Fourth Graylyn Gathering on Innovation Development in Therapeutic Instruction 2005 Andrew. F. Payer, Ph.D..

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Fourth Graylyn Gathering on Innovation Development in Medicinal Instruction 2005 Andrew. F. Payer, Ph.D. Setting the Stage to Utilize Innovation In the Principal Course In Medicinal School Imagine a scenario where you had - All the PC equipment and programming you needed.
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Fourth Graylyn Conference on Technology Innovation in Medical Education 2005 Andrew. F. Payer, Ph.D.

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Setting the Stage to Use Technology In the First Course In Medical School

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What in the event that you had - All the PC equipment and programming you needed. A genuinely virtual library with all the essential assets. A building with classrooms, PC lab, little gathering meeting rooms equipped for supporting all your PC needs.

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The Facts New restorative school for the condition of Florida began in 2001 Start with 30 understudies and increment to 120 Departments will just include: Biomedical Sciences Clinical Sciences Family Medicine and Rural Health Geriatrics Medical Humanities and Social Science

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Synchronized, sound, registering and imaging stations Student model/PC rooms

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Each little gathering room has a PC, DVD, web and LCD projector

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5,000 print book 167 print diary memberships Access to 1,962 diaries in Pub Med 3 books looked at a day normal 9 PCs accessible for open and therapeutic understudies

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To Google or Not to Google?

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Assessing the Validity of Information on the Web

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Guidelines for Assessing the Validity of Information on the Web AMA Guidelines for Medical and Health Information Sites on the Internet Health Information On-Line at FDA Health on the Net Code of Conduct HON

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Gov CDC AHRQ NLM.NIH DHHS FDA States Edu Medical Centers Org Associations AAFP ACP ACOG Disease organizations ADA ALA Com Commercial Site Ownership and Domain

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Assessing the Validity of Information on the Web Site possession/area Contributors recorded, contact data Highly referenced, connected to MEDLINE Abstracts/Journal Articles Proceedings from exploratory gatherings Timeliness: date posted, overhauled Viewer access, installment and protection Funding and sponsorship

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Exercise Go to Search for headache cerebral pain Rate the initial 20 hits Sponsor? Group of onlookers? Creators? Joins? Date Revised? Do propelled pursuit cutoff to .gov area and look at results

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Charlotte Edwards Maguire Medical Library Recommended Resources For Summer Coursework By Nadine Dexter Public Services Librarian

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Recommended Resources First Consult ImagesMD Images in Google E-Medicine WebFEAT (E-books web search tool Access Medicine

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Go to Select First Consult from the center box .

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Select the Differential Diagnosis join.

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Type the inquiry term “cough” into the hunt box.

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Note query items recorded by age.

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Click on the Resource Box again and pick pictures MD

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Insert into the pursuit box, the term “cough”.

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Type your hunt term into the inquiry window, click on go. Your query items!

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Try doing a pictures look in Google. Your outcomes.

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Note indexed lists for “normal research facility values”

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Search results found in Hay Current Pediatrics 17ed. for “normal research facility values”

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Remember! Help is a just a tick away 644-3883

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Large Group Sessions Issues to address with innovation Professionalism in class No net surfing No email No texting.:

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Anatomy/Autopsy Cadaver Report For Anatomy, Embryology and Imaging Course 2005 Andrew F. Payer, Ph.D. Florida State University, College of Medicine

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Students fill in as a group and record discoveries on their corpse. Understudies are given age, sex and last occupation (if known) They are not given reason for death Findings incorporate skin markings, basic varieties, surgery, prostheses and pathology. Must affirm all discoveries utilizing assets, for example, the virtual library, pathologists and writings.

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Student gatherings give week by week documentation of discoveries. Toward the course\'s end every gathering exhibits their patient, their discoveries and evaluated reason for death to rest of class, clinical anatomist, pathologist and other clinical staff. They are given reason for death on death testament at end of presentation.

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Students offered introduction to ultrasound unit. A gathering is doled out to perform ultrasound imaging on one another identified with the doled out body area. Gathering scrutinizes ultrasonography of the district they are relegated Group presents pictures to class amid the week after week radiology session.

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Small Group Sessions

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Weekly clinical cases on the life systems points of the earlier week. Gatherings of 9 understudies, one showing associate and one workforce. Situate the staff before case about substance and potential assets understudies may utilize. Week after week entire class wrap up of case and assets utilized by understudies.

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Audience Response System Turning Point Technologies

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