Framework Opportunities and Difficulties before the Cold Sealift.

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Aurora Borealis Conference 2010. Montreal. 1. 2. NEAS: People. ... The government has cash accessible at this time for foundation ...
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Framework Opportunities and Challenges before the Arctic Sealift SUZANNE PAQUIN President & Chief Executive Officer Nunavut Eastern Arctic Shipping Inc. Conveyed to: Northern Lights Conference 2010 Montreal 1

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NEAS: People. Group. Administration. Pioneers of Canada\'s Arctic Trade marine transportation marshaling & bundling presented containerization NEAS is NNI grievance Inuit larger part possessed, incorporating Inuit proprietorship in vessels Our shareholders are our clients. Focused on financial advancement of groups - its in our order. Offer preparing, work, and advancement open doors for nearby Inuit. Client centered 2

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Reality TV has nothing on the genuine amazing states of sealift operations in Canada\'s Arctic…

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Perspective on Arctic Extremes: atmosphere, environment, geology, financial need

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A " Arctic Algorithm " for Basic Marine Infrastructure Algorithm/al - guh-ri-th \'m/thing an arrangement of straightforward guidelines that join to achieve an undertaking.

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Big Needs Need Realism "… assemble it and they will come " systems don\'t work for multi-purpose supply chains and base improvement. Advantages of single uber ventures must be adjusted against the best useful for the immense number in the short and medium term… Learn from unsuccessful case in south of poor undertaking arranging driven by governmental issues, not request and needs… We have to concentrate on client requests, distinguish needs and set needs.

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Common Conditions Weather: Extreme atmospheres, winds, streams, and short navigational season Communities: Remote, absence of marine base, no protected or secure work territories, client reliance on marine transportation for re-supply. Mining: for the most part remote and far off from populace focuses. Government Contracting: Services are directed syndications by method for prohibitive champ take all territorial contract honors… limits client decision, lessens rivalry and builds costs. Tides: numerous groups have high tides bringing about operational postponements. Navigational Charts : Inadequate hydrographic navigational graphs and information - Approximately 10% of the Canadian Arctic is sufficiently outlined. Mooring Buoys and Navigational Aids: Deficiency exists – few Navaids and 1 Mooring Buoy in Nunavut. 7

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New Realities of the Arctic Sealift Shift towards multi reason holder vessels with lightering operations, rather than conventional pull and freight boat just operations. Arrangements need to work for all clients 8

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Each vessel has its own particular pack…

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Marine Staging Areas 10

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Defined Staging Areas would enhance freight taking care of 11

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Need for "child sheltered and secure" marine organizing regions in every group… 12

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Outside Lighting & Fencing… a little will go far 13

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Improving the Arctic Sealift Immediate requirement for protected and secure fundamental marine framework in all nearby groups safe haven for vessels off beach front groups Improved between administrative relations and expanded spotlight on clients. 14

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Learning from Nunavik: recognize, organize, execute 15

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Examples from Nunavik Kuujjuarapik Inukjuaq Tasiujaq 16

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"The sooner the better..." 17

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Opportunities The government has cash accessible right now for framework advancement in Nunavut The sooner the better… we have to act now to have any kind of effect in the following 10 years Nunavut simply needs to focus on an Infrastructure Initiative in the following Capital Plan, including a marine undertaking for every group, Improve cooperation between levels of government, and this incorporates an INFRASTRUCTURE ADVISORY COMMITTEE Open, reasonable, straightforward acquirement process which regards client decision and advancing rivalry 18

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Set Priorities and Develop a Kit Need Nunavut Advisory Committee Define the Focus Kid Safe and secure Marine Staging Area Cleared Beach ranges Basic Access Ramp permitting access to Water around the tides Fencing Lighting … .. Organize Projects Community needs Prioritize people group Allocate $$ in Capital Budget 19

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1 st Priority - IQALUIT Phase 1: THE CAUSEWAY 20

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People. Group. Administration. 22

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