Financing Research in VERA.

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Survey current practices in the field. Clear up zones of uncertainty in current direction ... Non-Profit Corporations/beneficent associations/partnerships ...
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Financing Research in VERA 2009 ORD Local Accountability for Research Meeting January 14, 2009 Baltimore, MD

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Overview Special Work Group made to: Perform an exhaustive survey of budgetary issues Review ebb and flow rehearses in the field Clarify regions of equivocalness in momentum direction Catalog issues & questions requiring determination Identify ranges for development & disentanglement Key concern is requirement for field input & proposals Break-out sessions give a discussion to more criticism We require comprehend the down to earth operational issues 2

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Sources of Funding VHA appointments Other Federal/State/Local governments Non-Profit Corporations/altruistic associations/companies Gifts & gifts Reimbursements

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Sources of VHA Funding Direct Research 101 assets Medical & Prosthetic Research allocation VERA Research Support reserves 3 Medical Care assignments Specific Purpose/QUERI stores 3 Medical Care apportionments IT Systems allotment subsidizes All data innovation & media communications gear & programming

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Challenges - 1 What reserves must/might be utilized for specific things The "obvious" choices (little, to no adaptability) The "hazy area" choices (a great deal of adaptability) The recorded methodology versus the need to rearrange, justify, & streamline Problem of "one-size" fits all Large Research programs/Medium ones/Small ones Law of "Unintended Consequences" Try to improve the circumstance, not more regrettable

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Challenges - 2 101 Research stores versus VERA Research Support 101 in light of 3-year normal of VA supported ventures (intra-painting) VERA in view of latest year ventures (intra & additional wall painting) 100% VA controlled, 75% companion checked on not VA managed, 25% non-peer inspected not VA regulated Disproportionate effect of "settled overhead" costs 101 assets for Large projects/Medium ones/Small ones Impact of Research Program progression Growing projects, level projects, & declining programs

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Challenges - 3 VERA Research Support sums Are an aide, not an order Accurate DSS reporting of Research Support subsidizing Dependent on precise station level information Direct versus Indirect Costs What assets are capable/proper Full-time Research Staff answering to ACOS for Research Full-time/Part-time oversight staff answering to VAMC Director

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Conclusion Need contribution to make a superior future Need to minimize "unintended outcomes" Need to guarantee future practicality of Research

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