Focusing on your message for the global press.

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Focusing on your message for the global press Andrew Mill operator Representative Chief of Interchanges European College Affiliation EUPRIO Gathering June 13-15, 2008 European College Affiliation (EUA)
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Focusing on your message for the global press Andrew Miller Deputy Director of Communications European University Association EUPRIO Conference June 13-15, 2008

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European University Association (EUA) The European University Association (EUA) : enrollment association speaking to and supporting 800 colleges and national rectors’ gatherings in 46 nations, furnishing them with an exceptional discussion to participate and stay informed concerning the most recent patterns in advanced education and examination arrangements. Made in March 2001 at Salamanca taking after merger between: the Association of European Universities (CRE) - 1959 – ministers & other official heads the Confederation of European Union Rectors’ Conferences – 1973 – national affiliations Aim: a more grounded affiliation illustrative of the entire HE area Merger pushed through by the Bologna process

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Mission and points Promoting arrangements which add to the advancement of an European learning society Higher instruction and Research Informing individuals from key strategy banters about (Bologna, EIT, Rankings, Tuition expenses, financing, autonomy…etc) Developing skill and learning through ventures and studies Strengthening the administration, authority and administration of colleges crosswise over Europe Developing organizations in HE and examination with whatever is left of the world

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EUA Communications Activities Informing & scattering data : target gatherings of people incorporate, EUA Member colleges European on-screen characters/policymakers & press Stakeholders outside Europe Organizing Conferences and occasions Networking Partner associations (EAIE, IAU, European Students Union, ESU..) HE organizes ( casual gatherings in brussels) Press

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EUA Press relations: Setting the scene Why is the global HE squeeze so essential to EUA ? Illuminating individuals from 46 distinct nations about occasions, studies, and approach work (connecting with new individuals) Reinforcing work of association and impacting arrangement faces off regarding broadly (and at territorial and European level) Unlike individual colleges EUA does not have a nearby or national media (specificities of Brussels media) The voice of European colleges : Strong colleges for Europe Still a ‘young organisation’ (just 7 years of age and need to assemble and fortify notoriety) Attracting new individuals

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EUA Press relations: setting the scene How does EUA complete press work? (What assets do we have?) One individual taking a shot at press relations (and not full time) but rather attempt to include whatever number individuals from the association as could reasonably be expected (attempting to bit by bit manufacture ‘buy in’ that squeeze relations includes everybody) Group of specialists for meetings (administration group – numerous give consistent meetings – chose by theme and dialect) Involve partners in drafting of press discharges, press checking and building up contacts Working with part associations ( especially amid occasions)

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EUA Press relations : setting the scene 2 Standard devices : press discharges, bulletin (fortnightly), responsive meetings. However, likewise dissemination of story thought records , and welcoming columnists to key occasions, and gatherings with President/key staff while voyaging Press discharges : (interpreted and adjusted inside where vital) Press database : Database of more than 1,000 columnists created and kept up inside – around 33% are reporters in Brussels (so not so much authorities in advanced education)

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EUA Press relations : setting the scene 2 “Inner core” of worldwide writers (around 100) with whom we attempt to work effectively and pros in advanced education (EUA key target group of onlookers) Interviews and 400 press demands (in addition to around 100 phone eye to eye interviews every year and developing quickly) Story list ( appropriated to inward center) and especially focused at independent scholars and supplement editors International media logbook ( FT, Time, Newsweek, Economist…) Relationship building – utilizing each probability to meet columnists (when voyaging – when key staff venturing out should be enhanced) Nothing beats the individual touch

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EUA Press scope Nearly 400 cuttings for every year (excluding telecast) Figure much higher as we don\'t utilize a cuttings office * Looking to increment impressively this scope over next 24 months By growing so as to expand on first year’s work and especially database and exercises in nations where generally EUA is not known by Media Most 2007 cuttings originate from 8/9 nations In 2007, fundamentally determined by Bologna Process year and leader EUA report : TRENDS and key EUA occasions and reports

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Where does EUA get most scope?( 2007 )

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What produces EUA press clippings?

