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Nature Football Team activity Competitive (both teams are trying to win) Directly competitive (your performance can affect your opponents performance. Football Objective. The score can be counted. The team that scores the most goals wins. Scoring Football
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Nature Football Team movement Competitive (both groups are attempting to win) Directly focused (your execution can influence your rivals execution.

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Football Objective. The score can be numbered. The group that scores the most objectives wins. Scoring

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Football Roles Playing roles Non-assuming parts Striker Referee Midfielder Linesman Defender Spectator (fan) Goalkeeper Ballboy/Waterboy

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Football Formal e.g. Offside lead This is a decide that can be found in a tenet book. Casual e.g. swapping shirts The way you are required to carry on. Cases of Rules

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Football The way the group is set out on the pitch E.g. 4-4-2 3-5-2 4-2-4 Strategies

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Football Tactics The path in which you attempt to play to your adversaries shortcoming whilst utilizing your own qualities. Chosen before the amusement however can be changed amid it. E.g. Width in assault Attacking players spread out Opposition guard needs to spread out Defense is weaker Creates space to play through the center

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Football Speed (wingers) Strength (strikers and protectors) Suppleness (goalkeepers) Stamina (all players) Aspects of wellness

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Football Methods of Learning Skills Gradual Build-up When aptitudes are honed a tiny bit at a time. Every practice gets more troublesome with every stage you do. E.g. Shooting a dead ball into an open objective A moving ball into an open objective A moving ball into an objective with a manager in it A moving ball with a goalkeeper and a shield before the objective

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Football Methods of Learning Skills Whole-Part-Whole The entire ability is indicated. Some piece of the ability is drilled. It is ordinarily something the player finds troublesome. The entire expertise is performed. E.g. Playing the entire diversion Volleys are a shortcoming Partner sustains up ball Performer volleys it into an open objective Play full amusement again

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Football Warm-up Before doing any action you must warm-up. Warm-up in 3 stages. Begin with tender activity to raise your body temperature and heart rate. Do extends to verify you don’t get harmed. Rehearse abilities e.g. shooting, passing, heading the ball. This helps you to plan rationally and physically for the amusement.

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Football Techniques How you perform an expertise. e.g. Shooting; volley, half volley, overhead kick. e.g. Going; through ball, cross, long ball. e.g. Handling; slide, square.

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