fourth Yearly Drug store Advantages Institute Drug store Advantages at an Intersection August 19-20, 2010 Hyatt Rule O'H.

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fourth Yearly Drug store Advantages Institute Drug store Advantages at an Intersection August 19-20, 2010 Hyatt Rule O'Hare, Rosemont, IL Midwest Business Bunch on Wellbeing Capable Associations, Basic Arrangements
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fourth Annual Pharmacy Benefits Academy Pharmacy Benefits at a Crossroads August 19-20, 2010 Hyatt Regency O’Hare, Rosemont, IL

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Midwest Business Group on Health Powerful Connections, Vital Solutions MBGH is a Chicago-based, non-benefit coalition of bosses and other human services partners cooperating to enhance the quality and expense viability of social insurance for buyers and the efficiency and wellbeing status of their workforces Founded in 1980, participation incorporates more than 100 expansive, self-subsidized, open and private superintendents, for example, Abbott Laboratories, Advocate Health Care, The Boeing Company, Caterpillar, Inc., City of Chicago, Ford Motor Co., Kraft Foods, State of Illinois, University of Chicago and Walgreens Employers are spoken to by those in charge of planning and overseeing medical advantages Member associations give medical advantages to more than 3 million lives and spend over $2.5 billion on medicinal services.:

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MBGH Learning Network Education & organizing for medical advantages experts Health Benefits Roundtables Half-day Learning Network Programs Health System User Groups Blues User Group Health Benefits Benchmarking Surveys Monthly Medicare Employer Forum Calls

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MBGH Learning Network Upcoming instructive projects August 29-31, 2010 HR & Employee Benefits Executive Forum September 13-14, 2010 College for Value-Based Purchasing of Health Benefits September 29, 2010 Employer Roundtable – Prevention & Disease Management October 21, 2010 Employer Roundtable – On-Site Clinics

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Health Benefits & Quality Initiatives Research to enhance advantage outline and quality in our group Value-Based Benefits Research Series

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Employer Challenges in Pharmacy Benefits Increasing high cost of claim to fame drug store tranquilizes More medications for more conditions being accessible Poor representative decisions Employees not rolling out essential way of life improvements Employees taking lavish brand drugs when generics are accessible Poor consistence levels Employees not filling or taking the medications they require PBMs and wellbeing arranges not concentrating on enhancing consistence Lack of collaboration between sellers PBMs and wellbeing arrangements making it troublesome for head honchos to coordinate medication with therapeutic information Lack of results information to settle on medication scope choices 2010 Employer and Coalition Trends –The Benfield Group

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Leading-Edge Pharmacy Benefit Strategies Putting amount limits on starting remedies for strength medications to decrease costs when medications are not taken or the solution changed Using littler drug store systems Using co-protection rather than co-pays Offering nearby drug store administrations Offering coupons with the expectation of complimentary generics for introductory solution Direct contracting with retail drug store chains Eliminating scope for specific conditions where OTC choices are best approach Reference-based estimating Using worth based models and advantage outlines Requiring execution certifications enumerating consistence levels with certain medication classifications

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If high consistence is the significant objective to enhance wellbeing and lower costs…. PBMs and wellbeing arrangements should be asked… How would you verify the patient is getting the best solution to treat their condition? How would you verify you are getting the best cost? How would you distinguish “high potential” patients? How would you outline a reasonable consistence upgrading drug store advantage? What instructive parts do you use to enhance consistence? What confirmation exists to show that the projects are expanding consistence? What research endeavors would you say you are supporting to build consistence?

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Why direct a Pharmacy Benefits Academy? Most executives, PBMs and wellbeing arrangements perceive the benefit of offering the early and proper utilization of medications Purchasers have seen the expense of medications turn into a more noteworthy bit of their advantages spending plans Most superintendents depend on a scope of suppliers, arrangements, PBMs, DM firms and others to help with planning and dealing with the advantage, regularly without fitting due persistence “Value-” and “evidence-” based advantage outlines are being elevated as approaches to change conduct and rouse better choice making, however numerous head honchos don’t comprehend what or how to do it

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MBGH & Pharmacy Outcome Specialists MBGH perceived the requirement for a serious “course” to furnish buyers with the aptitudes and learning to plan, select, contract, oversee and screen drug store advantages MBGH part, Pharmacy Outcomes Specialists, perceived the need to help its business and wellbeing arrangement customers, and searched out MBGH as an accomplice We united to make the Pharmacy Benefits Academy to help those in charge of overseeing drug store advantages

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Pharmacy Outcome Specialists (POS) Specialists in… PBM reviews and contract reestablishments Chain drug store repayment reviews Fraud, waste and misuse programs for Medicare Part D Plan Sponsors Pharmacy instructive gatherings Clinical drug store counseling

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Before we start, please hush your… Blackberries Cell telephones Droids Pagers IPods – IPhones – ITunes - IPads Other commotion making gadgets or associates

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Key Logistics Participation is more than going to ….. it’s being intuitive with the speakers and your kindred participants Your input on the system is discriminating to our future achievement – please finish the assessment structure Visit the PBA Sponsors & Exhibitors Today’s meeting rooms and offices

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Thanks to our 2010 PBA Sponsors Session Sponsors: HealthDataInsights Walgreens Event Sponsor: Next Generation (Perform Rx) Exhibitors: Aetna Pharmacy Management Argus CitizenRx First Script Genentech Restat Academy Gold Sponsors: Envision Rx Options Pfizer, Inc. Medicine Solutions SXC Academy Sponsors: Advocate Physician Partners Merck & Company sanofi-aventis

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fourth Annual Pharmacy Benefits Academy Pharmacy Benefits at a Crossroads August 19-20,

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