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The Beginning. Established in Roanoke, Virginia
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FREE Foundation Overview Commonwealth Neurotrauma Initiative November 5, 2004

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The Beginning Founded in Roanoke, Virginia – 1998 By a gathering of committed social insurance specialists who saw: grown-ups returning home from stroke, spinal string, cerebrum harm & different genuine diseases without gear expected to recoup or come back to an existence of autonomy frequently getting to be distinctly crippled after returning home

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Mission To get and give portability related rehabilitative hardware to amplify utilitarian freedom and enhance personal satisfaction

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Vision & Position Vision - To help underserved grown-ups to whom versatility gear is not generally accessible. - To be a model program for different groups. Position Helping grown-ups accomplish autonomy through versatility!

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Where We Serve Initially Roanoke, Virginia Now serving Southwest & Southside, Virginia Next range - Eastern Shore By 2006, FREE will extend to serve the whole Commonwealth of Virginia

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What We Help With Mobility related gadgets (reused & altered) Wheelchairs Walkers, sticks & props Power wheelchairs & bikes Prosthetics & orthotics Bathroom hardware & comparative things

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Who We Help Adults 18 & more established living in Southwest & Southside Virginia needing portability related recovery gear With doctor decided restorative need Without different intends to secure gear No protection/Medicare/Medicaid/individual assets Have affirmed budgetary need

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The Uninsured Over 1 million Virginians are uninsured 14.9% of all Virginians Source:

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The Uninsured Of those uninsured Virginians: 77% are between the ages of 18-24 67% work all day 10% work low maintenance Since 1996, the uninsured rates have: risen 1.9% in Virginia general risen 5.4% in Southwestern Virginia Source:

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Success = Outcomes

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Growth = Need

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Our Support Base Commonwealth Neurotrauma Initiative Trust Fund Harvest Foundation Carilion Foundation Christopher Reeve Paralysis Foundation Individual benefactors Fundraising occasions

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FREE Contact Info telephone 540-777-4929 email

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