Focal Europe in the Age of Absolutism .

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Central Europe in the Age of Absolutism. Ch 10 Sec 3. Habsburg Austria. In 1740 Maria Theresa became the ruler of the Habsburgs lands. The signing of the Pragmatic Sanction made this possible for her to take the land. She would rule over a large area of land that was very diverse.
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Focal Europe in the Age of Absolutism Ch 10 Sec 3

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Habsburg Austria In 1740 Maria Theresa turned into the leader of the Habsburgs lands. The marking of the Pragmatic Sanction made this workable for her to take the land. She would lead over a huge zone of land that was extremely different. Belgians, bohemians, Croatians, Hungarians, Italians, Poles, Romanians, Serbs, and Slovenians. Huge number of dialects, nationalities and societies Made it exceptionally hard to run the region successfully.

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Habsburg Empire

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Rise of the Hohenzollerns Ruled a little northern German State called Brandenburg-Prussia. They needed to pick up power and to acquire arrive. The main awesome ruler was Fredrick William or the Great Elector. Bound together the armed forces into one effective armed force In 1713 Fredrick William I got to be top dog. He dedicated quite a bit of his time into making the Prussian armed force the most capable in Europe. Prussian was particularly a mobilized state. He additionally made a proficient duty framework He trusted that all youngsters ought to get an instruction Encouraged exchange and ventures.

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Conflict Between Prussia and Austria War of the Austrian Succession Prussia guaranteed Silesia, yet the Austrians had the land. War was from 1740-1748, On one side was Bavaria, Spain, France and Prussia. The other Austria, England, Netherlands, and Russia. Austria lost the war and Silesia. Not long after the war the nations exchanged partners. Britain was with Prussia France, Austria and Russia

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The Seven Years War Lasted from 1756-1763. All of Europe was included. Struggled were battled in Europe, abroad provinces and North America(French Indian Wars). Prussia lost a fight to a joined Russian and Austrian Army. Russia in the end marked a settlement with Prussia. Diminish III, needed to quit battling. Britain likewise was searching for peace. All included marked the Treaty of Paris. There were no inevitable champs.

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Years of Peace After a century of battling. Prussia turned out as the weakest nation. Huge loss of industry and labor. Most nations were exhausted of war and were enthusiastic to recuperate. Subsequent to putting in the initial 23 years of control battling, Fredrick the Great, burned through 23 all the more revamping Prussia. Prussia returned as an European power.

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