Fun around Rutgers and past.

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Shopping centers. Menlo park shopping center: center/default. ... Dutch ranchers market in Kingston shopping center: ...
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Fun around Rutgers and past Zhipeng Zhao

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Outlines Restaurants close Rutgers-New Brunswick Parks in NJ Other spots in NJ Beaches in NJ National Parks

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Restaurants close Rutgers-New Brunswick 1. 川菜 龙园 四川第一楼 九寨沟 2. 上海菜 大上海 大千美食林 ( princeton site)

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Restaurants close Rutgers-New Brunswick 粤菜: 玉蝶轩 龙珠岛 太阳宫 (早茶) 皇都海鲜酒家 (草茶) 韩国菜 锦湖亭 (GUM HO JUNG) Woo Jeon (lunch unique) 锦湖亭对面的一家。

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Restaurants close Rutgers-New Brunswick 中餐自助餐 好世界。 北方面点:刀削面,油条,生煎包等。 在 HK Supermarket in South Plainfield 里面。 很便宜,但条件也像国内的大排档。 Sushi fish 自助餐 Todai ( open in Edison 2007 ): fish:

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Restaurants close Rutgers-New Brunswick 东南亚: 泰国: Pad Thai in good country park:马来: 马来槟城 : 越南 Pho Anh Dao ( Route 1 south, blockbuster 旁边 ) Bien Hoa Restaurant (Route 27 north, in Pine Plaza) 美国: Long horn, Walmart 旁边 Friday, Ruby Tuesday, IHOP, Applebee and so on: 意大利: Carinos, Walmart 旁边 .

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Restaurants in New Brunswick The Old Bay. Terra The Frog and the peach (costly)

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Restaurants in NYC 中餐: 鹿鸣春 :五粮液 : 大四川及其分店 : eateries:

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Restaurants survey

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Other spots Bowling: Stelton Lanes Inc: 1665 Stelton Road, Piscataway, NJ 08854 Skating: In-entryway: Bridgewater sports enclosure ( Outdoor arena: Roosevelt park close menlo park shopping center. ( ) Skiing: Ballroom moving: Rutgers traditional dance group: move club: month to month move social Brian Nash month social:

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Other spots Fruit picking: Terhune Orchards: appear: McGuire Air Show Broadway appear: TICKET Dress code

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shopping centers Menlo park shopping center: center/default.aspx?ID=113 Woodbridge shopping center: Bridagewater house: Jersey garden outlet shopping center: (by IKEA) banners production line outlets: factories: center/default.aspx?ID=1245 Woodbury normal premium outlets: Short slopes:

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Parks in NJ ranges Rutgers Garden: Garden: music execution on July 4 th . Garden ( A little form of Longwood Garden) NJ state park: park: Great perspective for NYC Liberty science focus: bloom in spring: Branch rivulet park: to DC

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Parks in NJ ranges Mohonk mountain house (NY): seeing in Fall: Delaware watergap: More falls in PA side West point West point military institute: lakes drive: Bear mountain: Woodbury shopping center: New England: Rafting/paint ball in Leigh valley (PA):

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Parks in NJ Six banners amusement park: Great enterprise Hurricane harbor Wild safari Bushkill (PA): "Niagara of Pennsylvania" site: Independent war: New Brunswick, Washington Rock, Princeton, Morristown, Edison Lab in menlo park: while in transit to mythical beast castle.

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Small towns in NJ Twin city on the outskirt of NJ and PA: New trust:, Red bank and so on. Clinton: University: St. Joseph\'s theological college: Canoe rental, biking: Institute for Advanced Study:

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Beaches in NJ Sandy Hook: house Gunnison Beach: the biggest attire choice shoreline on the east drift. Belmar Seafood celebration: Atlantic city Gambling… Cape May: winged animal survey Toms stream, Point lovely: crab getting. Sea city in MD:

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National Parks and different destinations ( East drift) Acadia NP: Different scene. Lobster supper. Niagara Fall: can visit Cornell Univ., Corning glass focus in transit. state parks in upper NY Lake George NY Finger lake NY Lancaster, PA (Amish individuals) agriculturists market in Kingston shopping center:

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National Parks and different locales ( East drift) Shenandoah NP VA (horizon drive) Foliage Caves Virginia shoreline Colonial Williamsburg: smoky mountain NP, TN Lost ocean (biggest hole lake in North America) Everglade NP FL Disney, Orlando Keywest Kennedy space focus:

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National Parks in U.S Yellowstone NP: Yosemite Grand Canyon (Rocky mountain) - > Canada Hawaii

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Appendix: some of our excursions Salt lake city - > Yellowstone NP - > Grand Teton NP->Devils tower - > Badlands NP-> Mt. Rushmore - > Wind Cave NP-> Rocky Mt NP - > Arches NP - > Canyonlands NP Yosemite NP - > Death Valley NP - > Hearst Castle Las Vegas - > Grand Canyon NP-> Zion NP - > Bryce NP Seattle - > Mt. Rainier NP - > Mt. Holy person Helen - > Olympic NP - > Vancouver

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