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Four Square Writing Method for Grades 1-3 Four Square Writing Method for Grades 4-6 Four Square Writing Method for Grades 7-9. Adapted for Birch Hills School. Powerpoint created by Edmond Public Schools.
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Four Square Writing Method for Grades 1-3 Four Square Writing Method for Grades 4-6 Four Square Writing Method for Grades 7-9 Adapted for Birch Hills School Powerpoint made by Edmond Public Schools

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By Judith S. Gould and Evan Jay Gould Teaching and Learning Company 1204 Buchanan St., P.O.Box 10 Carthage, IL 62321-0010 Adapted by Kathleen Kacuiba

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Categorizing: Understanding Similarities Before composing happens, a point of view must happen. Our coveted result for composing is an engaged, sorted out and nitty gritty structure ; along these lines, we should start with investigating the connections amongst thoughts and articles . Thinking is created by characterizing and ordering the things in our regular world. This thinking can be created into that prewriting point of view.

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Do a "chestnut sack" action , in which understudies are given packs brimming with irregular things . The understudies are tested to isolate the things into various gatherings. Every gathering must have something that is the same about all things in the gathering. Displaying and instructing are important, yet most youngsters cheerfully sort the things on the criteria of shading, size, or utilize.

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After a few redundancies with genuine things, this movement should then be possible with picture cards . This moves the action up one level of deliberation and towards delivering composed thought . At this stage the four square coordinator can be presented and utilized on a felt board or attractive board with the suitable sponsorship on the photo cards. Picture Card Picture Card Topic (Box 1) Picture Card Picture Card

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After understudies have accomplished dominance in the photo card work out, they are prepared for the more theoretical cut-and-glue action.

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Cut out pictures that have a place in the four square and glue in the four boxes. Pets Color the photos.

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After rehearse with cut-and-glue exercises, the understudies can be moved to a "clear four square" worksheet or diary page. The point is composed in the center and the understudies must attract the things the external boxes . Energize naming of their photos, and permit any spellings they concoct now. It is prescribed that the traditional spelling be penciled in light of the fact that understudies frequently don\'t recollect what they themselves have drawn or composed.

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Draw the photos that have a place in the four square and mark them. Individuals in my family

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The "clear four square" can be effectively utilized as an every day diary page . The understudies can duplicate the word that goes in the inside and finish the classification in the external boxes. Points for this movement are about boundless. Pages should be possible as you study shapes, numbers and hues. Four squares can be finished on a letter being examined by just drawing four things that start with the letter sound. Basic things can be ordered by composing toys, sustenances, creatures, sports or other famous points in the middle.

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When understudies are happy with utilizing the four square as an arrangement for ordering like thoughts, they can move to the following level – composing a solitary sentence to abridge their sentiments . The instructor will incite them to consider the point and how it affects them.

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Give three cases and an inclination sentence. The sentence ought to have subject and feeling word. Creepy crawlies Cloze movement if necessary: _____ make me feel ____.

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BIG STEP The following stride requires the inside box to contain a total sentence . Likewise, every container must contain a total sentence which expresses a reason, case or clarification that demonstrates the middle box genuine . The instructor should set aside opportunity to deal with the distinction amongst certainty and conclusion .

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Write three sentences that demonstrate the subject. At that point compose an inclination sentence. You may attract pictures to run with your sentences. Summer is an extraordinary season.

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Mini Four Square Books Directions: Complete the four square and show. At that point cut along lines. You may make development paper covers. Staple together to shape a "book."

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Now it\'s a great opportunity to compose a section . The standards for section composing are presented. This is a decent time to take a gander at part books and watch what paragraphing resembles. Indent the main word as it were. (Two fingers… ) Fill the line totally. (No clear spaces toward the end of a line… Each sentence require not begin all alone line.)

