For the sake Of Allah, the most Advantageous, the most Benevolent, the most Kind!.

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For the sake Of Allah, the most Useful, the most Benevolent, the most Kind!. Rasulullah S.A.W. said, "Jannat lies under the feet of your mom.". Rasulullah S.A.W. said, "If you read the kalima with conviction just once, Jannah gets to be upon you.".
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In The Name Of Allah, the most Beneficent, the most Gracious, the most Merciful!

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Rasulullah S.A.W. said, "Jannat lies under the feet of your mom."

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Rasulullah S.A.W. said, "If you read the kalima with conviction just once, Jannah gets to be upon you."

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Rasulullah S.A.W. said, "A ladies who uncovers her body or even wears tight fitting garments wont come extremely close to the scent of Jannah."

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Rasulullah S.A.W. said, "The dust which settles on a man while he is out in the way of Allah; the flame, as well as the smoke of Jahannam is haraam for those parts of the body."

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Rasulullah S.A.W. said, "I just revile 3 sorts of individuals;

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Those individuals who don\'t take care of their folks when they are in seniority.

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2. Those individuals who don\'t take full favorable position of the favored month of Ramadan.

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3. Those individuals who don\'t say, \'Salallahu - Alayhay-Wa-Aalahay Wasallam\' when my name is specified."

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Rasulullah S.A.W said, "An clever individual is one who is continually considering and planning for death."

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Rasulullah S.A.W. said, "It is better for a man that a steel nail be driven through the focal point of his head instead of on the off chance that he touches the palm of a bizarre ladies."

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PLEASE TAKE 2 MINUTES OF YOUR TIME TO READ THIS. Envision this transpiring...

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One day amid Jummah Salah, a 1,000 part assemblage was amazed to see two men enter, both secured from head to toe in dark and conveying sub-automatic weapons.

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One of the men declared,

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"Anyone willing to take a projectile for Allah remain where you are."

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Immediately, the assembly fled, and out of the 1,000 there just stayed around 20.

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The man who had talked removed his hood, took a gander at the Imaam and said,

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"Okay Maulana, I disposed of the considerable number of wolves in sheep\'s clothing. Presently you may start your sermon."

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The two men then turned and exited."

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Too profound not to go on?

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"Funny how basic it is for individuals to waste Allah ... and afterward ask why the world\'s going to hellfire."

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"Funny how we accept what the daily papers say ... in any case, question what the Qu\'ran says."

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"Funny how everybody needs to go to paradise ... if they don\'t need to trust, think, say, or do anything the Quran says."

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"Funny how somebody can say \'I have confidence in Allah\' ... yet at the same time take after Shaitaan (who, coincidentally, likewise "accepts" in Allah)."

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"Funny how you can send a thousand "jokes" through email and they spread like out of control fire ... however, when you begin sending messages in regards to Allah, individuals mull over sharing."

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"Funny how the prurient, rough, revolting and indecent go openly through the internet ... in any case, the general population dialog of Allah is stifled in the school and working environment."

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Funny, would it say it isn\'t?

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"Funny how somebody can be so started up for Allah on Friday ... be that as it may, be an undetectable Muslim whatever remains of the week."

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Are you snickering?

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"Funny how when you go to forward this message ... you won\'t send it to numerous on your location list since you\'re not certain what they accept, or what they will consider you for sending it to them."

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"Funny how I can be more stressed over what other individuals consider me ... than what Allah considers me."

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Are you considering?

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Will you impart this to individuals you think about?

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Or not?

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In The Name Of Allah, the most Beneficent, the most Gracious, the most Merciful!

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Bismi Allah Hirrahmaanirraheem

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Reliquary containing the tooth of Prophet Muhammad (Dendan-i Saadet).

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Lock of Kaaba

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The impression of the Prophet Muhammad

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Some hairs from the whiskers of the Prophet Muhammad (Lihye-i Saadet).

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Swords having a place with the Prophet Muhammad.

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Letter of the Prophet Muhammad (Name-i Saadet)

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The Golden entryway of Prophet Muhammad\'s tomb.

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Prophet Muhammad\'s tomb from inside

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ALLAHU AKBAR Allah is awesome

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During the following 60 seconds, stop whatever you are doing, and accept this open door. (Actually it is just 1 minute) All you need to do is the accompanying: You basically say "A prayer" for the individual that sent you this message. Next, you send this message to everybody you know.

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In a while, more individuals will have petitioned God for you and you would have gotten many people appealing to God for others. Next, stop and think and welcome Allah\'s energy in your life, for doing what you know is satisfying to him. On the off chance that you are not afraid to do this, take after the guidelines.

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Allah said, "If you are embarrassed about me, I will be embarrassed about you."

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If you are not embarrassed, send this message...only on the off chance that you accept.

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"Yes, I cherish Allah. Allah is my wellspring of Life and My Savior. Allah keeps me going day and night. Without Allah, I am nobody. However, with Allah, I can do everything. Allah is my quality."

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This is a straightforward test. On the off chance that you adore Allah and you are not embarrassed about all the considerable things that he has accomplished for you, send this to everybody you know,and the individual that sent it to you.

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