Financial Year End Cutoff Dates .

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Fiscal Year End Cutoff Dates. Auto Bills Purchasing Card Cash Claims Accruals Journal Entries and Corrections Miscellaneous. Auto Bills Cutoff Dates. June 13 1 st Auto bills cutoff June 16 1 st Auto bills to UBS June 20 1 st Auto bills in Banner June 30 2 nd Auto bills cutoff
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Monetary Year End Cutoff Dates Auto Bills Purchasing Card Cash Claims Accruals Journal Entries and Corrections Miscellaneous

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Auto Bills Cutoff Dates June 13 1 st Auto charges cutoff June 16 1 st Auto bills to UBS June 20 1 st Auto charges in Banner June 30 2 nd Auto charges cutoff July 2 nd Auto bills to UBS July 7 2 nd Auto bills to Banner 2 nd Auto bills for outside clients will post in FY09, you may gather the income for outside clients on the off chance that you have to demonstrate the income in FY08 Remember xfeeds require overnight preparing

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Purchasing Card Cutoff Dates June 23 1 st P Card Cutoff June 21 is Saturday June 25 Feed to Banner Finance Since the keep going food will go ahead the 25 th you will just have until 5 PM on the 25 th for modification. Remember everything must be moved out of 62886. Money positive date is the 27 th . June 30 2 nd P Card Cutoff July 7 Feed to Banner Finance

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Cash Cutoff Dates June 27 and June 30 June 27 Cash Positive-all assets must have positive money June 30 Cash Cutoff for Cash Receipts 10:00 Credit Card stores to cashiers 11:00 All money receipts to clerks Please make certain somebody is accessible to answer questions June 23 through July 11 .

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Claims June 20 Warrant Cancelations due in UBS June 23 All departmental trivial money repayment asks for due June 30 5:00PM Final FY 08 claims from departments because of Central Offices July 11 All FY 08 claims information went into Banner July 11 Last day to start IUJ\'s July 14 Begin to handle FY 09 Claims

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Accruals July 3 5:00 PM Accruals due from offices to UBS Accruals for sums over $5,000 are required for all assets Generally, collections under $100.00 won\'t be prepared. July 14 Final Accruals in Banner

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Journal sections and Corrections June 16 Salary Correction Memos to Payroll June 16 Correction Memos because of UBS (If carrier tickets paid by Pcard are for go in FY09, use rectification shape expected to move it to FY09) July 7 All JD1 and JG1 Journal Entries in Banner (Be certain date is June 30, 2008 when you do the information passage in Banner) July 10 July Payroll posts—two days (Friday & Monday) for any corrections

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Miscellaneous June 27 All Cash parities POSITIVE June 25 Last check keep running for June. BPA\'s information entered after this date, will be in Banner, however not sent until July 1. July 10 Inventories Due

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