Franklin Youth Young ladies Lacrosse.

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Franklin Youth Young ladies Lacrosse Groups in levels 3 rd and 4 th , 5 th and 6 th and 7 th and 8 th Franklin Entertainment Office 150 Emmons Road Franklin, Mama 02038 (508) 520-4909 Motivation/Subjects To Be Secured History of Franklin Youth Young ladies Lacrosse
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Franklin Youth Girls Lacrosse Teams in levels 3 rd & 4 th , 5 th & 6 th and 7 th & 8 th Franklin Recreation Department 150 Emmons Street Franklin, MA 02038 (508) 520-4909

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Agenda/Topics To Be Covered History of Franklin Youth Girls Lacrosse Who’s who: Coaches, players, folks Goals of the project Rules of the diversion Equipment Expectations Practices Games Questions

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History of Franklin Youth Girls Lacrosse Started in 2001 with get-away facilities and summer programs through the Franklin Recreation Department. In 2003, the Recreation Department ran a February & April get-away center with 11 young ladies focusing on the significance of essential basics. That mid year, we started the first group in Franklin Youth Lacrosse, 26 players taught by Laura Sanford of FHS. In 2005 we joined the Mass Bay Youth Lacrosse League and enlisted one group at every level 62 players (3 rd/4 th , 5 th/6 th , and 7 th/8 th ). In 2006, 72 young ladies took part In 2007, we have 96 as of now enrolled.

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Who’s Who: Coaches, players, folks Ryan Jette, Director of Recreation Hank Versprille (5 th & 6 th Coach) Scott Anderson (5 th & 6 th Coach), Lindsey Kirshe (7 th & 8 th Coaches), Roger Jette, Steve Ellin, Jim Edgehill, Michael Adiletto, Keith Kotifca (3 rd & 4 th Coaches) Players are on the field to play. If you don\'t mind regard our mentors amid practices and amusements. Folks arrive to bolster the youngsters. Amid diversions, we ask that folks appreciate the amusement deferentially from the grandstands. Not on the track. This is an association guideline. Arbitrators and restricting players are to be approached with deference. Inadmissible conduct won\'t go on without serious consequences.

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Goals of the project Because we are instructing to a fluctuating age bunch (7-14 years of age), our objectives will be diverse for every group. On the other hand, our objective for the whole program is to show the session of lacrosse and have some good times. Winning is essential, yet our competitors and the life lessons that present themselves in focused games will dependably be the most astounding need. We will show the amusement\'s standards, cooperation, sportsmanship, and admiration. We will attempt to wind up better players and mentors by committing ourselves to the group and to taking in the diversion. We will fill in as a group to accomplish our normal objectives

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Rules of the diversion You ought to acquaint yourself with the young ladies guideline book which can be found on Lacrosse site. US lacrosse is the pioneer in advancing youth lacrosse at a basic and instructive level. They completely bolster the novice player and sustain their advancement. Diverse standards will apply to distinctive levels (ie: field size, number of players on the field, 3 rd - 6 th grade does not permit stick checking) Legal sticks (not quite the same as young men sticks) and defensive eye wear are needed by all players.

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Equipment As a program\'s feature, we will give all group gear; nets, balls, goalie hardware, group packs, mouthpieces for players, and so on. Players gear must be acquired separate. Sticks & eye insurance (goggles). This gear can be bought through us or Commonwealth Lacrosse in Franklin. Gloves are discretionary. Outfits will be given and may be kept after the season. Coats requests will be set on solicitation. Spikes are suggested, however a bit much.

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Expectations We expect that every single new player will go gaga for lacrosse after they encounter a practice or amusement with a stick in their grasp. We expect all returning/experienced players will make each endeavor to enhance their abilities and improve themselves a player and in addition setting a sample for the more up to date/youthful players. We expect that different duties (school work, religious responsibilities, family works, and so on.) may meddle with practices or amusements, however graciousness ought to be given to the mentors. We expect that our players will have a great time this season.

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Practices will “officially” begin on Thursday, February 27th. Practices will be held each Tuesday & Thursday evening, 6:00-7:00 pm for U11 and 7:00-8:30 pm for U13/U15 Practices will be held at the Franklin High School or Carpe Diem indoor office at Aubuchon Hardware. All groups will rehearse together (same field, same time) We will reliably survey the essential standards of lacrosse (supporting, ground balls, passing, shooting, forceful resistance). Reiterations are basic (craddling, ground balls, passing & getting, and so on) We will scrimmage intra-squad amid late March.

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Games will start on April first as Franklin will have the Metro-west Jamboree (24 groups) throughout the day at Franklin High School Our class booked recreations start on April 15 th . All U11 recreations are 8 v 8, U13 & U15 are 12 v 12. Home diversions will be played at Franklin High School and street recreations will be played in the Metro-west range. We will play 1 amusement in the nearby Jamboree, 8 general season recreations and 3 diversions at the MBGLL Jamboree toward the season\'s end. We may calendar amusements amid weeknights consistently

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Questions? Any inquiries? Gear, timetable, principles, practices, amusements, instructing open doors, group guardian We will be anticipating going to a diversion at BU (preseason #3 broadly). Additionally, the NCAA Women’s Final Four will be held at BU Memorial Day weekend. .:tslidesep.

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