From Apprenticeships to Learnerships.

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From Apprenticeships to Learnerships Challenges, issues and arrangements Author: Christoph Vorwerk

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Critical achievement elements in the execution of learnerships and other NQF programs Clarity of reason and linkage to business techniques Why would like? Administration duty, champion to drive SETA support Not simply gives, likewise direction and assets Friendly ETQA framework Integration of learnership in general framework No pretty much preparing Social learning Quality and importance of capabilities and measures Monitoring and assessment

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Critical components in the re-configuration of apprenticeships Qualifications and unit models – SAQA Curriculum or learning program Organization of the learning procedure Skills programs Learnerships ETQA issues

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Qualifications and unit guidelines Design issues

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Rules of the new amusement A learnership is not a capability A learnership would one say one is course to gaining a capability Standards and capabilities are identified with occupations, not to the employment One capability can cover a few related occupations One capability can have a few related learnerships Qualifications incorporate basics, life aptitudes, group abilities, self-administration abilities, drilling, and so on But a bland capability does not mean you can do all that despite everything it signifies "capacity to apply learning results in a pertinent connection" The significant setting it is safe to say that this is machine, this material this item

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RPL Internship Experience Certificate Course Skills Programs Courses Learnership Multiple Routes to a Qualifications National Certificate Metals Processing NQF Level X

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Craft or Trade Qualification installed in the process ie Sect 13 apprenticeship just course to exchange Sect 28 just a secondary passage Effluxion of time versus CBMT Modules Unwritten and unspecified piece of student course to art was a feeling of the business (the exchange) Dealing with clients Managing work process Managing accounts (if little business) Focus on adolescents (school leavers) and is word related course to a capability

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The new connection Qualifications isolated from the learning procedure Expressed in results that must be accomplished The end purpose of the learning is resolved – results based Outcomes (abilities, information and qualities) appraisal criteria and the advancement of non specific capacities Qualifications comprises of individual building squares Unit principles But it requires coordination Also broad abilities – not only the "employment" Assessment is measuring proof amassed as a feature of the learning procedure Not only once-off exchange test , yet evaluation of aggregate learning process (proof in portfolio) incorporates consistency of execution and repeatability Multiple courses to the capability

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What is a learnership? NQF 5 Current discernment Learning program, more than 3 years - apprenticeship-based model The capability is implanted in the learning procedure 4 Q 3 2 1

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NQF 5 4 3 Q 2 1 SAQA requires: Exit Level Outcomes at every level The full exchange depends on three capabilities generally proportionate to stages one, two and three of the apprenticeship. Every capability can be an occupation in its own right, ie enough abilities to frame the premise of a vocation in industry. Learning process Assess-ment process Getting to the exchange should then be possible on an adaptable premise when open doors emerge.

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NQF 5 4 3 Q 2 1 Assess-ment prepare Roughly ~ end of Phase 1 of apprenticeship A capability which perceives information (eg N1 sort learning, in addition to dialect & correspondence) and abilities to play out certain bolster assignments for the exchange zone or for the artisan Learner can keep working at this level or take part in learning for next level Also RPL for the individuals who have been doing this level of work for a long time Learning process

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NQF 5 4 3 2 1 Roughly ~ end of Phase 2 of apprenticeship A capability which perceives information (eg N2 sort information, in addition to dialect & correspondence) and aptitudes to perform chose, routine artisan-sort undertakings in the exchange range Learner can keep working at this level or participate in learning for next level Also RPL for the individuals who have been doing this level of work for a long time Q Learning process Assess-ment process

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Diploma/Master Artisan 2 Technician Diploma/Master Artisan 3 Advanced exchange capability/Master Artisan 1 Q Trade-proportionate capability 6 5 4

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Current patterns Increasing prerequisite for all exchanges to comprehend Electrics, hardware and mechatronic frameworks PLC and specialized gadgets Align capabilities with Mechatronic at level 5 Think about L5 capabilities for upkeep of rapid creation forms Maintenance procedures

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Design of capabilities Generic capabilities and benchmarks Obtain in a particular connection Nat Cert Mechanical Engineering (Chemical fitting) MQF4 Trades are cross-sectoral One capability – numerous learnerships

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Curriculum & learning programs What do we do with the exchange hypothesis and the modules?

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Learning program improvement Disaggregate unit models Group and connection to TT themes or modules Identify holes and source interchange modules, materials, outside suppliers >> Challenges Realization that a great deal of the materials were outdated and required modification Unit benchmarks comprise of a ton of little bits of data Difficult to sort out into reasonable entire, so..

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Four learning modes Occupational Competence Occupational Qualifications Curriculum General and occupationally pertinent information and hypothesis Application (organized learning) Workplace experience (rehearse) Specialized and logical information & hypothesis Forthcoming DoL/GTZ Booklet

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How we apply the four modes General and occupationally significant learning & hypothesis Trade hypothesis however broad, designing science, drawing, maths… Specialized and relevant information & hypothesis Job, item or plant particular Application Off-line advancement of fundamental aptitudes Hand abilities, works out, work on, preparing apparatus Work experience On-the-employment, revolution through different offices Best practice: ventures which increase the value of the line, take care of issues, enhance frameworks

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Reducing the many-sided quality – sorting out on a level plane Use "subject" headings to bunch and arrange Now have matrix >>

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Why do we do it along these lines? There are sure normal components to all building exchanges Create basic center modules and subjects for exchange hypothesis – utilized by everyone for a specific level Current TT themes and modules can be joined as \'general and logical hypothesis\' and as "application" Development needs Knowledge and aptitudes outside customary exchange Revision of materials to raise to-date or to expand Assignments and ventures for the work experience

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Benefits More cognizance Similar methodology by all Easier to oversee scope of occupations crosswise over entire gathering Topics and modules can be utilized by any representatives, not just those on learnerships Easier quality certification Simplifies the procedure Will be in accordance with new rising prerequisites from Dept of Labor

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Learnership enrollment and Memorandum of Understanding Learnership can be enlisted against, say MERSETA authorize capabilities Learning program makes simpler Registration QA appraisal MoU Reflects the above With different SETAs With FET division

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Organization of learning Options

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Learnerships One year stipulation Causes perplexity in the work environments, esp little organizations "After I year, what is he? Be that as it may, the three phase process has points of interest More adaptable for learners and managers Perhaps impact DoL update of learnership directions Special three-year learnerships for exchanges Maybe we can get SAQA to see as well!

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Also aptitudes progammes Still have learning contract, yet willful, bring it slower with more noteworthy work experience and capacity to gain working compensation at that level Especially fitting for artisan helps and others to get acknowledgment for abilities with "hypothesis" top-up and essentials

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