Florida Interchange Evaluation Heads' Administration Meeting September 17-19, 2008.

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2008 Standard Setting . Introductory Standard Setting. April 7-11Field test data14 standard setting panelsPanels of exceptional instructors, general teachers, managers and parentsAlternate accomplishment gauges set for all evaluation levels and substance ranges. Starting Standard Setting. Utilizing descriptors of Levels of Complexity and Performance Level DescriptorsPanelists set cuts for Levels of Complexity (LO
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Florida Alternate Assessment Administrators\' Management Meeting September 17-19, 2008

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2008 Standard Setting

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Initial Standard Setting April 7-11 Field test information 14 standard setting boards Panels of uncommon instructors, general teachers, directors and guardians Alternate accomplishment benchmarks set for all review levels and substance ranges

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Initial Standard Setting Using descriptors of Levels of Complexity and Performance Level Descriptors Panelists set cuts for Levels of Complexity (LOC) Panelists set Performance Level cuts inside each of the LOCs

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Levels of Complexity Participatory, Supported, Independent FDOE gave descriptors of the levels of intricacy to boards Panels gave criticism on descriptors

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Standard Setting

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Performance Levels Basic: Students at the fundamental execution level have little accomplishment with the testing access focuses Proficient: Students at the capable level are having some achievement acing the get to focuses Advanced: Students at the propelled level are exceptionally fruitful with the get to focuses At every review level and substance are these are fixing to particular get to focuses measured on the appraisal

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Performance Levels Basic: Students who score as essential can freely show under half of all abilities measured in the _____ level get to focuses. Capable: Students who score as essential can freely show somewhere around half and 75% of all abilities measured in the _____ level get to focuses. Propelled: Students who score as fundamental can autonomously exhibit more than 75% of all abilities measured in the _____ level get to focuses.

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Performance Levels Performance level descriptors at a review level are long Include all get to focuses surveyed Example: 3 rd grade math 3 Big Ideas and 4 Supporting Ideas 19 (autonomous), 16 (upheld), and 20 (participatory) get to focuses 11 (free), 9 (bolstered), and 11 (participatory) get to focuses evaluated

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Standard Setting Validation July 15-18 Operational test information Same methods Panelists set Performance Level cuts inside each LOC Preliminary outcomes under audit

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Standard Setting - Next Steps State Board Rule a work in progress Establishes the cut scores Out for input in the Fall Revision to execution level descriptors and names in view of criticism from standard setting and Technical Advisory Committee

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2008 Results

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Spring 2008 Administration 27,683 answer sheets checked 3,616 not appraisal for different reasons 734 copies or invalid air pocket 126 can\'t be scored in any substance zone 23,207 understudies have no less than one legitimate substance score

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Spring 2008 Administration Invalid Records Incomplete scoring inside a substance territory Double air pockets Grade level and substance region bungle Invalid air pocket filled in on archive

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Spring 2008 Administration Districts Received Individual understudy reports School reports District reports

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Spring 2008 - 1% Cap Calculation Numerator = Number of SWD reported as capable or progressed on Florida Alternate Assessment in evaluations 3-10 Denominator = Number of understudies taking an interest in an appraisal in evaluations 3-10 Calculated independently to read and math Calculated at the region level

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Spring 2008 - 1% Cap Decision Rules If locale surpasses top, understudies with an essential exceptionality of particular learning handicap and no different exceptionalities are returned to non-capable Calculations are re-run If region still surpasses the top, they may apply for a waiver

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Spring 2008 - 1% Cap Waiver thought is given to areas who submit information in support of the accompanying clarifications: House multi-region programs for understudies with noteworthy psychological inabilities Are little, to such an extent that a slight change in number of understudies creates a vast change in rate

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Spring 2008 - 1% Cap Waiver thought is given to regions who submit information in support of the accompanying clarifications: House top notch, explore based projects for understudies with huge intellectual incapacities that pull in families from around the state and nation

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Spring 2009 - 1% Cap Districts should submit waiver asks for by May 15, 2009 Decisions about waiver solicitations will be made before last AYP figurings

