From e-Taiwan to M-Taiwan: Empowering Computerized Opportunity.

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Option of Security and QoS Technologies. Information Protections (MAC ... Project has depended on a solid strong broadband Infrastructure and ICT tech. ...
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2006 Digital Cities Convention Taipei From e-Taiwan to M-Taiwan: Enabling Digital Opportunity Dr. Zsehong Tsai, Deputy Executive Secretary Science and Technology Advisory Group (STAG) The Executive Yuan June 28, 2006

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Outline Background e-Taiwan & e-Opportunity Program Wireless MAN & M-Taiwan Conclusion

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Hsinchu Science-based Industrial Park Ten Emerging Industry Paradigm Shift Manufacturing Venture Capital R & D Knowledge Based Economy Internet Usage WEF/NRI GDP 10 5 Current Economy Challenges Knowledge Based Economy Slowing Economy Growth Changing Industry Structure e - Infrastructure 5 Information Society Trillion e - Society e - Taiwan Project e - Government Industrial Society e - Opportunity e - Industry 13 Export Industrial Park Ten Infrastructure Projects NII Projects Custom Protection Import Control 1950 1960 1970 1980 1990 1996 2000 2002 2007 Import Substitution Policy Export Expansion/Heavy Industrialization Policy High-Tech Policy e - Taiwan

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Information-rich Society Best data accessible to its subject e - Society e-Taiwan High-Tech Service Island Knowledge Based Economy e-Taiwan with US$ 11 Billion Investment Green Silicon Island Competitive Industry Effective Government Bridging Digital Divide Best backings to its industry to stay aggressive One-stop administrations to its resident Equal & Optimum chance to its national e - Industry e - Government e - Opportunity GII NII Advanced Telecomm innovation GII Broadband to each family Infrastructure

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"Computerized separate" in Taiwan calling age area ethnic gathering Source: RDEC, Executive Yuan 2005

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e-Opportunity Action Plans Provide Digital TV Signals & gathering gadget to Rural Areas. Give PCs to Student Families in Rural Areas. Interface Broadband Network to All Villages. Set up Digital Opportunity Center in All Counties. Support SME Develop EC. Advance High Value Agriculture Products With EC. Bolster DOC in 6 APEC Economies. Train Int\'l Trainers & Professionals. Minorities Rural SME Int\'l

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Initial Outcomes Building 50 DOCs across the nation Broadband scope 99.1% Rebuild 3,200 second hand PCs, and send them to burden families. Elevate 17,000 SMBs to use broadband & e-Commerce Highly remote In Hualien County Fongbin Township, the portable therapeutic administration with the remote innovation has given specialists the capacity to get to the patient\'s restorative records and different assets in the clinic Remote 921 Rebuild venture DOC venture

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Bridging Digital Divide Internationally Russia Vietnam Philippines Papua New Guinea Peru Indonesia Chile ADOC Project is to fabricate "Advanced Opportunity Center" in Peru, Philippines, Vietnam, PNG, Indonesia, and Chile. In the previous three years , Taiwan has been helping El Salvador, Costa Rica, and Dominican Republic to construct 181 IT schools . Additionally, Taiwan coordinates with Guatemala, Malawi, and Swaziland to advance IT limit assembling locally.

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ADOC Digital Opportunity Centers Peru Philippines Vietnam

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Top Issues from the subjects\' input Society In a maturing society, how to better ensure the senior and the youngsters ? How to decrease the bother in existence with remote innovation? How to connect computerized separate and give advanced open door? How to enhance our security and wellbeing because of common fiasco and human misconduct? The most effective method to build our trust on ICT but then secure everybody\'s protection ? The most effective method to make a superior workplace and more employments ? Security & Safety Economy

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Broadband Pipeline Mobile Applications and WLAN-Cellular Dual Network Gov. Gov. Administration Surveillance M - Traffic Service M - Medicare M-police WLAN/WiMAX (Wireless Broadband ) Broadband Pipeline FTTH/Cable AP Enterprise M-Commerce Teleconf. … Dual Network Taipei Metro Backbone Cellular ( GSM/GPRS/3G/PHS ) Taichung Regional Home Video/TV VoIP Video Phone Homecare … . Kaohsiung Metro M-Taiwan : Broadband Wireless Program (2005-2009) 30 Billion NT$ 7 Billion NT$

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Key Networking Technologies for Wireless MAN Alternative Technologies for Wireless MAN WiFi – IEEE 802.11a/b/g/n WiMAX – IEEE 802.16-2004, 802.16-2005(802.16e) WiFi/WiMAX Mesh Hybrid FTTx/Cable/DSL+ WiMAX+WiFi 3.5G(HSDPA, HSUPA ) Related Issues: - Too numerous to pick ? - Is the innovation choice an administration\'s occupation? - When/whether to embrace an innovation?

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QoS/Security/Trust Considerations Alternative of Security and QoS Technologies Data Protections (MAC layer : WPA, WEP), VPN Authentication and Roaming: (Web-based, 802.1x EAP ) Application-Specific Protection (VoIP, DRM) The Network Infrastructure (AAA server, Roaming server, AP, BS, and so on.) Role of Players Commercial Operators (Infrastructure Owner) Virtual Network Operator/Application Provider Government (as a Gov. Administration Provider) End Users * Different Player/Services may interest for various levels of QoS, security, and trust

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Hybrid Solution for Fiber, WiMAX & WiFi Simultaneous/half breed utilization of Fiber, DSL, WiMAX and WLAN is relied upon to be most effective The utilization of WiFi alone required huge scale organization of WiFi Mesh or ADSL Need the Operator to choose WiFi/WiMAX Mesh VDSL or ADSL2+ Fiber to the Curb Remote DSLAM Central Office Fiber to the Building(FTTB) WiMAX Backhaul WiFi

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Current Status of M-Taiwan Establishment of Mobile Cities and Special Zone 2 Mobile Cities Taipei Taichung Public Safety Related Application administrations I-Lan ( Traffic/wellbeing observing ), Lou-Dong ( Medical Service in Rural Area ) 、 Hua-Lian ( e-Medicine ) 19 Mobile Life Applications : double system handset applications, VoIP, and so forth. Grounds Roaming Project - 61+ Universities/Colleges and 300 + School Hot Spot for Mobile Learning Applications

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Health Care Identify/Authentication Logistics TV Shopping Government Satellite Product Guide Terrestrial/R adio GPRS/WCDMA/HSDPA/HSUPA WLAN/WiMax Medicine Fixed Networks: xDSL, Cable, FTTx Tour Guide Security Learning Library Information Ubiquitous Network Society: Toward the Safety and Secure Community Building a wellbeing and secure group Satisfy Citizens " Need Healthcare Safety Convenient Amusement Smart Traffic Information Promote Killer applications Ubiquitous Network Society

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The development way to UNS Starting with e-Taiwan, with solid administration to frame a wide national vision. The accomplishment of e-Taiwan Program has depended on a dependable strong broadband Infrastructure and ICT tech. e-Government as a pilot to lead the data society. M-Taiwan: Any time anyplace get to UNS :Ubiquitous Network Society

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Closing Remarks Bridging computerized separate must be founded on the nearby culture, needs, and conveys advantage to the employment Creating cooperative energy from advanced administration group, volunteers, and neighborhood energetic occupants is basic for venture to accomplishment keeping in mind the end goal to connect advanced gap and make DOC reasonable, help group inhabitants to make their livings by utilizing computerized data innovation Digital partition is an ICT issue as well as a social one. It ought to be determined by grassroots\' commitment + government direction .

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