Future Bearings for NIH Research in the Behavioral and Sociologies.

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Future Bearings for NIH Research in the Behavioral and Sociologies Raynard S. Kington, MD, PhD Partner Executive for Behavioral and Sociologies Research National Establishments of Wellbeing OBSSR at NIH Office of the Chief, NIH OBSSR Other Experimental and Organization Units
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Future Directions for NIH Research in the Behavioral and Social Sciences Raynard S. Kington, MD, PhD Associate Director for Behavioral and Social Sciences Research National Institutes of Health

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OBSSR at NIH Office of the Director, NIH OBSSR Other Scientific & Administration Units 27 Institutes and Centers Extramural Programs Intramural Programs

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OBSSR Mission Enhance behavioral and sociologies research and preparing Promote a biobehavioral, interdisciplinary point of view crosswise over NIH Improve correspondence among wellbeing researchers and people in general

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OBSSR Charge to NRC Develop an exploration plan to manage NIH in supporting ranges of high need in behavioral and sociologies with spotlight on: Common enthusiasm crosswise over ICs Greatest logical result Most imperative to general wellbeing

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Predisease pathways Environment and Gene Expression Personal Ties Healthy Communities Population Health Positive Health/Health Promotion Inequalities Interventions Methodology and Training Research Infrastructure NRC New Horizons Ten Areas of Focus

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Predisease Pathways Early-cautioning framework characterized by biomarkers and markers of behavioral and social components

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The Environment and Gene Expression Connect propels in hereditary qualities to behavioral and social natural elements Study the dynamic communications over the life course that deliver constructive and antagonistic wellbeing results

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Social Factors Personal Ties Healthy Communities Population Health Examine people inside of social frameworks AND social frameworks as units of investigation Link to organic procedures

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Positive Health Shift center from sickness and illness to wellbeing, great wellbeing, and ideal human working Study systems through which behavioral and social elements lead to great wellbeing

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Inequalities Study how SES, racial, and ethnic pecking orders, separation, and demonization impact wellbeing

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Interventions Expand extension and viability of social and behavioral intercessions IOM Report Promoting Health: Intervention Strategies from Social and Behavioral Research

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Methodology and Training and Infrastructure Measurement procedures and study outlines to connection data crosswise over levels of examination and crosswise over time Longitudinal study populaces Train researchers who can coordinate wellbeing related learning over numerous orders

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OBSSR Priorities Collaborate with ICs on cross-cutting activities Strategic interests in key strides for progressing behavioral and sociologies Related NAS/IOM reports and NIH Sociocultural Report

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Progress and Promise in Research on Social and Cultural Dimensions of Health: A Research Agenda June 27-28, 2000

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OBSSR Next Steps Collaborate with IC’s on wellbeing abberations examination Support routines workshops and preparing with spotlight on reinforcing BSSR techniques Study the pathways connecting instruction and wellbeing

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