Framework Determination.

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Procure the most recent demo diskette of the product bundle for the product seller to see. Record things to ask of a business agent about the product. ...
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´╗┐Framework Selection Dania Bilal IS 592 Spring 2005

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The Selection Process Review the writing Read the Automated System Marketplace overview throughout the previous two years. This study is distributed Library Journal , on April 1of every year. Counsel Library Technology Guides

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The Selection Process Identify six bundles most reasonable for your library Examine every bundle completely Find assessments of these bundles in Library Technology Reports (most recent issues)

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The Selection Process Check whether an area library has a specific bundle with the goal that you can utilize it when it is in full operation. Obtain the most recent demo diskette of the product bundle for the product merchant to review. Record things to ask of a business delegate about the product.

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The Selection Process Invite a business agent from each of the six programming organizations for a demo of their product bundles. Record qualities and shortcomings of every module in a bundle as you view/look at it.

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The Selection Process Read the writing gave by every product organization and distinguish the elements upheld, equipment necessities, cost, different administrations gave, and so on. Counsel with library experts to get their contribution about the bundles.

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The Selection Process Ask associates over listservs (be cautious about their reactions, which means don\'t pass by what they say 100%). Limited your decisions to 3 programming bundles that best address the issues and prerequisites of your library.

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The Selection Process Consider the accompanying in narrowing your decisions: The components that match your present needs and the requirements sooner rather than later The capacity to coordinate various modules and include modules later on The nearness of all modules required

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The Selection Process The qualities of every module gave: Overall programming abilities (Web access, expandability, organizing, and so on.) Compliance with most recent norms Architecture and working frameworks bolstered (e.g., NT, Unix)

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The Selection Process Software seller\'s arrangements for future improvements Frequency of programming upgrade Quality of administration gave Software documentation Type and cost of preparing gave Maintenance and specialized backing

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The RFP Develop one RFP with details for the general framework capacity, and also for every module you need to have. The RFP permits you to explain your necessities and needs The RFP reactions permit you to think about and assess every product bundle and settle on a savvy choice

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Organizing the RFP Instructions to Vendor Introduction to the library Software determinations Hardware particulars Request for value citation Notice of purpose to react

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Organizing the RFP Review the RFP before sending it Evaluate reactions to the RFP from each of the three merchants Decide on one programming bundle Negotiate and issue an agreement to buy the product bundle

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Contract Should Include Schedule for programming conveyance, establishment, testing, and execution Schedule for preparing work force to utilize the product Vendor\'s guarantee to convey the bundle that meets the details stipulated in the RFP

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Contract Should Include Vendor\'s remarks or clarifications about specific particulars, rating of components, and so forth. Installment arrangement Consider paying in three establishments: 1/3 after marking contract, 1/3 upon fruitful establishment and execution testing, and the rest upon effective execution over the long haul.

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DO and Not DO! See Text, pp. 43-44 for: The Do Not Do List The Do List (key things to recall)

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Class Activity Work exclusively or in a gathering Choose a kind of library you covet Review LJ article and settle on 6 organization programming bundles you could meet your library needs Find and print a profile about each of the organizations and their product by utilizing the class Resources. Click on Library Technology Guides. Discover the name(s) of programming each of the six organizations delivers and record the name of the bundle that may best fit the requirements of your library. Discover an example RFP to counsel when you compose your preferred RFP for the arrangement. Give the wellspring of the RFP you find.

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