who fasts all his life. Whoever garments a destitute individual Allah will discharge him from an excruciating discipline. He who visits a wiped out individual, Allah will concede him a reward that won\'t be diminished. Whoever puts his hand on a vagrant\'s head, or nourishes a ravenous individual, or offers water to a parched man, Allah will sustain him a devour from Paradise and will extinguish his thirst with Salsabil (a drink that does not inebriate). The cooking Noah\'s Pudding (ashure, hedik, amah or qamhiyyi) is a typical practice among Muslim and Christian individuals in the Middle East. Ashure is a sweet made by cooking the fixings above exceptionally. It is a customary remembrance of the main feast Noah arranged after the Great Flood. ** Come and taste Noah\'s Pudding with us! ** Sunday February 18 th at whatever time from 8:00 PM to 10:30 PM at St. Thomas Aquinas Center If you are keen on cooking Noah\'s Pudding with us! Saturday February 18 th at Noon at St. Thomas Aquinas Center (email: mkoksal@purdue.edu)

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