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FRATERNIZATION. MIDSHIPMAN YATES. LEARNING OBJECTIVES. Define fraternization Navy and Marine Corps’ fraternization policies Relationships that are prohibited by Navy and Marine Corps’ fraternization policies Prosecuting fraternization under UCMJ Marriage policies and fraternization.
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LEARNING OBJECTIVES Define fraternization Navy and Marine Corps\' fraternization approaches Relationships that are restricted by Navy and Marine Corps\' fraternization strategies Prosecuting fraternization under UCMJ Marriage arrangements and fraternization

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INSTRUCTOR REFERENCES ALMAR Number 185/96, "Marine Corps Manual," Change 3, 13 May 1996 The Naval Officer\'s Guide Manual for Courts Martial, Articles 92, 133, and 134 Marine Corps Manual, "Military Leadership" Section (PAR 1100) OPNAVIST 5370.2B, "Naval force Fraternization Policy," 27 May 1999 U.S. Naval force Regulations, Article 1165

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Personal connections that negate the standard limits of worthy senior-subordinate connections. Fraternization additionally incorporates ill-advised connections and ill-advised social cooperation between officer individuals from various evaluations and enrolled individuals from various evaluations. FRATERNIZATION

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Navy/Marine Corps Personal connections that are unduly well known and additionally don\'t regard contrasts in review or rank Noncommissioned officers and junior work force Staff/Instructor and understudy faculty Recruiters and volunteers/candidates Officer and Officer Enlisted and Enlisted Officer and Enlisted

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WHY NOT? A senior\'s objectivity can be raised doubt about It can bring about genuine or clear particular treatment It can undermine the power of the senior individuals It can trade off the levels of leadership

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OFF LIMITS Dating Shared living housing Intimate or sexual relations Commercial requesting Private business organizations Gambling and acquiring cash amongst officers and enrolled individuals

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MARRIAGE Punishment When to get hitched Respect and Decorum Chain of Command

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FRATERNIZATION CONSEQUENCES Article 134, UCMJ - Maximum discipline is rejection, relinquishment of all compensation and stipend, and imprisonment for a long time Article 92, UCMJ - Published requests are frequently utilized by orders to characterize satisfactory direct with regards to officer-officer and enrolled connections

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NROTC AND FRATERNIZATION Enlisted-sailors or officer-sailors Gender-impartial idea Responsibility

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Summary Fraternization-DON\'T DO IT Use judgment skills Unit resolve Know disciplines Affects everybody

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