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Article subjects

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Why focus on the universal press? Beginning stage: Why do we require a global press battle? To select more worldwide understudies/scholastics To bolster our enrollment exertion/understudy fairs and so forth, or maybe scholastics (exploration staff) To strengthen my position in the national/global rankings? (You don’t must be positioned to highlight in the worldwide rankings) To raise the profile of my foundation universally ……. Characterize the ‘raison d’ãªtre’ before beginning and set sensible and quantifiable objectives.. (acknowledge that you won\'t get the same sum and quality and kind of scope globally as you do broadly)

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Getting started: Define your business sectors and assets Which nations would it be a good idea for you to target – there should be a sensible examination about what is doable (Are you will probably get press scope in a few markets than others?) What connections do you have to this nation? What makes you fascinating to their national press? Which nations give most scope to global advanced education issues. What spending plan and assets do you have? (also, what interior assets) Can you do this inside? also, by what method would you be able to utilize inside assets best (understudies, educators and so forth in your battles) Working with a press relations office? What\'s more, how best to utilize your cash

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Getting started : building up databases and article schedule Decide which media to target? Again be sufficiently expansive to get comes about yet be reasonable Contact and manufacture database of writers – who spread advanced education, and every one of the regions you target Find out however much as could reasonably be expected about their work: and when they do unique supplements (concentrate abroad, living up to expectations abroad, rankings, advanced education) and make a publication timetable What stories/thoughts would you like to push to the columnists chose Establish a point by point and composed arrangement/logbook “of attack” (Timing of stories, nations, key activities including connecting to conceivable outcomes for meeting with writers – or your minister and so forth) What extra data ought to be I furnished with before beginning? (Remote dialect speakers, understudies, measurements)

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How to correspond with the worldwide press International press relations is troublesome ( contrasted with national press relations) however truly not incomprehensible on the off chance that you consider the particular social and political attributes of every nation. Would we be able to call this « Glocal » media correspondence: Global correspondence for neighborhood markets ?

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Adapting your message to the business sector Rule number 1; Its not just about deciphering press data speaks the truth adjusting the greater part of your work to the media and the way of life of that nation Each nation has its own particular media framework, and writers their own specific manner of gathering and accepting data (Again figure out however much as you can before beginning) English may be the dialect of business yet it might just get you so far…

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Some minimal pragmatic cases Try to discover as much as could reasonably be expected about how the media and columnists in that nation work (working hours, how to get data, due dates, times to stay away from and so on) UK: Take some an opportunity to become more acquainted with supplement editors and consultants covering advanced education Germany : Be exact, succinct and commonsense with the data you give US : Make beyond any doubt data is auspicious and connected to news China : It is standard to pay the (« Transportation feesâ â») of columnists coming to public interviews Spain : Beware of working hours: lunchtime is approx (14h30 to 16h00) ; the significance of becoming more acquainted with individuals and coordinated gatherings Italy : How does your technique/news influence my nation.

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Things to hold up under as a main priority Press discharges: What is the news «â scoopâ â» point : Make beyond any doubt something is truly news in that nation before beginning Trends and counter patterns :Try and take a gander at patterns and counter patterns ( and perceive how you can include esteem along these lines – samples – mergers of colleges, educational cost charges, versatility of understudies – would you be able to show you are a piece of a more extensive patterns or conflict with the ‘norm’. ) Affinity : - Always pose the question/Why ought to this interest somone in X or Y nation? perusing about advanced education ( illustrations of good practice, new patterns they ought to be mindful of, potential outcomes for their understudies/staff in your nation)

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Some samples of ‘global’ issues that function admirably all over the place Exciting new projects (something one of a kind, ‘quirky’, or something truly important to target populace) Or ‘innovative’ showing strategies (versatile phones…links to organizations) Campaigns to select understudy and staff from that nation (with foundation) Interesting research (that effects one or more nations: e.g. Issues of email corresponde

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