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Competitive Business Case. UBI – Dec/2003 Alex Cutrim / Suzana Roma. Corporate Personal Consumer. Service Providers. Vodafone, T-Mobile, …. Telecomm. Equipments. Core network switching and transmission equip., wireless handsets, satellite equip.,…. Basic Components.
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Focused Business Case UBI – Dec/2003 Alex Cutrim/Suzana Roma

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Corporate Personal Consumer Service Providers Vodafone, T-Mobile, … Telecomm. Supplies Core arrange exchanging and transmission prepare., remote handsets, satellite prepare.,… Basic Components Processors, hardware, plastics,… Layered, Multi-Player Mobile Industry Creates Complex Business Environment

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Service Providers - Abundance of Players VoiceStream Wireless Southern Linc Dobson Comm. Alltel AT&T remote gathering Sprint PCS Century Tel. Dynamic Mobile Data Vodafone Cellular One Centennial Comm. T-Mobile Winphoria Networks Cingular Wireless GoAmerica Triton PCS Metricom Western Wireless Nextel Comm. MCI WorldCom Cell telephone - Dominated by Top 5 Towering Service - Major Players American Tower Corporation 14600 towers, USA, Brazil, Mexico Crown Castle International Australia, P.Rico, UK, USA AT&T, Sprint Nokia Motorola Telecommunications Spectrasite Comm., Inc. 8000 towers. USA, Canada Ericsson Pinnacle Towers, Inc. 2300 towers. USA, Canada Siemens Information and Communications Alcatel SBA Comm., Inc. 3700 towers. USA, P.Rico Components - No reasonable pioneers, divided Texas Instruments Bluetooth abilities, remote foundation, RF items Good Morning Electronic Information Taiwan based Supplies: Nokia, Ericsson, Motorola, Siemens Sanyo Battery producer: Nokia, Ericsson, Motorola Geo Tex Creative Plastics

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Visions of a Near Future… Estimate of 1 Billion versatile supporters by 2003!

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Visions of a Farther Future… Connecting OBJECTS with BUSINESS APPLICATIONS for included esteem items and administrations Employee dB Consumer ERP Business Mobile Network CRM House TV Car

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The Challenge Integrating the plenty of frameworks and conventions along the esteem chain The genuine test is interfacing Business Interests to a Common Goal Cellphones, PDAs, cell phones, blackberry,… Java, XML, XHTML, VXML,… Employee dB Consumer Microsoft, Symbian, Palmsource,… ERP Business Mobile Network CRM GSM, CDMA, TDMA, GRPS, UMTS, EDGE, W-CDMA,… House WAP, Windows, Linux,… TV Car WLAN, bluetooth,…

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… under a changing Technological Landscape 3 rd Generation: Broadband Digital Voice and Extended Data (MMS) Higher associating clients => populated ranges 3G WCDMA CDMA2000 EDGE UMTS 2.5G GPRS (GSM) 2 nd Generation: Digital Voice and Data (SMS) Intel following: amplified batt. life Limitation on # interfacing clients 2G (850 MHz) GSM TDMA CDMA 1G 1 st Generation: Analog Limited to Voice Services Always-on: restricted batt. life=> restricted portability Subject to cloning/misrepresentation

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Standardization of Technologies Diversity in Technologies Synergies in esteem chain Complexity of Hardware Efficiency, Lower Investments Abundance of Equipment Types Increased Service Value Increased Equip. Incomes Service Providers Telecomm. Gear Opposing Strategies Will Slow the Expansion Process Profit

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In the End, Consumer will Decide Diversity of Technologies Standardization of Technologies More Service Proliferation of Devices/Providers Consolidation Faster Transmission, More Power Limited Transmission Higher Start-up Costs Higher On-going Costs "You Pay for What We Have" "You Get What You Pay For"

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Rapid Expansion in Mobile Internet Use Will Test Capability of Providers to Keep Up MM

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Growth Strategy Research & Development Global Presence Competitive Assessment Organizational Structure Products Market Image

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Growth Strategy

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Global Presence

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Market Image

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Organizational Structure

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Research and Development

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Growth Strategy Research & Development Global Presence Competitive Assessment Organizational Structure Products Market Image

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Executive Summary Vodafone is very much situated to end up the World\'s actual pioneer in Mobile administrations Focused, worldwide, execution Leveraging worldwide nearness to drive portable industry to convey expanded esteem The genuine influence of a worldwide player is not in utilizing consistent worldwide administrations T-Mobile has the innovative worldwide aggressive edge to be in the bleeding edge of the business Does not seem, by all accounts, to be focused on this

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Vodafone\'s Choice for Verizon in the US seems, by all accounts, to be driven by quality restricted to methodology Verizon depends on the CDMA stage Not one of Verizon Wireless administrations convey the Vodafone mark "Put alternative" on $10 billion 45% stake can be practiced by Vodafone AT&T Wireless and T-Mobile USA are GSM

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Reference Sources New York Times PMN Publications Qualcomm Reuters Robert Kahn, "Father of the Internet" The Motley Fool This Is T-Mobile International Vodafone Wall Street Journal World Investment AK Yahoo! Fund BIGresearch CeBit News CNET Duke University Gartner GlobalWirelessNews GSM affiliation gsm world Intermarket Group Microsoft MIT University MULTEX

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About the Authors Suzana Roma is a Statistician real She has expansive involvement with connected measurements to Marketing Intelligence She has worked in a few shopper arranged organizations, for example, Coca-Cola, Telemar (Telecom) and Fininvest (Bank) Alex Cutrim is an Electronics Engineer significant He has broad useful foundation in Strategic Intelligence capacities He has worked in a few ranges of The Coca-Cola Company and Sony

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