FY 2009-10 Administrator's Proposed Spending plan.

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FY 2009-10 Administrator's Proposed Spending plan Dr. Yvonne W. Brandon Administrator February 2, 2009 Richmond Government funded Schools Mission: Instruct ALL understudies to wind up profoundly fruitful, contributing residents in a worldwide society.
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FY 2009-10 Superintendent\'s Proposed Budget Dr. Yvonne W. Brandon Superintendent February 2, 2009 Richmond Public Schools

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Richmond Public Schools Mission: Educate ALL understudies to end up very effective, contributing nationals in a worldwide society. Vision: A chief learning group that is the first decision for ALL in Richmond and perceived broadly for understudy incredibleness. Objectives: Improve Student Achievement Promote a Safe and Nurturing Environment Provide Strong Leadership for Effective and Efficient Operations Enhance Capacity Building through Professional Development Strengthen Collaborations with Stakeholders Increase Parent & Community Satisfaction Richmond Public Schools

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Budget The monetary allowance can be scary yet underneath the greater part of the figures organized in unmistakable sections and in particular classifications, one figure rises, that of a world class graduate of Richmond Public Schools who will assume a key part in our city, our area, our country, and our reality! Richmond Public Schools

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Community Input On Monday, December 8, 2008 the Superintendent facilitated a progression of group gatherings to examine the FY2010 spending plan. These sessions were held at Thompson Middle School, Chimborazo Elementary School, Munford Elementary School and the Richmond Technical Center. The accompanying slides highlight issues vital to our guardians and to our group. Richmond Public Schools

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Community Input Instruction Safeguard instructional projects Equity and access to all schools Ensure satisfactory assets Teacher proficient advancement & coaching Keep class sizes little Retain unique projects i.e., Foreign Language, Spanish Emersion, Arts Expand IB Retain enhancement programs i.e., Minds in Motion, SPARC Increase financing to backing at-danger understudies Eliminate some school-based instructional projects Eliminate band and other extracurricular courses Eliminate worker conference Introduce expenses Richmond Public Schools

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Community Input Operations & Facilities Consolidation of administrations Maintain offices to bolster guideline Close underutilized offices Computers and innovation for each classroom Energy efficiencies Rezone Transportation Fewer transport stops Public transportation for secondary school understudies New transports Include custom curriculum understudies on customary courses Safety in school structures and transports School cleanliness Richmond Public Schools

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Community Input Business/Community Partnerships & Other Incorporate non-benefit and nearby organizations to raise underneath destitution youngsters Develop receive a-school programs for enterprises Seek Federal dollars to enhance base Seek instructor and staff data on diminishments Impose slack contracting for unnecessary positions Seek info from non-benefits who convey like administrations Richmond Public Schools

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Budgetary Goals “New Direction” to Excellence Meet and Exceed State and Federal Mandates – from Competence to Excellence Prepare Students for 21 st Century Workforce Continued Improvement During Fiscal Crisis Richmond Public Schools

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Facts To Consider Free and decreased lunch populace is a measure of neediness. RPS is the 3 rd most elevated in the republic. Custom curriculum sidelined against vast midpoints; RPS = 20%+, state normal = 14.1%. Littler class size matters. Little class size yields long haul instructive advantages, however are exorbitant. Preschool projects give youngsters the essential social, passionate, and scholarly devices they have to succeed in school. Richmond Public Schools

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Facts To Consider Administrative expenses are 2.77% of the aggregate working spending plan; state normal 2.59%. School Board Superintendent Executive Administration Personnel Services Fiscal Services Purchasing Services Richmond Public Schools

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Facts To Consider State subsidizing to RPS depends on a weighted normal that is not illustrative of the populace served. Composite list = .42; RPS is viewed as the 37 th wealthiest locale in the province out of 136 school divisions 70.89% neediness as reflected in the free and lessened lunch tally; state normal = 33.01 20% custom curriculum; state normal = 14.1 Richmond Public Schools

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Key Budget Terms Salaries and Wages – representative remuneration for work performed, paid semi-month to month involving 59% of the financial backing Employee Benefits – business paid advantages i.e., FICA, VRS retirement, bunch life, medicinal services, workers’ comp and unemployment containing 22% of the monetary allowance Non Personnel Expenditures – contains 19% of the working spending plan including materials & supplies, utilities, protection, course readings, armada upkeep, educational cost Richmond Public Schools

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Revenue Estimate Summary City Funds $ 132,397,899 Sales Tax 26,057,847 State Funds 93,835,396 Tuition/Other 792,500 Federal Funds 654,500 Revenue Budget $ 253,738,142 * Please note: Revenue dollars are liable to change by the General Assembly & the City Council. Last State spending plan expected February 12, 2009 Richmond Public Schools

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Revenue Estimate Summary Richmond Public Schools

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Revenue Estimate Summary Richmond Public Schools

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City Revenue Allocation Dollars reject State Shared Sales Tax Richmond Public Schools

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Revenue Variance Richmond Public Schools

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Expenditure Increases from FY2009 to FY2010 Richmond Public Schools

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Expenditure Decreases from FY2009 to FY2010 Richmond Public Schools

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Total Budget Variance Richmond Public Schools

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Expenditure Estimate Summary Supporting 3,394 fte’s Richmond Public Schools

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Recap Revenue/Expenditure Variance Proposed Revenues $ 253,738,142 Proposed Expenditures 269,962,957 Revenue Shortfall - $ 16,224,815 Richmond Public Schools

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Possible Reduction Options Richmond Public Schools

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Possible Reduction Options Richmond Public Schools

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Possible Reduction Options Richmond Public Schools

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Possible Reduction Options Richmond Public Schools

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Possible Reduction Options Richmond Public Schools

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Possible Reduction Options Richmond Public Schools

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Possible Reduction Options Richmond Public Schools

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Possible Reduction Options Richmond Public Schools

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Recap - Possible Reduction Options Richmond Public Schools

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Important FY2010 spending plan dates Virginia General Assembly – 2009 Legislative Session Wednesday, January 14, 2009 – Thursday, February 12, 2009 Public Hearing on FY2010 Budget Monday, February 2, 2009 – 6:00 pm Budget Work Sessions: Tuesday, February 10, 2009 – 2:00-6:00 pm School Board FY2010 Budget Approved Tuesday, February 17, 2009 – 6:00 pm Submission to City of Richmond Friday, February 20, 2009 Mayor’s spending plan because of Richmond City Council Friday, March 6, 2009 Richmond Public Schools

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Next Steps Send inquiries and solicitations for extra data to Lynn Bragga by means of email lbragga@richmond.k12.va.us Budget work sessions Answer all inquiries beforehand got Review data already asked for Deliberate School Board spending plan suggestions Internal and outer interchanges Letter to folks Letter to staff School Board spending plan presenting on site Richmond

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