Football to Wrestling.

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Football to Wrestling. Give The Stars A chance to let you know. Impact of Wrestling in the NFL. 10 Lobby of Notoriety Football Players. 43 Numerous Master Bowlers. 60 Singular State Titles. 13 NCAA Wrestling Titles. 3 Heisman Trophy Victors Wrestled. 14 first Round Draft Picks Wrestled.
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Football to Wrestling Let The Pros Tell You

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Influence of Wrestling in the NFL 10 Hall of Fame Football Players 43 Multiple Pro-Bowlers 60 Individual State Championships 13 NCAA Wrestling Championships 3 Heisman Trophy Winners Wrestled 14 first Round Draft Picks Wrestled 23 RB’s/20 LB’s/2 QB’s/66 Lineman/6 DB’s/1 K/54 NP

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The Coaches Perspective “I draft wrestlers on the grounds that they are extreme, I have never had an issue with a wrestler.” - Joe Gibbs, Hall of notoriety Football Coach "I would have the greater part of my Offensive Lineman wrestle on the off chance that I could."- John Madden, Hall of Fame Football Coach

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The Coaches Perspective “I love wrestlers, they are intense and they make awesome football players.” Mike Stoops, National Championship Football Coach - University of Oklahoma. “Wrestlers make guiding football simple, they have parity, coordination, and as an instructing staff we know they’re tough.” - Tom Osborne - College Hall of Fame Football Coach - University of Nebraska

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Pros With Wrestling Background Ray Lewis - The Football Player Seven-time Pro Bowler 2-time NFL Defensive Player of the Year Super Bowl XXXV MVP Arguably the best LB and 1 of the best players in NFL history. Beam Lewis-The Wrestler Florida local Florida State 4A Wrestling Champion - 189 lb. weight class Credits wrestling as the preparation ground for his productive football vocation. Stephan Neal - The Football Player 28 years of age, was initially marked by the Patriots as an un-drafted free specialists on July 23, 2001. The 6-foot-4-inch, 305-pound hostile lineman has played in 34 profession amusements with 31 begins. Recorded the longest current back to back begins streak on the Patriots hostile line. Stephan Neal - The Wrestler San Diego local Did not play football in school and rather was a title wrestler at Cal State-Bakersfield. He arranged a 156-10 record and won two NCAA Division I titles. In 1999, Neal won the Dan Hodge Award - known as the Heisman Trophy of wrestling - taking after a year in which he won the U.S. Free-form Championship, the Pan-American Games title and the World Championships.

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Just A Few More Names

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Hall Of Famers Who Wrestled Ronnie Lott Larry Czonka Jim Thorpe Chuck Noll

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Multiple Pro-Bowlers Who Wrestled Teddy Bruschi Ricky Williams Bo Jackson Chad Hennings

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Crossover Skills: Many of the positions and aptitudes are completely transferable between both games Some of those aptitudes incorporate however are not restricted to footwork, dexterity, mental strength, dangerous developments, and equalization Learning the capacity excessively beat the man before you can not be disregarded.

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Crossover Skills:

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Crossover Skills:

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Crossover Skills:

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Crossover Skills:

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A Look at The Numbers 32 Professional Football Teams 65 Man Rosters 2080 Professional Football Players 185 Wrestlers in the NFL 11.24% of the NFL has a wrestling foundation 5% of the Hall of Fame inductee’s

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The Link Cannot Be Dismissed The relationship in the middle of wrestling and football is genuine. There are an excess of legends in both games who have demonstrated it. Lobby of distinction football mentors and players embrace the advantages of wrestling for football players. Football never improved a wrestler a wrestler BUT Wrestling improved each football player a football p

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