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Presentation. Instructions to compose/introduce gadget driversSystems, Kernel ProgrammingCharacter, Block and Network gadgets. Assignments included. Building and Running modulesCharacter gadget drivers. Building gadget driver module. Module versus ApplicationsAppln - single taskModule - register for futureCompiling and Loading___KERNEL__, MODULEinsmod,rmmodGlobal var-SymtabDo in Kernel space (not User space)response ti
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Introduction How to compose/introduce gadget drivers Systems, Kernel Programming Character, Block and Network gadgets

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Tasks included Building and Running modules Character gadget drivers

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Building gadget driver Module versus Applications Appln - single errand Module - enlist for future Compiling and Loading ___KERNEL__, MODULE insmod,rmmod Global var-Symtab Do in Kernel space (not User space) reaction time; piece/organize devs

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Character gadget drivers Scull - Simple Char. Util. for Loading Localities Acts on mem. Territory as if it is a gadget Demonstrate interface betn. Piece and Char drivers n gadgets for n mem. ranges Major/Minor no.- (un)register chr_dev

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Design and usage of Scull File operations/structure Device id. By document structure Kenerl utilizes record operations. To get to driver\'s capacities Open and Close Initialize gadget, use check, Memory Device-memory Link List Read and Write Transfer information from Kernel-User Testing/Debugging cp, feline, dd wls-l > dev/scull0

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Examples-Hello World #define MODULE #include <linux/module.h> int init_module (void) {printk("<1>Hello, World\n"); return 0} void cleanup_module {printk("<1>Goodbye, merciless World\n");}

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Examples-Scull #define MODULE, __KERNEL__ #include <linux/module.h>… . Struct file_operations d0_fops = {r,w,o,c } int init_module (void) {malloc, reg do_fops} void cleanup_module (unreg, free...);l

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Conclusions Writing gadget drivers is not for black out heart/Adventure Very cautious with Kernel codes

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Future work Try Advanced drivers, Scheduling Understand standard for multi client

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