Flanders: Els Maton, Tania Menten, Inge Schuurmans.

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Education and L2 in the Low Nations. Flanders: Els Maton, Tania Menten, Inge Schuurmans Netherlands: Ineke van de Craats, Jeanne Kurvers, Willemijn Stockmann. Dutch as "world" dialect. Assortments of Dutch The Netherlands: 16 million
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Proficiency and L2 in the Low Countries Flanders: Els Maton, Tania Menten, Inge Schuurmans Netherlands: Ineke van de Craats, Jeanne Kurvers, Willemijn Stockmann

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Dutch as ‘world’ dialect Varieties of Dutch The Netherlands: 16 million Northern piece of Belgium: Flanders 6 million Surinam, previous Dutch province Dutch Carribean Islands Afrikaans, South Africa Small piece of Northern France

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Flanders Netherlands Dual presentation

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Morrocco Turkey Congo Italy Several East European nations Several (North)African nations Several Azian nations Several Middle East nations Turkey Morrocco Surinam Iraq Afghanistan Iran Several African nations Main ethnic minorities from

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Leslla populace Nearly all uneducated people and low-instructed second dialect learners under citizenship approach. Along these lines: Information about citizenship approach Information about Literacy Dutch L2 Pairwise for Flanders and Netherlands

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Federal law on non-nationals (Belgium) Law on citizenship 2006 Civil introduction (settling strategy) ≠ naturalization Law on non-nationals (Act on settlement) One condition: passing exam DL2 and Knowledge of Dutch Society WIB (Immigration Act) Before landing WI (Act on Citizenship) After entry Citizenship: Legislation

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Knowledge of Dutch Society History, legislative issues, topography, wellbeing, instruction, occupation market and work Individual honing Orientation on professional, instructive and social level Dutch L2 A1 oral and composed Knowledge of Dutch Society History, geology, wellbeing, training, employment market and work Dutch L2 fresh introductions: A2 o+w Long term occupants: A2 oral, A1 composed Practicing utilitarian ability in Dutch Citizenship: Program

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No Exam Home nation Dutch L2: oral A1-Knowledge Dutch Society Phone test Citizenship: Requirements

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No exam Center for common mix (settlement arrangement) awards authentication in the event of incessant participation Exam WI Practice test with portfolio and/or evaluation Dutch L2 (telephone test in addition to PC test) Knowledge of Dutch Society (PC test) Citizenship: Exams

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Government: Ministry of Education & Work pays: Dutch L2 introduction on expert level Ministry of Civil Integration (settlement approach) pays: Social combination, individual honing and introduction on instructive & social level fresh debuts: Compulsory participation: pay shield Voluntary participation: pay a section on a basic level: newcomer pays own citizenship courses unless they fit in with a particular gathering, neighborhood powers pay for guardians jobless Citizenship: Who pays ?

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Flowers for the Netherlands

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We sent them to the pastor Thanks The Netherlands for everyzing I am permitted to learn

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Framework DL2 and education DL2 in light of the CEFR of Languages, levels: - 1.1. Achievement 1.2. Waystage Framework DL2 Portfolio Dutch L2 Framework Literacy DL2 Portfolio Dutch L2 Literacy DL2: Positioning in Context CEFR

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Mainly from Morocco (Berbers) Afghanistan Iraq Ghana Sierra Leone Thailand Turkey Congo Burundi Literacy DL2: members

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Houses of Dutch: Cognitive admission test for literate L2 learners Refer to Schools: -Intake discuss desires, points and commitments - Intake tests (contrast per school) Intake meeting about desires, points and commitments Intake tests TIWI Intake tests for unskilled people and low-taught L2 learners Literacy DL2: Intake

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Framework DL2 Level 1.1 (A1) 3 modules for municipal incorporation (180 h) 4 modules for others (240 h) Level 1.2 (A2) 3 modules (240 h) Key aptitudes Attitudes Learning and correspondence systems Framework DL2 5 levels: A1, A2, B1, B2, C1 Oral (tuning in, talking, discussion) Written (perusing and composing) Functional points DL2: Aims and Framework

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Framework Literacy DL2 Level 1.1 (A1) 10 modules (600 h) Level 1.2 (A2) 6 modules (360 h) Key abilities Attitudes Learning-and correspondence techniques Framework Literacy DL2 3 levels: A, B, C(=A1) Oral (tuning in, talking, discussion Written (perusing and composing) Functional aptitudes Technical abilities Literacy DL2: Aims and Framework

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Functional composed Dutch in individual connection Decoding abilities and familiarity Functional oral aptitudes Vocabulary Functional discourse acts Literacy courses DL2: Content

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Vocational viewpoint Social viewpoint Educational point of view Work OGO Education Health consideration Upbringing Literacy DL2: Perspectives

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Reading and composing course material: instant projects PC helped Course materials oral Dutch: Self-made material Ready-made material Reading and composing course material: instant projects; course readings PC helped Course material oral Dutch Authentic records Portfolio L2 Literacy Methodology -code-related -utilitarian Literacy DL2: Course Material

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No particular L2 capability Degree advanced education or college with showing capability Specific endorsement for others without showing capability yet with experience No particular L2 capability Qualification for essential instruction (general) Qualified educator of dialects auxiliary training Specific declaration for others without showing capability yet with experience Literacy DL2: Teacher capabilities

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No exam in common combination (settlement arrangement) No institutionalized exams for proficiency DL2 Emphasis on changeless assessment ‘ Inburgeringstoets’ Test of Citizenship: Dutch L2 Portfolio Literacy DL2 Checklists/dossier Literacy DL2: Evaluation and Assessment

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Kwaku’s first letter .:tslides

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