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Football, tennis, rugby union, cycling, ball and cruising are the most watched games. ... famous in a large portion of the nation yet rugby is the most supported in the south-west ...
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Welcome To France! The measure of individuals living in France is 64, 102, 140. The diverse religions in France are: Roman Catholic = 83 – 88 % Protestant = 2 % Islam = 5 – 10 % Jewish = 1% Unaffiliated = 4 % - The cash which the French use is the Euro. - Many celebrated individuals are French, football players, gourmet experts, models, performing artists and on-screen characters and numerous other individuals. - France is situated amongst Spain and Germany. - Well known nourishment in France is frogs legs and croissants. - Their neighbors are Belgium, Italy, Switzerland and England. - France has a changed, calm atmosphere

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Bordeaux is in the south west of France. It is arranged toward the west of Toulouse and the south of Poitiers. It is popular for its wine, and the wineries they hold each year. One case of their acclaimed wine is the Chateau Haut-Batailley. The fundamental vacation spots are the Cathedral of St André , Pont de Pierre (renowned scaffold) and Place de la Bourse (Museum, structures). Exercises in the town and encompassing territory incorporate swimming, tennis courts, touring and clam or wine sampling. The sorts of structures in Bordeaux are government, building, multifunction, lodging and workplaces.

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Food Frenzy The French are known for some of their one of a kind cooking. These incorporate frogs legs and snails. Their more ordinary sustenances incorporate croissants and baguettes. The most celebrated sustenance is Frogs Legs. It is broadly known. Other (more ordinary) sustenances are well known in France like the baked goods, croissants. Paris gives a large portion of the sustenance to France as there are such a variety of eateries and nourishment shops there.

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Thierry Daniel Henry was conceived on 17 August 1977. He is a French football player. He played for the English group Arsenal football club, however has moved to Barcelona football club. He likewise plays for his nation, France. Henry experienced childhood in Les Ulis, Esson, where he played for an assortment of various nearby sides while growing up. He indicated awesome guarantee as a striker. He joined Arsenal for a charge of £10.5 million in 1999. He is presently viewed as one of the best footballers on the planet. Celebrated French Thierry Henry

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Sport Crazy The French national game is football. Football, tennis, rugby union, cycling, b-ball and cruising are the most watched games. The most popular game occasions that are connected with France are the Football World Cup in 1998, and the tennis Grand Slam competition Roland Garros. Football is most famous in a large portion of the nation yet rugby is the most supported in the south-west of the nation, particularly in Toulouse. The most played game in France is Pétanque (known as Boules in the UK). A standout amongst the most acclaimed French individuals is the footballer Thierry Henry.

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By Laura Bonass & Hollie Chambers

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