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2008-2009 Activities

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Train-The-Trainer June 23 & 24, 2008 Provided upgraded materials and data Reading familiarity things Renaming of materials Test book wording – Teacher will script Four field test things for every substance region

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Content/Bias Review June 25 & 26, 2008 Approximately 120 members Panelists incorporate substance expects (general and specialized curriculum instructors, and overseers New thing survey Eight things for each review in Reading, Mathematics, and Writing Twenty-five Items for Science in light of recently affirmed guidelines

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Item Specs for New Development Revisions to principles/get to pts. Thing advancement happens amongst January and May for the next year New things for field testing in 2009-2010 for overhauled math get to focuses Language expressions will rely on upon when changed norms/get to focuses are affirmed by the State Board

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Item Specs for New Development Item particulars Reading Passages Length Readability Addition of Reading Fluency Strand Elementary – letter and word recognizable proof Secondary – extend from perusing sentences to one to two sections

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Item Specs for New Development Graphics PECs images Heavier line weight Reduced detail

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Accommodations Workgroup Met by means of telephone call on August 13 Approximately 25 specialized curriculum educators and overseers took an interest in one of three phone calls Developed suggestions for extra housing for VI, DHH, ASD, MH and ELL understudies

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Accommodations Preliminary Recommendations Light box Touch focuses on number cards Broader utilization of solid things Use of aggregate correspondence

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Web-Base Ordering Available through Piedra Data Services site Braille and material design for understudies with visual debilitations One sided reaction booklets One sided materials will permit instructors to remove things to have adaptability in thing situation

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Web-Base Ordering Available September 4-17, 2008 http://www.piedradata.com/VIS/Login.php

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Practice Materials Released things from Spring 2008 organization Delivered to class locale interchange evaluation facilitators week of September eighth Includes two things for every substance zone and level

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Practice Materials All levels and substance regions bundled together Test Booklet Response Booklet Passage Booklet Cards Packet Strips Packet

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Test Booklet Items for all levels and substance region are in one test booklet Content guidelines surveyed are recorded in the front of the test booklet Required educator assembled materials are given by substance range Item Identifiers Item number, level, content region, and LOC

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Passage Booklet Passages and entries picture cards for all levels are in one test booklet Items are introduced gathered by level Item Identifiers – Coded by substance zone, level, and thing number Ex: Reading Grade 3 Item 1

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Response Booklet except for Writing and a couple of set patterns, the reaction things are given in one 11 by 17 booklet Items are exhibited assembled by level and substance region

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Cards Packet Cut outs – Cards and Strips Items that require set patterns are bundled together by level and substance territory Card/Strip Identifier – The appraisal (Practice) name, level, content region, thing number, and level of many-sided quality are imprinted on the back of every removed Items requiring set patterns are either indicated by a clear page in the reaction booklet and additionally headings in the test booklet to put the cards/strips on the work surface

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EXAMPLE Mathematics Grade 3 Item 1

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Administration Manuals Teacher organization manuals conveyed alongside practice materials to class region exchange appraisal organizers Teachers kept their covers and supplanted substance

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Science Field Test Administration window – October 13 – 24 Demographics for understudy investment messaged to AA Coordinators in July 25 new things in light of endorsed Sunshine State Standards Access Points

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2009 Assessment Administration Window January 12 through February 27 Assessment now has two structures (Form An and B) Each shape will have 16 center things and four inserted field test things per content zone for a sum of 20 things

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Project to Support Instruction Discretionary venture to bolster educators in educational modules/direction and bolster usage of substitute evaluation Steering panel met in July to distinguish and organize needs National Inclusive Large Scale Standards and Assessment (ILSSA) Project helping us

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Performance Levels Bringing together gathering of partners to address: Level of multifaceted nature portrayals Performance level descriptors The 9 boxes – development Student report

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Peer Review Status

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Peer Review July, 2008 accommodation Results from April standard setting Individual, school, and region reports Planned reviews Waiting for reaction letter

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Peer Review Plan for December, 2008 accommodation Final standard setting results and cut scores Technical Manual Alignment think about report Planned reviews with

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