"Fiery debris To Powder" Arizona's African American Hostile to Tobacco Battle.

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"Fiery remains To Cinders" Arizona's African American Hostile to Tobacco Crusade. Robbin Day Creeks, MSW, CPP Ethnic and Rustic Effort Organizer Arizona Division of Wellbeing Administrations Tobacco Training Avoidance Program. Subsidized By Arizona Division of Wellbeing Administrations. Arizona's Populace in 2003.
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“Ashes To Ashes” Arizona’s African American Anti-Tobacco Campaign Robbin Day Brooks, MSW, CPP Ethnic & Rural Outreach Coordinator Arizona Department of Health Services Tobacco Education Prevention Program Funded By Arizona Department of Health Services

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Arizona’s Population in 2003 5,629,870 Total Arizona inhabitants 3,608,747 (64.1%) White non-Hispanic 1,424,357 (25.3%) Hispanic or Latino 292,753 (5.2%) American Indian 185,786 (3.3%) African American 118,277 (2.1%) Asian Pacific Islander Source: Differences In The Health Status Among Ethnic Groups, Arizona, 2003 (ADHS Bureau of Public Health Statistics).

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In Arizona. . . African American populace = 185,786 individuals Over 70% of African American occupants live in Maricopa County Majority of African American inhabitants live in Phoenix Metro Area Major development: between 1990 to 2003, the African American populace in Arizona expanded 68.1% Source: Department of Economic Security. “Differences In The Health Status Among Ethnic Groups,” Arizona, 2003 (ADHS Vital Statistics).

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Chronic Health Issues Impacting Arizona’s African Americans

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Average Age At Death in Arizona African American ladies live more than African American men. The normal mortality age for ladies is 65.3 years of age. Then again, men live until pretty nearly 60.0 years of age. African Americans had the more terrible or alongside the more regrettable wellbeing status among every ethnic gathering in 53 of 70 wellbeing measures. Source: “Differences In The Health Status Among Ethnic Groups,” Arizona, 2003 (ADHS Vital Statistics).

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Infant Mortality Infant Mortality from SIDS Cardiovascular Disease Diseases of the Heart Cerebrovascular Disease Lung Cancer Breast Cancer Colorectal Cancer Prostate Cancer Alzheimer’s Disease Hypertension Low Birth weight HIV/AIDS Arizona’s African Americans Ranked #1 In Mortality: Source: “Differences In The Health Status Among Ethnic Groups,” Arizona, 2003 (ADHS Vital Statistics).

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African American Women are the second most astounding appraised gathering for Stroke . Asian men are positioned #1. African Americans are 5x as prone to pass on from HIV/AIDS than White Non-Hispanics. African Americans are almost twice as likely than White Non-Hispanics to pass on from Breast Cancer . African American newborn children are 2-3x more inclined to pass on from SIDS or low conception weight. Wellbeing Status proceeded with: Source: “Differences In The Health Status Among Ethnic Groups,” Arizona, 2003 (ADHS Vital Statistics).

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Arizona’s African American Tobacco Users Comprised of 3.3% of the Arizona populace 39,015 African Americans are assessed to be tobacco clients. Arizona’s African Americans have a 21% smoking pervasiveness rate. Source: 2002 Adult Tobacco Survey, ADHS/Tobacco Education Prevention Program

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Brand Preferences & Use Trends Ninety percent of African Americans incline toward mentholated cigarettes ,, for example, Newport, Kool, Salem and Marlboro Mild. Analysts believe utilization of menthol cigarettes might contribute to expanded rates of grimness . Contrasted with different gatherings, African Americans tend to breathe in more profound when puffing cigarettes. This can add to expanded wellbeing complications. Source: ACS, “Lung Cancer Takes High Tool On African Americans.” (2001).

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The tobacco business has an in number hold on African Americans that can be followed from the days when slaves worked in tobacco fields to today , where Big Tobacco utilizes more African Americans than whatever other race. African Americans are at present the second-biggest gathering of smokers in the country. Source: “Pathways To Freedom”

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Understanding The Tobacco Industry’s Exploitive Marketing Approaches

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A gathering with specific vulnerabilities identified with history, social and monetary. Misuse vulnerabilities by depicting dependence on cigarettes as a common right and a free decision . Give cash and social acknowledgment, the industry proposes a photo of consideration and companionship . Overlook the overwhelming effect tobacco items have on the very individuals it cases to bolster. Abuse African Americans by giving assets that contrarily impact wellbeing & health. Tobacco Industry’s View Of African Americans? Source: African American Leadership Groups: Smoking With The Enemy.

