Fresno Grizzlies 2003 Season.

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Fresno Grizzlies 2003 Season A walkthrough to the players and their new stadium Make proper acquaintance with a portion of the players Pitchers Position players Stadium Advancements The Children Club The Children Club offers a bundle that incorporates **Official Coca-Cola Kids Club Shirt:
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Fresno Grizzlies 2003 Season A walkthrough to the players and their new stadium

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Say Hello to a players\' portion

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Position players

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Stadium Promotions

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The Kids Club The Kids Club offers a parcel that incorporates **Official Coca-Cola Kids Club T-Shirt **Official Coca-Cola Kids Club Membership Card **One FREE Field Level Reserved ticket to five assigned recreations (11 fun-filled, pre-chosen diversions to browse) **A month to month bulletin loaded with challenges, amusements and Coke coupons sent to your home **A Coca-Cola Kids Club MEMBERS ONLY end of season pre-amusement outing at the stadium, complete with supper, Wild Thing, Grizzlies players and the greater part of your kindred Kids Club mates!!!

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Food accessible in the stadium There are different nourishment administrations in the stadium. A portion of the distinctive nourishment accessible are peanuts, lager, cotton treat, frosts cream, pretzles and lemonade

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The Grizzlies Store The Local Team store permits you to purchase attire to bolster the group. Things accessible are collectibles, caps, coats, pullovers, polos, shirts, shorts, jeans, sweatshirts and youth clothing.

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Ticket Information CALL (559) 442-1047 for data! Ticket costs are as per the following Diamond Box, 15.00 an amusement or 850.00 a season Field Box, 13.00 a diversion, 750.00 a season Super View, 10.00 an amusement, 625.00 a season Field Level Reserved 8.00 a diversion, 525.00 a season Terrace View, 6.50 a diversion, 465.00 a season Power Alley, 5.00 a diversion, just amusement tickets accessible

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A guide to get the Stadium

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The Fundraising Project The reason for the Fresno Grizzlies Fundraising Program is to permit you\'re non-benefit association the chance to raise some extra income amid the months of April through August. This is perfect for baseball youth baseball organizations, church capacities and some other admirable motivation. For Fundraising Opportunities Call (559) 442-1994.

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