Flu Immunizations: The Great, The Awful, and The Eggs.

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Flu Antibodies: The Great, The Terrible, and The Eggs Stacey Schultz-Cherry Collaborator Educator Division of Restorative Microbiology and Immunology Makes You feel Like … Fundamentally kids Flu Infection Viral shedding - 1 dpi Influenza like indications 1-8 dpi Transient lymphocytopenia
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Flu Vaccines: The Good, The Bad, and The Eggs Stacey Schultz-Cherry Assistant Professor Department of Medical Microbiology & Immunology

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Makes You feel Like … Primarily kids Influenza Virus Viral shedding - 1 dpi Flu-like side effects 1-8 dpi Transient lymphocytopenia Immunosuppression Increased cytokines Inflammatory reaction GI manifestations Croup Otitis media Magically at d4 –viral freedom Recovery and resistance!! Doesn’t dependably work along these lines

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This year…

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“Ship of Flu” Flu

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1918 Pandemic

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Cause of overall malady scenes PANDEMICS Subtype 1918 Spanish flu H1N1 1933 Influenza infection found 1957 Asian flu H2N2 1968 Hong Kong flu H3N2 1977 Russian (swine) flu H1N1 1997 Avian flu??? H5N1

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Avian Influenza

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www.osc.edu/.../si/ventures/flu_virus/influenza 3d.gif

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Influenza infections are exceptional among respiratory tract infections experience huge antigenic variety. Antigenic float versus antigenic movement

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Highly Pathogenic Avian H5N1 Influenza Viruses in Humans Hong Kong, 1997 First proof of direct avian-to-human contamination and genuine ailment in people 18 affirmed cases, 6 passings Hong Kong, 2003 HK inhabitants coming back from southern China 2 affirmed cases, one demise Since 2005 348 affirmed cases, 215 passings Actual # of individuals tainted - obscure

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Cumulative Number of Confirmed Human Cases of Avian Influenza A/(H5N1) Reported to WHO Total number of cases incorporates number of passings. WHO reports just research facility affirmed cases. All dates allude to onset of sickness.

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Avian Influenza A (H5N1): A Persistent Threat

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Avian Influenza A (H5N1): Clinical Presentation Diarrhea Shortness of breath Severe Cases Leucopenia Lymphopenia Impaired liver capacity with raised liver catalysts Prolonged coagulating times and renal weakness. The lymphocyte check has all the earmarks of being the most significant parameter for recognizable proof of patients who are at danger of movement to serious disease http://influenzareport.com

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Avian Influenza A (H5N1): A Persistent Threat

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Influenza Vaccines Unique First to offer populace wide assurance against an evolving infection (HIV??) Production time and mystery No adequacy testing – twofold visually impaired testing Safety testing for long haul reactions – non existent

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Seasonal Influenza Vaccines Types of Vaccine “Flu Shot” – inactivated, trivalent “FluMist” – constricted live-infection What’s in the Vaccine? H1N1, H3N2, Influenza B Inactivated – Thimerosal (Mercury)

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People who ought to get immunized every year are: People at high hazard for inconveniences: Children matured 6 months – 5 yr Pregnant ladies, > 50 yr Chronic therapeutic conditions Nursing homes and other long haul care offices People who live with or tend to those at high hazard for entanglements from influenza: Household contacts of ceaseless or youngsters < 6 mo Healthcare laborers Use of the Nasal Spray Flu Vaccine Healthy* individuals 2-49 years; Not pregnant.

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Who Should Not Be Vaccinated Egg sensitivities Severe response to previos flu inoculation Guillain-Barrã© disorder (GBS) inside of 6 weeks of getting a flu antibody beforehand < 6 months of age Moderate or serious disease with a fever

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How is the Vaccine Produced Decide on the Strains WHO: Northern Hemisphere (Feb) CDC: Prepare seed Virus 9 months after the fact have immunization

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Seasonal Vaccine Problems Strain Choice – Eggs? Creation time and confinements Efficacy — an A/Brisbane/59/2007 (H1N1)- like infection; — an A/Brisbane/10/2007 (H3N2)- like virus;* — a B/Florida/4/2006-like virus.# * A/Brisbane/10/2007 is a current southern half of the globe immunization infection. # B/Florida/4/2006 and B/Brisbane/3/2007 (a B/Florida/4/2006-like infection) are present southern side of the equator immunization infections.

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Pandemic Vaccines? Issues What Strain? Creation Time Immunogenicity – subunits, VLPs, baculovirus, viral vectors, live infection, adjuvants Who ought to get it? At the point when if it be regulated Eggs versus cell society Antigenic move and float HIGH CONTAINMENT LABS

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WHO Surveillance Network Situation keeps on getting more entangled..

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Pandemic Vaccines? Issues What Strain? Generation Time Immunogenicity – subunits, VLPs, baculovirus, viral vectors, live infection, adjuvants Who ought to get it? At the point when if it be directed Eggs versus cell society Antigenic move and float HIGH CONTAINMENT LABS

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Prophylactics & Antivirals Vaccination M2 Blockers * Amantadine * Rimantadine NA inhibitors * Zanamavir * Oseltamavir

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Life Cycle of Influenza Virus

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Increasing resistance!!

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Ten things you have to think about pandemic flu 1. Pandemic flu is not the same as avian flu. 2. Flu pandemics are repeating occasions. 3. The world may be on the precarious edge of another pandemic. 4. All nations will be influenced. worldwide spread is unavoidable under 3 months? 5. Far reaching ailment will happen. 6. Medicinal supplies will be deficient. 7. Extensive quantities of passings will happen. 8. Monetary and social interruption will be awesome. 9. Each nation must be arranged. 10. WHO will caution the world when the pandemic risk increments.

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Influenza antibodies are no enchantment projectile. Chip away at a pandemic antibody proceeds in a few nations, yet the genuine viability of an immunization would get to be clear just when utilized. Supply is additionally an issue: clinical trials recommend that present antibody creation would be not able to give enough measurements to the worldwide populace in the case of a pandemic. Additionally, H5N1 antibody strains demonstrate a lower creation yield than common occasional immunization strains, clarified Dr Marie-Paule Kieny, executive of WHO\'s Initiative for Vaccine Research: "Moreover, H5N1 split or subunit-inactivated immunizations appear to be less immunogenic than their regular partners. In this manner, research endeavors ought to be put into comprehension the premise for these distinctions, and into advancement of strains which don\'t have these two disadvantages". Immunization or no, the issue and arrangement are at the creature level. "If we can get a decent handle on control in creatures then the human danger vanishes yet there is still far to go towards accomplishing this, with numerous unanswered questions," said Peiris.

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THIS JUST IN...!!!!!!!!! While trying to frustrate the spread of flying creature influenza, President George W. Shrubbery has bo

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