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Disproportionate Wide-spread Destruction Within The African American Community: Increased Tobacco-related ailments Premature demise Increased introduction to used smoke Increased disavowal of negative outcomes Historical association with African Americans, subjection and tobacco ( planted it, gathered it, utilized it, got to be dependent on it ) Source: African American Leadership Groups: Smoking With The Enemy.

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Do The Math: The Cost of Tobacco The tobacco business spends give or take $25 million every year advertising in the African American group. 45,000 African Americans bite the dust every year from preventable tobacco related sicknesses. Breakdown cost $555 per individual . Source: African American Leadership Groups: “Smoking With The Enemy”.

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Media & Public Relations Marketing Approaches Southwest Dimensions, Inc.

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Conducted four Focus Groups in 11/03 85 African Americans were pre-screened on the premise of sexual orientation, age, instruction, land area, wellbeing status and accessibility 65 individuals were welcome to really partake in the Focus Groups Each individual finished a 2-page Individual Survey Geographical areas included 8 urban communities. Ages 12 to 68 52 were female 33 were guys 15 were under age 18 53 of members had no less than one year of school All members were worried about Health & Wellness Focus Groups

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Findings: For the lion\'s share of members, the relationship\'s force and verbal correspondence methodology, included believability in the event that somebody trusted the data or not. 58 of the 85 reported they gather wellbeing related data for the most part from corresponding with companions, family, church individuals, colleagues or their essential consideration doctor.

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Common Themes & Recommendations: Acknowledge individuals doubt data originating from the “State Government.” Deal with recorded “harms” genuinely. Procure validity in the group. Amplify asset sharing . Give administrations in the group. Instruct group on strategies, wellbeing, and so forth. Activate groups toward activity .

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Ashes To Ashes Grassroot Community Mobilization

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Coordinating, actualizing and executing Ashes To Ashes

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Ashes To Ashes The essential goal of the Ashes to Ashes Campaign is to achieve the African-American group in Arizona, instruct them on tobacco-related maladies and negative effect on their group, and energize utilization of end administrations.

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Encourage Involvement. The African-American group to be co-makers of the crusade so the message would be from the group and to the group. Inspire feeling. Customarily, African-Americans have required forceful feelings and a progressive development to advance change in the way of life and group. Exemplify Tobacco . Tobacco must be comprehended as somebody who is not their companion and who would like to acquire disorder, handicap, low personal satisfaction, and at last genocide. Powder To Ashes Strategy:

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Promoting Awareness: -Develop Community Partnerships -Develop Educational Materials -Conduct Local Outreach Activities (Health Fairs, and so on.) -Provide Church Bulletin Inserts Promoting Quitting: -Promote “Smokeless Sundays” -Train and affirm Church & Community Staff on Tobacco Control -Provide group level end administrations -Conduct Community Outreach exercises (extensive group occasions) Key Community Approaches:

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Ashes To Ashes Community Partners Arizona Department Health Services Tobacco Education Prevention Program Southwest Dimensions, Inc. Tanner Community Development Corp. Dark Chamber of Commerce African American Churches Arizona Informant Newspaper County Health Departments AZ Healthlinks (Worksites, Smokefree Policy, Health & Wellness Programs)

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Arizona Smokers Helpline Association of Black Cardiologist Greater Phoenix Urban League Arizona Opportunities Industrialization Center (OIC) African American Barber & Beauty Shops Black Nurses Association of Greater Phoenix African American Christian Clergy Coalition American Heart Association/Cultural Health Initiatives

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Nine Communities In Arizona Bethesda Community Baptist Church First Institutional Baptist Church (FIBC) First New Life Missionary Baptist Church Greater Bethel AME Church Tanner Chapel AME Church Greater Phoenix Urban League Arizona Opportunities Industrialization Center (OIC) Tucson/University of Arizona Flagstaff/Northern University of Arizona

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Community Health Fair Eastlake Park National Alcohol & Drug Addiction Recovery Celebration Youth Festivals Arizona Women’s Health Week Governor’s Luncheon FIBC Water Safety and Health Fair FOCUS TV Show Healthy Action On Jackson Health Fair Salvation Army’s One Stop Over The Top Health Fair CHOICES Health Fair Reaching Our Churches & Communities

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7:45AM and 10:45AM Worship Services 3534 individuals went to administrations Youth Choir, Youth Ushers, Youth Minister, Pastor and Coordinators all wore Ashes2Ashes T-Shirts amid the administration Media Coverage (AZ Informant) Pastor joined tobacco measurements on SIDS, used smoke, and unending maladies in his sermon “Your Body Is A Temple Of God” Over 70 individuals needed disconti

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