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interfaces the radio audience members to associate and talk about through: ... Considering the decrease in radio publicizing, the online group is the ideal medium to empower: ...
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What is Allyssen? is an interesting Social Interactive Platform for Radios that makes groups fixated on: Sharing Discussion Playback Of recorded on-air content

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What is Allyssen? Gives a correspondence channel between a Radio Listener with the Radio system and whatever remains of the Radio people group Radio Community Producer Radio Listener

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What can Producers Do? gives the makers diverse & imaginative apparatuses that permit them to: { Record your projects online Tag sound fragments of the system Create surveys for the clients to vote Create points for the clients to talk about Connect with audience members by means of Skype Producer

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What can Listeners Do? associates the radio audience members to connect and examine through: { Publish an assortment of substance. Cooperate with the Radio show host. Relate between different audience members Comment and share content Discuss points on air by means of skype Radio Listener

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Main Benefits of Online reinforcement of all the radio appears. The projects can be listened whenever. Support intelligence amongst audience members and hosts. Make a nearer association with each of your adherents. Increment the quantity of publicizing open doors.

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Monetization Until now radio projects could just produce income through conventional telecom publicizing broadcasting live. Considering the decrease in radio publicizing, the online group is the ideal medium to empower: Sale of Banners Video Advertising Rich Media Sponsoring SMS or advancements inside those territories Polls consolidated with the SMS voting will likewise create new adapting conceivable outcomes.

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can help their customers in building up the methodology and instruments to adapt their group. Our adaptable stage bolsters: Integration with any driving Ad stage Opportunities for direct sponsorship too SMS Our new information mining innovation tracks the client movement and considers the separating of the groups of onlookers by novel parameters. Clients of online networking sites leave a much wealthier and more profound track, more often than not came to by the conventional investigation devices.

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Product Features

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SAMPLE SITE Poll of the day Recorded Audios User Skype Icon User remarks on Recorded Audios

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Record & Tag Programs Record your projects online with our powerfull record device Tag and distribute the distinctive sections of the system, for example, interviews, reports, and so forth…

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Audio Segments When recorded, each labeled portion turns into a sound document. Sound records can be immediately looked by the clients. They likewise can be shared, voted and remarked.

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Poll of the day Allows to make basic yes-or-no surveys. Incorporates voting by means of the group or through SMS Live redesign as every vote is submitted Keeps gathering of people dynamic and in contact with the Radio

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User\'s Profile Shows the client\'s remarks on the diverse substance. Gives direct access to his Inbox and individual data.

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Actions on Audio Segments Allows them to review a part of the system that they are most keen on listening to. Plausibility to most loved them, remark on them and offer them with their companions. Implant them in web journals, producing vital buzz.

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Comments with substance: Images. Recordings. Sounds.

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Skype availability: Users can include their Skype points of interest into their profile. Permits the radio show host to associate straightforwardly with clients who might need to remark on air. Client Skype Icon

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For more data, please visit: www.allyssen.com

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