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Directions: Complete the four square with three sentences and an inclination sentence. At that point compose the passage on the lines beneath. It\'s incredible to have a pet . ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

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4 Square + 1 = Adding More Details for Elaboration Ask for an illustration. Explain to us why it is so extraordinary. Inform all the more concerning it. (This level is normally come to by end of 1 st grade.) Once a level of dominance is come to with the five-sentence passage , understudies can start to manufacture an eight-sentence section . By including one extra detail sentence in every container, the understudies are expounding on the first reason, illustration or clarification . Elaboration of a point is imperative of good written work, and even first graders can fulfill this utilizing the four square in addition to one recipe .

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Directions: finish the four square + 1. Keep in mind that the subtle elements ought to bolster the principal sentence in the case. It is incredible to visit Disney World.

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The devices so far have been proper for the essential evaluations , where the sensible objective is to keep in touch with one all around bolstered passage with great detail and association . Be that as it may, the four square, by outline, is an apparatus for composing a five-section exposition of the three-pronged-proposition and-advancement sort . Presently, we will set aside the "inclination sentence" for the "wrap-up" sentence . We will likewise condense the supporting thoughts in the four square to a word or short expression and dispense with the utilization of finish sentences . Four square will go up against a part as all the more a prewriting device , instead of a drafting apparatus.

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Directions: Write a reason, illustration or clarification in every crate to bolster the middle box. At that point compose a wrap-up sentence to finish the four square. School is an incredible place.

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Four Square + 3 The reasons, cases or clarifications created in the past stride now require advance improvement . It could be said, boxes 2, 3 and 4 will each be four squared autonomously. These subtle elements will make up the substance of the body sections of our different passage paper . Utilizing the four square to build up these thoughts guarantees that points of interest are adjusted to the principle thoughts and subject sentences begin each section. advancement

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Directions: Write a reason, illustration or clarification in every container to bolster the primary thought sentence in the inside box. At that point give three subtle elements for each. Compose a wrap-up sentence. School is an awesome place.

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By now understudies are building up their proposition (box 1, the center box) into three reasons, illustrations or clarifications (boxes 2, 3, and 4) and supporting elaboration. These "reason" boxes ought to be not the same as each other. These distinctions require the utilization of moves between thoughts . Four Square + 3 + C (Connecting Words) Color-coded divider notices of associating words help the understudies to know which words are suitable for various circumstances.

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Wall Poster Green Yellow Red

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Color the fringe of this divider blurb green. One reason First For instance One case To start with To begin with

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Color the fringe of this divider blurb yellow. Second Third Another reason Another case Also As well as Too what\'s more Additionally

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Color the outskirt of this divider publication red. Last Finally In conclusion In synopsis In short So you can see As one can see To condense Hence

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Write a reason, illustration or clarification in every container to bolster the fundamental thought sentence in the middle box. Give three subtle elements for each. Pick interfacing words. Compose a wrap-up sentence. School is an awesome place.

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Four Square + 3 + C = 5 Paragraphs Taking the Writing off the Organizer Using an entire class arrange, fabricate a four square together . As the educator is displaying the creation, the understudies are replicating it. This is a decent time for moment indications of paragraphing, capitalization, and accentuation rules. 1

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School is an extraordinary place.

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Directions: For the given four square, compose the data in the five-passage arrange. Weekends are extraordinary.

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Challenge understudies to think of their own interfacing words, illustrations and support. Weekends are incredible.

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Improving the Introductory Paragraph: Writing the "Theory Statement" First Paragraph: Topic Sentence (Center of Four Square) Wrap-Up Sentence (Without Connecting Word) Personal Feeling Sentence Example: School is an incredible place. It\'s awesome on the grounds that we learn, meet companions and play at school. I wish I could go to class each day.

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Improving the Final Paragraph: Concluding the Composition Final Paragraph: Wrap-Up Sentence with Connecting Word Personal Feeling Sentence, Question or Exclamation Example: As one can see, school is an extraordinary place since we learn, meet companions and play at school. I simply adore school, isn\'t that right?

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PARAGRAPH LINK Instead of an interfacing "word," you can utilize an associating "expression." It\'s a more adult approach to wri

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