FTA Research Program Requirements .

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FTA Research Program Requirements. Bruce Robinson Office of Research, Demonstration and Innovation April 17, 2007. FTA Research Circular. FTA C 6100.1C Transit Research and Technology Programs: Application Instructions and Program Management Guidelines. Authorization Legislation.
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FTA Research Program Requirements Bruce Robinson Office of Research, Demonstration and Innovation April 17, 2007

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FTA Research Circular FTA C 6100.1C Transit Research and Technology Programs: Application Instructions and Program Management Guidelines

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Authorization Legislation SAFETEA-LU - Safe, Accountable, Flexible, Efficient Transportation Equity Act: A Legacy for Users (2005-2009)

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United States Code 49 USC 5314 National Research Programs 49 USC 5312 (a) Research, Development, Demonstration, and Deployment Projects for: Research Development Demonstration Deployment tasks, and Evaluation of innovation of national noteworthiness to open transportation That will "enhance open transportation benefit"

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Project Budgets TEAM utilizes scope code and record line thing (ALI) framework Scope orders kind of venture. Ordinarily 55 Research or 70 University Research May have scopes for every errand ALI\'s characterize sort of consumptions Personnel, Fringe Benefits, Faculty compensations, Equipment, Supplies, and so on…

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Project Budgets

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Project Reporting Milestone Reporting Information about finishing points of reference ought to be contribution to comments/remarks segment of TEAM

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Project Reporting Quarterly Reports Due 1/31; 4/30; 7/31; 10/31 at the very least ought to include: Summary story of achievements by undertaking/development amid the period Include % of spending plan used by assignment Indicate uses by ALI to coordinate FSR Reason why any targets not being met Significant occasions influencing progress Whether venture is inside affirm spending plan Whether venture is on timetable Projected exercises for the following quarter Estimated consummation dates, % finished, and finances required to finish See layout

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Project Reporting Reports of Significant Events Unforeseen occasions that effect the calendar, cost, limit, value or motivation behind the venture ought to be accounted for to FTA promptly after discovery

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Financial Reporting Financial Status Reports SF269A – going with the Quarterly Report SF270 Request for Reimbursement might be substituted Echo no longer allowed for National Research ventures

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Financial Reporting Additional Information FTA extend director may ask for Breakout of cost by ALI Breakout of cost by assignment/turning point Copies of receipts to bolster costs

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Payments Echo no longer allowed for National Research ventures Must submit Request for Advance or Reimbursement (SF270) to FTA extend supervisor FTA will favor installment via Automated Clearing House if: Recipient is agreeing to its commitments Has fulfilled FTA that it needs the asked for assets amid the period, and Is gaining sufficient ground towards convenient culmination of the venture FTA may just repay obvious permissible expenses brought about

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Project Budget Revisions Cannot be utilized to tangibly change the reason or expectation (i.e. degree) of the concede May be updated, contingent upon whether assets are exhausted on a specific ALI as foreseen If costs on an ALI increment past the endorsed sum – beneficiaries must demand earlier endorsement from FTA extend administrator in TEAM Recipients may change dollar measure of specific things under an ALI Total costs affirmed can\'t be surpassed without a correction to the assention At the finish of the venture, beneficiary must submit in TEAM a last venture spending modifications if ALIs require conformity as a result of overspending on a thing

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Extensions of the venture culmination date will be refined by a letter from FTA to the beneficiary because of a composed demand by the beneficiary

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Amendments To change the extent of the venture or to add FTA subsidizing to the venture Recipient takes after same application methods concerning the first application

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