Foundation Prologue to Early Islam.

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Mosque Architecture Shows Widespread Islamic Dominance, Regional ... Islamic Learning Flourishes. Jelly, expands on Greek, Roman learning and thoughts ...
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Foundation Introduction to Early Islam

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Geographic Context - 6 th C Middle East

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Close-up - Arabia c. 600 CE

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Situation in Arabia, c. 600 Semi-cultivated, semi-traveler fringe range to more progressed urban Byzantine & Persian human advancements Traditional Arabia society: male-drove, tribe focused, polytheist Clans = fabulous camel-mounted warriors & brokers; great contact with outskirt civic establishments\' thoughts, advances

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Muhammad\'s Arabian Origins Born c. 570, to guardians from minor group of Quraysh tribe that rules Mecca, runs desert trains Raised by granddad & then uncle since father passed on before his introduction to the world – both men solid in vanishing desert codes of conduct Became band broker; sets out took him to Syrian urban areas (sees Christianity & Judaism) At about age 25 wedded Khadija, a well off, enormously regarded Mecca dowager Khadija & Muhammad have youngsters however just young ladies survived

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Muhammad\'s first Revelation 610 Muhammad has 1 st vision Angel Gabriel tells Muhammad he is God\'s Final Messenger, given last, rectify variant of prior, now imperfect, disclosures (counting Jewish & Christian) Crux of Message: Allah (God) is almighty; there is a paradise & damnation, Allah needs mankind to love him and live moral, moral lives Persian Miniature: Muhammad & Gabriel

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Qur\'an Leaf, Recording One of Muhammad\'s Revelations from God

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Following Slides - Islamic Empire 632-1000

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Islam 632 Don\'t click again to propel another slide until programmed advance shows 1000 CE

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Islam 634

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Islam 661

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Islam 661 - 750

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Islam 778 – c. 900

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Islam 935

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Islam c. 1000 Start clicking again to propel rest of presentation\'s slides

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Islamic World starting 1500

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Islamic Civilization & Society

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Mosque Architecture Shows Widespread Islamic Dominance, Regional Vitality

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Islamic Learning Flourishes Preserves, expands on Greek, Roman learning & thoughts Develops arithmetic, science, pharmaceutical (expanding on Indian numerals, Central Asian and other stargazing, and so forth)

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Islamic learning "Arabic" numbers Madrasah ("University") Ibn Rushd Great Philosopher Astronomy instructor

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