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Diagram. Before 1998
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OVERVIEW Prior to 1998 – decentralized understudy determination Since 1998 – brought together understudy choice Selection prepare Selection criteria – D4 Three periods of the procedure Current circumstance Achievements Challenges Way forward

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PRIOR TO 1998 –DECENRALISED STUDENT SELECTION 8 nursing universities in Gauteng -Pretoria district – 3 -West Rand – 1 -Johannesburg locale - 5 No institutionalized choice criteria Each school got a great many applications Applicants connected to more than one school No devoted staff for understudy choice No focal database Applicants met separately Costly and tedious

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SINCE 1998 – Centralized STUDENT SELECTION Four schools in the territory – of which three offer the D4 program Gauteng Central Selection Center Standardized choice process Standardized choice criteria One database of all applications got Centralized record keeping Reduced number of utilizations Cost compelling Efficient framework

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SELECTION PROCESS Gauteng Student Selection Policy – inside and outer candidates Gauteng Student Selection Committee Standardized choice criteria One commercial Standardized application shape Centralized preparing and database - yearly Three stage choice process Since 2004 – contribution of Gauteng Shared Services Center

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SELECTION CRITERIA D4 – External candidates -Senior Certificate (Old) -English HG D SG C -M Score – 13 -Maths, Biology, Physical Science - additional focuses apportioned - NSC (New) -English 4 -Four 20 acknowledge subjects for a rating of 3 for every subject =12 and two subjects with a rating of 2 = 4 -M Score - 20 -Maths, Biology, Physical Science - additional focuses dispensed -One year post-school concentrate effectively finished – above criteria deferred D4 – Internal candidates -Registration as an Auxiliary or Enrolled Nurse -Short-recorded by of administration and when last review leave was conceded

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THREE PHASES OF THE PROCESS Phase 1: Short-posting -Paper choice - scoring as indicated by criteria -Database caught -Short-recorded for appraisal -Notified by means of SMS and letter – to pay evaluation expense Phase 2 : Assessment - 300 every day over a six week term -HSRC appraisal – GMA, English Proficiency, Personality Profile -Short-recorded for meeting as indicated by positioning Phase 3 : Interview -Applicants met at the school they demonstrated as their first decision -Panel interviews directed – 4 questioners/6 candidates -Interviews led by school staff, doctor\'s facility/facility staff and a group part

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CURRENT SITUATION 2009 - 48 700 outside applications - 1300 inner applications Approximately 33% of the candidates met the choice criteria and were short-recorded for the evaluation 1647 Applicants met at the three universities by end of September 1330 External candidates to be chosen for the D4 program and 200 for the Enrolled Nurses program Applicants not prescribed for the four year program are considered and chosen for the Enrolled Nurse program Unsuccessful candidates re-apply yearly Extensive showcasing and enlistment drives at schools, Career Expo\'s and Nursing College open days Selection Center arranges and procedures the applications from interior candidates for the Enrolled Nurse and Bridging project and applications from CHW\'s for the Enrolled Nurse program

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ACHIEVEMENTS Workload moved from universities to a Central Selection Center – facilitated by Head Office Colleges can concentrate on the center business of nursing training Applications from people not copied Central database - all applications caught – exact insights and week after week reports amid the choice time frame Call Center – handles all enquiries and tracks status of uses according to database Efficient framework

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CHALLENGES Ever expanding number of uses Selection of the most reasonable candidates that show potential to succeed High disappointment rate in the principal year requiring a rehash year of study – however the wearing down rate from first year is low – under 5% Interviews are tedious Remains an exorbitant procedure Unsuccessful inward candidates – work debate Selection Center - work under weight to meet due dates

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WAY FORWARD Review of the choice approach – inside applications Review choice criteria – new NSC and inside candidates Review the HSRC Assessment

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