FSA Geospatial Support Kevin Clarke USDA-FSA-APFO USDA Arranging Meeting Dec 11-13, 2007.

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Web administrations and light weight web applications giving access to ... Facilitating administrations for a national CLU layer by means of replication of the CLU from the field administration focuses ...
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FSA Geospatial Support Kevin Clarke USDA-FSA-APFO USDA Planning Meeting Dec 11-13, 2007

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Topics How the GDW Supports the FSA Geospatial Enterprise Current GDW Environment/Operations Supporting FSA Centralization Efforts NAIP Data Management Changes CLU Replication to the GDW

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How the GDW Supports FSA Farm Programs NAIP web administrations: Provide the ortho base for keeping up CLU limits and ranch records Provide a natural base guide for communicating with clients in the district workplaces Provides a methods for distinguishing ebb and flow crop developing conditions Assist with fiasco evaluation Supporting FSA\'s endeavors with bringing together the CLU dataset Development of CLU topological and characteristic based information trustworthiness checks

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What the GDW Provides: Web administrations and light weight web applications giving access to national MDOQ and NAIP symbolism for province workplaces and people in general Hosting administrations for a national CLU layer by means of replication of the CLU from the field administration focuses Support for APFO NAIP Quality Assurance process by means of web administrations Internal APFO web mapping applications (Flight Planning, NAIP Film Search, NRI Status, and so on)

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GDW Data Resources Integrate with USDA Geospatial Infrastructure http://datagateway.nrcs.usda.gov/http://gos2.geodata.gov/wps/entrance/gos ARCIMS Services gdw.apfo.usda.gov APFO Provisioning System http://customerstatement.usda.gov/

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Current Operations FSA\'s geospatial exercises are basically area based CLU oversaw locally in ArcSDE NAIP CCM essential wellspring of symbolism Desktop based applications GDW NAIP web administrations are additionally used widely by the region office staff inside Desktop environment NAIP web administrations are UTM based ArcSDE and ArcIMS application engineering for both raster and vector datasets with the GDW

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NAIP UTM Based Web Services

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Role of GDW inside FSA Role is not to create undertaking GIS applications for FSA GIS Office is tasked with GIS application advancement and Enterprise GIS Architecture definition Responsible for giving facilitating benefits and related information upkeep for NAIP and CLU datasets Deployment of web administrations and related electronic mapping applications for accessing those web administrations

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Role of GDW inside FSA GDW has been "adjusted" with FSA GIS prerequisites however not as a matter of course "coordinated" inside the FSA GIS Enterprise Have been working intimately with FSA GIS Office on CLU Replication exertion Server design is at EOM/EOL

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FSA Centralization FSA GIS Office has been drawing in APFO as a major member in the centralization endeavors The GDW is getting to be "incorporated" into the FSA Geospatial Enterprise NAIP must keep on being given to the new FSA application environment "Cleaner" CLU is required for FSA Enterprise/eGov applications, for example, Customer Statement

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Aligning GDW with FSA Business Needs State based web administrations rather than UTM based Multiple years of symbolism accessible Leverage 4-Band information (CIR and NC administrations) Utilize Image Server and ArcGIS Server Move far from our expansive (14TB) ArcSDE raster environment Work with GIS Office to coordinate NAIP web administrations into new application design Utilize IS and GS inside GDW for QA purposes

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Demo NAIP web administrations Image Server based Multi year information (Indiana) 4-Band test (Arizona 2007) Using Image Server and ArcGIS Server for QA of GDW information administration forms

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CLU Replication to GDW Concept is to recreate CLU alters on a week after week premise from each of the 2,350 region workplaces to the GDW for conglomeration into UTM based datasets Each region office imitates alters once every week on a given day Current replication model uses document exchange components When FSA moves to ArcSDE 9.2, a more strong geodatabase replication design can be actualized

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CLU Replication to GDW Private (eAuth) web administrations for combination into USDA applications Public confronting web benefits (no traits)

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CLU Replication Pilot of 21 areas happening before end of December Pilot to keep running for 3 weeks National Deployment if pilot is effective

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CLU Value Added Services Topological Analysis County based CLU information is converged in UTM degrees Perform topological investigation of CLU line work along nearby region limits to identify covers, and so forth Perform same checks for "out of region polygons" Catalog mistakes inside an information store and pass datasets to KC for consideration into online reporting application State and region faculty audit reports and make required CLU overhauls Over time topological issues between regions are diminished

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CLU Value Added Services Feature and Attribute Reconciliation Compare CLU information ingested in the GDW to the companion plain information in the Farm Records database situated in KC Eliminate "dead" elements in every information source Reconcile property estimations (calc-sections of land) between geospatial layer and the even database Catalog blunders inside an information bazaar and pass datasets to KC for incorporation into electronic reporting application FSA faculty survey reports and make required redesigns Positions FSA to convey applications which upgrade both information sets (geospatial and plain) at the same time

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CLU Value Added Services Enhanced CLU Delivery through Gateway FSA at times unions or parts regions into FSA Locations (AK, PR, CONUS) Example: Nye County, NV – FIPS 32023 Split into two "areas" with unmistakable FIPS Codes 32023 – Northwest Nye, 32035 - Southeast Nye Extracted shapefiles are set on Gateway and named according to GDMT naming guidelines Gateway just perceives legitimate FIPS 32023 bringing about "Southeast" CLU shapefile not being conveyed to client GDW CLU information administration process has worked in interpretation instruments to handle all FSA extraordinary cases

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