Gaag: Porcupine James.

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Porcupines like to eat. Plants. Buds. Twigs. Organic product. Grass. How porcupines move. Four feet ... This is a model of a porcupine. This is the place Gaag lives. Woodland ...
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Gaag: Porcupine James

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Table of Contents What does it resemble. Page 1 What does it eat? Page 2 How can it move? Page 3 How can it feel? Page 4 Tracks Page 5 Sculpture Page 6 Where does it live? Page 7 Author\'s page. Page 8

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What a Gaag resembles. Short legs Short tail Sharp plumes Small creature

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Porcupines like to eat Plants Buds Twigs Fruit Grass

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How porcupines move. Four feet Slowly

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What a Gaag feels like. I feel: pokey Like a: needle

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Tracks that are left by Gaag.

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This is a figure of a porcupine.

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This is the place Gaag lives. Backwoods Woods

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Author\'s Page About the writer: I am James, the writer of this book about Gaag. I am 6 years of age and I am in the main evaluation at Little Black Bear Elementary. I devote this book to Grandma.

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