From Theory to Practice: A Proposal for an Internship Program .

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From Theory to Practice: A Proposal for an Internship Program For the Higher, Adult, and Lifelong Education Masters Program Department of Educational Administration Michigan State University April 30, 2003

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Created By Paulo Gordillo John Hoffschneider Ann Horn Eun-Young Kwon Jamie McClintock Allison Medlin Shenila Momin D\'Andra Mull Hong-Yen Pham Karen Tkaczyk Under the Direction of: Gloria Kielbaso, PhD Regina Smith, PhD

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HALE Mission Statement The HALE ace\'s program gets ready people for section level authority positions in postsecondary instruction, open organizations, and business settings. The program gives a wide comprehension of instructive frameworks from social, verifiable, cross-national, standardizing points of view and a comprehension of focal issues in postsecondary educating and learning, and a hypothetical comprehension of organization and administration associated with practice. There are chances to create and utilize aptitudes required practically speaking through practica and field encounters. We expect that graduates are set up to work in and to develop instructive situations that are open to differing qualities. R MORE INFO.

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Mission Statement = Internship Program HALE Student Discussions Faculty Discussions

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Internship Programs Elsewhere East Tennessee State University: Educational Leadership Eastern Washington University: Adult Education Johns Hopkins University: School Administration and Supervision Montana State University-Bozeman: Adult and Higher Education Oklahoma State University: Human Resources and Adult Education Oregon State University: Organization Development and Training Specialist San Francisco State University: Adult Education University of Southern Maine: Adult Education Southwest Texas State University: Developmental and Adult Education Appalachian State University: Adult Education University of Oklahoma: Adult and Continuing Education University of Rhode Island: Human Development and Family Studies .

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WHY? Statement of purpose Strengthens Program & Curriculum Portfolio Lifelong Learning Employment Opportunities outside of Academia Student Driven and Supported Increased Marketability and Job Opps.

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Internship Goals and Objectives To give HALE Masters understudies extra or new work encounters in grown-up instructive settings. To give HALE Masters understudies extra open doors and expert capabilities for their portfolio. Objectives To give HALE Masters understudies an open door for individual change and development. To help the HALE Masters program in setting up group contacts for future attempts, openings for work for graduating understudies, and group outreach openings.

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Caffarella\'s Interactive Model of Program Planning Discerning the Context Building a Solid Base of Support Identifying Program Ideas Sorting and Prioritizing Program Ideas Developing Program Objectives Designing Instructional Plans Devising Transfer-of-Learning Plans Formulating Evaluation Plans Making Recommendations and Communicating Results Selecting Formats, Schedules, and Staff Needs Preparing Budgets and Marketing Plans Coordinating Facilities and On-Site Events

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Program Format and Guidelines   120 Hours 3 credits Internship locales outside of MSU Faculty counsel Graduate right hand - Logistics

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Potential Internship Sites Okemos Community Education High School Equivalency Program (HEP) Office of Supportive Services (OSS) King-Chavez-Parks College Day Program Office of International Students and Scholars (OISS) Michigan Works! Affiliation

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Future Plans? Proposals Implementation

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Thank You! Gloria Kielbaso, PhD Regina Smith, PhD HALE Faculty EAD 877, Spring 2003

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